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Get all current chevron-themed printable sets in the shop and get your entire life in order!

INCLUDED (23 sets – less than $4 EACH!)
- Budget Binder (EDITABLE)
- Menu planning (EDITABLE)
- List Makers Kit (EDITABLE)
- Important information (EDITABLE)
- Cleaning set (EDITABLE)
- Home & Inventories (EDITABLE)
- Health & Fitness (EDITABLE)
- Calendars and to do lists (EDITABLE)
- Travel Planner (EDITABLE)
- Party Planner
- Christmas Planner (EDITABLE) - comes in the red and green chevron as shown
- Craft & Hobbies
- Binder cover set
- Garage Sale Planner (EDITABLE)
- Moving Planner (EDITABLE)
- Etsy Sellers Kit
- Tax Planner (EDITABLE)
- Student Planner (EDITABLE)
- Teacher Planner (EDITABLE)
- Blog Planner
- Direct Sales Planner (EDITABLE)
- Craft show planner (EDITABLE)
- Finance set (EDITABLE)
- Coupon Binder (EDITABLE)

A massive 1775 sheets are included (24 sets and 11 bonus EDITABLE printables - see photo 2). Buying this set saves you 75% than if you were to purchase each set individually.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the sets listed above. It does NOT include any future sets that are released.

All sheets can be printed as many times as you like (for personal use only) and can be used year after year. You can pick and choose which sheets to use from each set to make your own unique household planner or store each set in separate binders!

You will receive each set in the colours shown in photo 1. BONUS - Both the hot pink and light blue versions of the party planner are included. If you would like sets in certain colours, please contact me and I will set up a custom listing (price will be the same).

Files will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD shortly after purchasing. Please check your emails for a link to the download page.

Please see each individual item’s listing for more photos and detailed descriptions on how to use the sheets.

Note: All sets are editable except the party planner, craft and hobbies, etsy sellers kit (business kit) and blog planner

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- When you open the file there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
- You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won't appear on your printed copy)
- The fillable font is helvetica in black
- The checkboxes are not editable. The sheets are intended for filling out on your computer and checking off by hand
- For copyright protection, the layout of the documents, including existing text cannot be changed

FINANCE SET (54 sheets)
- Personalised Binder Cover and Spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- 3 page Monthly Budget (the title box is editable so it can be used for each month)
- Spending Record
- Lined Note Paper
- Paid Bills Checklist
- Monthly Receipts Divider Pages (12)
- Monthly Divider Pages (12)
- Other Divider Pages (coupons, debt, banking, tax documents, bills to pay & paid bills - 6 sheets)
- Perpetual Monthly Finance Calendar (12 sheets)
- Monthly Spending Summary
- Yearly Finances Summary
- Financial Goals
- Debt Tracker

BUDGET BINDER (207 sheets)
- Covers & spines – Budget Planner, Finances (4 pages)
- Optional Personalised Cover Page & Spine – please mention the wording you would like in the notes to seller when checking out e.g. Smith Family Budget Binder', Dana’s Finances ect. (2 pages)

INCOME (1 Page)
- Income tracker – perfect if you have multiple income streams or just want to keep track of when you receive your paychecks and a running total of your income for the year. Can be used for any duration – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually ect.
* Also refer to the budgeting section

SPENDING (30 pages)
- Recurring Expenses - Due Dates
- Fixed & Variable Expenses
- Payments (4 pages - 1 page per quarter)
- Payments with confirmation or cheque number
- 2 page expense anything – more detailed way to track spending for each category before recording into your monthly budget e.g. track how much you’re spending on groceries, fuel ect. – record each shop and then total for the week
- Upcoming expenses – record when major payments are due e.g. car registration, rates, taxes ect. so you can budget accordingly
- Paid Bills Checklist v3 (landscape - 2 pages, 6 months per page) – record when bills are due, amount and a checkbox to tick when paid
- Paid Bills Checklist v5 – record due date and amounts paid each month (or quarterly ect.)
- Paid Bills Checklist – same as v5 but with an extra column to record the amount (if bills/payments are fixed amounts)
- Paid bills checklist (portrait page orientation) – tick off recurring bills of the same amount
- Online Payments

*Daily spending - Use the spending record which can be used for any duration – refer to ‘any duration spending’ section below. You can also use the finance calendar (refer to ‘monthly’ below). Also use the daily budget (refer to ‘budget’ below)

- Weekly Spending – 2 page spread (portrait page orientation) for recording each day’s spending including the amount, description, who it was paid to and budget category (to make transferring into your monthly budget easier). It also includes a weekly summary for recording any bills and debt payments you made, as well as investments, savings, income ect. You can also compare your totals with your daily and weekly budget.

