• by Brent Locks

    Snap a photo, tag your products, share it, and PICT transforms your standard photo into an interactively shoppable one.
  • by Lumiary

    We help Etsy sellers who sell in multiple channels see all their customers in one place and segment them based on purchase history.
  • Visitors complete a lead generation form (add any custom field to capture more details) in order to see the coupon or reward. Display the coupon tab on Facebook page, pop up on website, blog, etc. Includes Refer-a-friend module
  • by thierry kunzi

    Gardez la maîtrise de la diffusion de vos PDF! Protection numérique, watermark, traçabilité
  • Promote your Etsy items in your emails - a Simple Effective and free Marketing tool get it now!
  • Prints Canada Post, UPS, FedEx and deeply discounted DHL labels for your Etsy orders. Free Trial!
  • by Boutique Window

    Promote your Etsy products across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Google+ from an all-in-one marketing tool built just for you!
  • by Intrakr Inventory

    Intrakr is a simple inventory management solution designed specifically for small and micro businesses.
  • You’ve got orders…now what? Inventory, pick & pack, and ship without the hassle or the cost! With Bizelo you can : Centrally manage your inventory. Automatically generate packing lists. Show when you’re low on stock, know your packing costs, AND reorder supplies.
  • Easily manage listings in bulk or individually across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts.
  • by Atandra T-HUB

    Save on Shipping & Sync with QuickBooks
  • by Andrew Wilcox

    Auctions revolutionises the iPhone experience for Etsy sellers. Create and revise your listings from anywhere, research other auctions, and reactivate any number of your auctions from one place.
  • by ChannelSale

    ChannelSale brings online commercial insights and technology together, in a way that multiplies the effectiveness of e-commerce related business. Channel Sale's Software development team has over a decade's experience in the e-commerce domain while working with several multinational E-Commerce firms. Our team brings high expertise in information technology and consulting backgrounds to your growth endeavours.
  • by Julie Price

    Identity.com helps you to manage your online identities at one place. See your tweets, Instagram photos, Foursquare check-ins and Etsy sales at the same time.
  • The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel provides an online listing tool for our clients to list their inventory and push it to eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Online Stores. Sales are tracked and managed across all selling channels.
  • by Ajay Tingler

    Connector for eShipper eShipper is a complete cloud-based shipping platform that allows retailers to easily manage and organize shipping processes online.

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