• by Gary Capps

    Craft Maker Pro is THE solution to your pricing and inventory problems. With automated pricing for your creations and automated inventory you will always know what things cost and what you have in stock at any time. Craft Maker Pro is 100% guaranteed to save you time and money in your business. Runs on Windows & Mac as native applications so no need for any extra software. To learn more visit us at for more information :)
  • We're giving away an Etsy Gift Card twice a week, every week, for forever!!
  • by Julian

    View information about your item views and people who have added your shop to their favorites on Craft Cult.
  • by Stefan Böck connects your etsy-shop to multiple social networks. New products from your Etsy-Shop will be distributed in real time in social networks or posted to your blog. A link back to your product allows us to track and optimize the delivering.
  • Use the Treasury Widget to post live, clickable versions of your Etsy Treasury lists on your blog or website!
  • by Chester Kwok

    Browse Etsy with a website that's as fun as Etsy products themselves
  • by StylishHome

    Showcasing Etsy products to home design aficionados. Utilize our free tools and services to submit your listings across the Internet.
  • by Mad Mimi

    Mad Mimi Email Newsletters now syncs simply and elegantly with Etsy so sellers can drag and drop product images and descriptions directly into their Mad Mimi newsletter. Promotion has never been easier!
  • by Dmitriy Kulikovskiy

    Sell your Etsy products on Facebook with ease. This app installs a beautiful Etsy store on your Facebook page in few simple clicks. This Facebook store app is packed with social media features like no other apps, to help you get more fans, make more sales, and make more money .
  • by helperofthebride

    HelperOfTheBride comes to Android! Shop Etsy on-the-go for all your wedding needs.
  • by Easy Social Shop

    Sell your products on Facebook for free ! Connect your Etsy Shop with 1 billion potential Facebook customers !
  • by matthew knight

    Put a store on every page. Your website, blog, Facebook. Create new buying opportunities anywhere with Merchpin.
  • by Vernon Lun

    Picture Flow is an exciting new Apple iPad app for serious Etsy fans. It allows you to discover Etsy products all day long. This is a digital frame showing multiple Etsy products continuously updated. You're bound to see something you like or haven't seen before. Visit us a http://www.picture-flow/etsy for more details on how to download for free.
  • by Jer Warren

    We help you post your products to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and help you measure the effectiveness of each social channel.
  • by Michael Shuster

    Handmade Top 10 is where buyers get the best! Our shopping experience is fun and engaging—you can vote for the best handmade, vintage, and supply items on Etsy or browse completed Top 10 lists to find the perfect gift. Etsy sellers can use the site as a free promotional tool, gaining exposure from hundreds of potential customers daily by uploading products into the active voting lists. Social media buttons and blog post widgets make marketing a breeze and encourage viral sales.
  • by Gil Adjiashvili

    RunInventory helps you manage your inventory. Track the items you currently have in your warehouse or at a specific reseller. Keep and analyse the sales history of your items. Compare performance of your models and resellers. Generate current state reports.

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