- Weekly Payments Tracker – e.g. if you pay your rent weekly, car payments ect. – can be used for any expense

- Fortnightly Payments Tracker – same as above but for fortnightly payments

- Spending record – can be used for any period or you can use one page per category
- Payments (2 page portrait page orientation) – if you want to keep all your payments in the same sheet, use this printable
- Spending tracker (with amount left to record if you are on track)
- Spending tracker v2 – same as above but with a notes section e.g. if you live in a share house and want to record who paid for those expenses – especially handy for e.g. grocery shopping
- Expenses – shared – 2 person
- Expenses – shared – 3 person – record the date the bill, rent or other expense is due and the amount then for each person record their contribution amount and the date they paid/gave it to the payer if the account is in one person’s name
- Spending tracker with payment method – keep track of your spending including payment method e.g. cash, credit card, cheque ect.
- Payments – can be used for bills, car loan, mortgage ect – see them all on the one page.
- Credit Card Balance Tracker – keep track of spending and payments on your credit card and compare against your credit card goals.

CALENDARS (28 pages)
- Perpetual finance calendar – with side column to check off payments and bills when paid throughout the month as well as a monthly summary i.e. total income, expenses, savings ect. (Monday and Sunday start versions – landscape page orientation - 2 pages)

- Perpetual finance calendar – same as above but with side column to record daily spending (Monday and Sunday start versions – landscape page orientation - 2 pages)

- Payments calendar – up to 3 payments/bills due can be checked off per day (landscape – perpetual - one page per month, both Monday and Sunday start version included – 24 pages total)

SAVINGS (3 pages)
- 52 week savings tracker – blank - you choose what amounts you can afford to contribute each week based on your budget
- Monthly savings tracker
- Savings Tracker – can be used for any duration – blank so you can record any amount you like

BUDGETS (27 pages)
- Paycheck budgeting
- Simple budget – income and expenses on the one page
- Daily Budget (landscape page orientation - 2 pages)
- Weekly budgeting – most simplified budget I have created for those who just want to see everything on the one page
- Monthly budget by week (one page, portrait) – print more pages as needed
- Monthly Budget – expenses categorised in addition to savings, investments ect. (5 pages)
- Monthly budget – same format as above but category headings are blank so you can add your own (5 pages)
- Quarterly Budget (8 pages – 2 pages for each quarter) – for each quarter - first page has income and expenses, 2nd page has only expenses
- Annual Finances Summary – copy your totals from your monthly budgets
- Annual Finances Summary v2 – (page 1 - same categories as the filled in 5 page monthly budget, page 2 - blank for you to add your own categories)
- Annual budget

DEBT (4 pages)
- Debt summary
- Debt Repayments Tracker – any period
- Credit card purchases
- Credit Card Balance – record all debits and credits on your credit card/s to determine your running account balance
* If you would like a monthly debt tracker I recommend using the ‘payments - 2 page’ (refer above)

BANKING (10 pages)
- Cheque Register – portrait
- Chequebook register - landscape
- Account register – record all transactions for each of your accounts (including deposits) – use one account per page
- Account Register v2 – same as above without the deposits column
- Credit card account info
- Account info
- Online payment login details
- Online Payments
- B-PAY account details (for Australians)
- BPAY Payments (for Australians)

TAX (3 pages)
- Tax
- Tax Deductions
- Donations Tracker
* If you would like to record weekly tax paid the 2 page record anything by week can be used for this purpose (see expenses section)

- Investment analysis
- Share Performance

GOALS (2 pages)
- Financial Goals
- Financial Goals v2
- Lined note paper (1 page)

- January – December Receipts (12 covers)
- January – December (12 covers)

