• by Koes Bong

    Use Salemarked to save the Etsy items you like and get notified when items go on sale or are back in stock.
  • by helperofthebride

    Shop Etsy the fun way with HelperOfTheBride for your Etsy wedding. Narrow down custom wedding accessories quickly by your budget. Hover over any thumbnail for a complete description of the product without clicking back and forth. Enlarge all the thumbnails at once to see everything in full detail!
  • PopWatchers shows the most popular items from the most trusted sites on one page. Discover the most interesting items that you're sure to love!
  • by AppliqueRhinestones

    Artists Of Etsy - An online marketing option for your Etsy shop. Use your Etsy mini, featuring your own shop items to further market your products.
  • A daily contest comparing items by theme price category. Simple, random, and fun! Free to sign your shop up for any upcoming day.

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