• by Clarissa Mack

    The QUICKEST & EASIEST way to Connect & Network with other Sellers on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram!
  • by Dmitriy Kulikovskiy

    Sell your Etsy products on Facebook with ease. This app installs a beautiful Etsy store on your Facebook page in few simple clicks. This Facebook store app is packed with social media features like no other apps, to help you get more fans, make more sales, and make more money .
  • Full-Blown website AND social Facebook page integration, absolutely free. And we have GORGEOUS themes.
  • by spacefem

    Do you love getting new items from etsy as much as you love curating & crafting yourself? Trade! automatically imports your shop listings for other traders to find them, and shows you similarly priced items based on your wish list that are offered up for trade. Refresh your shop as often as you'd like for free.
  • by treasurieshoppe

    Treasuries are a great way to create collections! The widget is an image slider that enables users to showcase Etsy seller's curated treasuries. It features a clickable snapshot image of the treasury that links back to ETSY's treasury page. The widget can hold up to 10 treasuries with fade in fade out transition effect.
  • by jcoxwell

    A Wordpress plugin which adds a sidebar widget to display a grid of thumbnails from your Etsy store.
  • by WascallyWabbit

    This widget displays Etsy items (from favourites or store) in a widget, without using flash or an iframe, which allows greater theme integration.
  • by minidez

    Etsy fAn is a mobile app which allows for easy use of Etsy on your Android phone.
  • by Daniel Szmulewicz

    Schedule automatic tweets to promote your Etsy shop.
  • by Dave Developer

    Search products by name or url and share on facebook and other social sites. share products without creating a wishlist by clicking the like button on the bottom of the pic. (Changed the look of the site and fixed some bugs).
  • If you sell a lot on Etsy and print your order receipts, do it faster with EveryOrder. Printing in bulk saves you time and lets you focus on fulfilling your orders. Now offering a hassle-free, no credit card required, free trial.
  • Expand your storefront to Facebook and allow your store's Facebook visitors to browse your catalog directly from your Facebook page. Customers will find new and exciting ways to engage with your store, sharing their favorite products with their social networks.
  • by Claudio Carnino

    Fanchimp is an app that helps online shop owners to sell more products by improving their Facebook and Twitter communications quickly and easily.
  • by Mauro Piccini

    Get a push notification on your iPhone whenever your shop is featured on the FP!
  • by Hugo Seijas

    We developed Fish Indie to get your Etsy product some awesome exposure. And we made it incredibly simple.
  • Get free promotion and marketing for your Etsy shop by listing your coupons, deals, and flash sales on our site.

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