- Bills to Pay, Paid Bills, Income, Expenses, Retirement Planning, Savings, Children’s Bank Accounts, College Fund, Financial Goals, Savings, Mortgage, Rent, Home Expenses, Education Expenses, Coupons, Debt, Banking, Tax, Tax Return, Tax Deductions, Cheque Book, Cash, Credit Card, Calendars, Spending, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Summaries, Vehicles, Recurring payments, Donations, Insurances, Property Tax, Medical, Car Insurance, Home & Contents Insurance, Life Insurance, Family Trust, Miscellaneous, Phone, Utilities, Gas, Water, Electricity, Cable, Shopping, Subscriptions & Memberships, Gifts, Filing, His, Hers, Student Loans, Accounts, Investments, Shares, Clothing, Pets, Groceries, Entertainment, Healthcare, Personal Care, Transportation, Insurances, Superannuation, 401K, Goals (69 dividers/covers)
- 12 Perpetual Monthly Menus (12 sheets)
- 2 - Week Menu Plan (1 week per page i.e 2 pages)
- Favourite Recipes
- Fridge Inventory (4 sheets)
- Freezer Inventory (2 sheets)
- Pantry Inventory (4 sheets)
- Recipes To Try
- Shopping List By Store Section
- Shopping List, Errands and To Do's
- Weekly Meals
- Weekly Meals and Grocery List
- 12 Month Perpetual Calendar (12 sheets)
- Daily Planner
- To Do Lists
- Note Paper - Lined
- Perpetual Monthly Calendar Blank
- Shopping List and Checklist
- To Do Checklist
- Weekly Planner
- Weekly Planner v.2
- Insurance Information
- Important Phone Numbers (2 sheets)
- Car Maintenance
- Important Dates
- Important Dates - Monthly (2 sheets)
- Pet Information (4 sheets)
- Password Log
- Lined Notes Sheet
CLEANING SET (10 sheets)
- Cleaning Checklist (blank)
- Cleaning checklist (filled in)
- Monthly Cleaning
- Weekly Checklist (formatted for easy duplex printing for the current and following week)
- Seasonal Cleaning Checklist
- Chore chart – great for families
- Kitchen Cleaning Record
- Weekly Cleaning
- Quick Clean Ups
- Cleaning Checklist v.2
- 2 Binder covers and spines (Home & Inventories, Warranties & Manuals) – Spines come in 3 sizes to suit any binder
- Car Maintenance Checklist (2 pages)
- Appliances Index
- Home Maintenance
- Home Projects List
- Home Projects Planner
- Home Repair Log
- Home Wish List- (5 pages)
- Paint Colour Log (includes filled in and blank versions)
- Pantry inventory (4 pages)
- Freezer inventory (2 pages
- Fridge inventory (4 pages)
- Movie Inventory (4 pages)
- Book Inventory
- Electronics Inventory
- Office supplies Inventory
- Garage Inventory
- Furniture inventory
- Cleaning Supplies Inventory
- Household product inventory
- Board game log & Game log
- Valuables Inventory
- Personalised binder cover and 3 spines to suit any folders (leave a message in the notes to seller with your choice of text) e.g. Hannah’s Fitness Planner
- Body Measurements Chart (4 sheets)
- 12 month fitness calendar (12 sheets)
- Today’s goals
- Grocery list
- Annual Weight Tracker
- My Workout Schedule
- Vitamins and Supplements
- Food and Calories log
- Calories and points reference
- Workout Log
- Weekly Meals
- Recipes to try
- Healthy Recipes
- Health and Fitness Goals
- Weekly Meal Planner
TRAVEL PLANNER (35 sheets)
- Planner cover and binder spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- General Research (5 pages)
- Accommodation Research
- Shopping Research
- Culture Research
- Clothing Research
- Transport Planning
- Tour Company Comparison
- Accommodation Bookings
- Transport Bookings
- Trip Planner
- Travel Budget (blank)
- Travel Budget (pre-filled 2 pages)
- Travel To Do List
- Travel Insurance
- To Buy Before We Leave
- Outfit Planner
- Packing List (4 pages + 1 page sometime before we leave)
- Spending Record
- Note Paper
- Itinerary Summary
- Travel Checklists
- Flight Info
- Common Phrases
- Daily Travel Planner
- While We're Away
- Good to Know
- Journal Page
- My Journal (kids version)
- Before We Leave Checklist (2 pages)
BINDER COVER SET (14 sheets)
Covers and spines are included for some sets listed above, sets which do not include these are listed below and are included in this set.
- Household Binder
- Meal Planning
- Calendars
- To do lists
- Important information
- Cleaning set
- Miscellaneous
* Use the covers as dividers within your household binder, or as covers for each binder if you choose to store each set in a separate binder
- Personalised binder cover and spine (leave a message in the notes to seller if you would like wording other than ‘My Lists’ as shown e.g. ‘Amanda’s Lists’ ‘The Book of Lists’ ‘Lists’ ect.
- Grocery list (2 columns per page)
- Shopping List (2 columns per page)
- To Do list (2 columns per page)
- Annual To Do’s (allocate up to 5 tasks per month to make your to do’s more manageable)
- Assorted checklists (priority, calls and emails, errands, projects and an anything list for you to choose your own title e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or however often you like)
- Books to read
- Bucket List
- Calls & Emails
- Family To Do List
- Grocery list by store section (produce, bakery, aisle, household/miscellaneous, deli, fridge/freezer)
- Home to do’s
- Honey to do list
- Master to do list
- Monthly to do’s (2 checklists per month, per page – 6 sheets)
- Movies to watch
- Must do, should do and want to do (2 pages one with ‘this month’ for the title and the other ‘this week’)
- One day at a time – feel overwhelmed? Allocate just one task for each day of the month and focus on completing that task but taking it one day at a time
- Places to Go (Use this as a family outings planner, holiday activities planner, destination planner (e.g. cities or locations to visit) ect.
- Priority checklists (Today’s, Tomorrow, …Eventually)
- Projects
- Quick to do’s (15 minutes or less, 30 minutes, 60 minutes – I use this for cleaning tasks)
- Recipes to try
- Reminders
- Shopping list (1 column per page)
- Someday list
- Summer Bucket List
- Things to Learn
- Things to Make
- To Buy Checklist
- To Do Checklist
- To Do (with due dates)
- To Do list with days
- Want vs. Need
- Weekend to do list
- Weekly planner – checklists for each day
- Weekly to do’s (one checklist for the whole week)
- Wish List
- Work to do list
- Anything checklists (4 lists per page – you choose the titles!)
- Anything list (1 column per page)
- Anything list (2 columns per page)
- Personalised Binder Cover and Spine (in 3 different sizes to suit any binder)
- Business Goals
- Item Cost Worksheet
- Monthly Profit and Loss
- Supplies
- Product Planner (2 sheets)
- Week at a glance in 30min increments
- Product Inventory
- Product Price Index
- Advertising and Marketing
- How much should I sell my item for?
- Monthly Work Schedule
- Monthly Plans
- Etsy and PayPal Fees
- Work Daily Time Planner
- Sales Log
- Newsletter Subscribers
- Weekly Time-Keeping (2 sheets perfect for binding into a notebook)
- Weekly Work Planner
- Work To Do List
- To Call List
- To Email List
- Day Planner
- Custom Order Form
- Sales Record
- Online Auctions


- Cover and Spine - 3 different phrases: Craft Show Planner, Trade Show Planner, Markets Planner
- 'This belongs to' page in case you lose your planner
- Annual craft show planner
- Countdown to markets - (4 pages) pre-filled
- Countdown to markets (4 pages)
- Show Checklist
- Show sales log
- Order form
- Inventory (portrait and landscape page orientation versions) - 2 page total
- Babysitter notes – leave this with the babysitter (or your spouse, aunt, grandparent etc.) wile you’re attending the craft market, trunk show etc. (2 pages)
- Shows research (2 pages)
- Newsletter signup sheet
- Show marketing plan
- Insurance policies
- Flight info - if you're flying to the event, keep track of your travel info on this page
- Stall/booth layout (2 pages)
- Price list
- Holiday prep checklist (filled in and blank versions - 2 pages)
- Potential wholesalers
- Potential retailers
- Spending log
- Spending log – categorized – 1 page per type of expenses e.g. marketing, display and booth set up, product supplies and miscellaneous (to record transport, hire costs, insurance, staff wages costs etc.) (4 pages)
- Show expenses
- Show expenses (categorized)
- Customer feedback
- Lined note paper
- Weekly time tracker (2 page portrait orientation in half hour time increments with a to do check list for the week)
- Supplies checklist
- Supplies to order (for products)
- Shipping cost/freight cost comparison
- Pre-orders sign up list - one page for all products
- Pre-orders sign up list - use one page for each product that customers can pre-order
- Waiting list sign up sheet (for out of stock products) - one page for all products
- Waiting list sign up sheet (for out of stock products) - use one page for each product that customers can pre-order
- Shows review
- Shows - year in review

- Booth layout
- Stall layout
- Expenses
- Orders
- Custom Orders
- Pre Orders
- Wholesale
- Retailers
- Contacts
- Insurances
- Products
- Supplies
- Checklists
- Inventory
- Receipts
- Marketing
- Products
- Catalogues (Catalogs spelling version also include)
- Samples
- Transport
- Time tracking
- Sales
- Year in Review
- To do
- To Order
- Price List
- Miscellaneous
- Notes
- Before craft show
- After craft show
- Before markets
- After markets

- 12 months of the year dividers (January, February, March etc.) - text is on the side so you can easily find the month you're looking for when flicking through your planner
14 Planning Pages
- Planner cover page and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- Garage sale to do list
- Note paper
- Garage sale flyer
- garage sale checklist (filled in and blank versions)
- Garage Sale Supplies Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
- Donations Tracker
- Garage sale ad
- Items for sale
- 31 Categorised yard sale signs
MOVING PLANNER (46 sheets)
- Moving Planner binder cover and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- Binder dividers – Moving Checklists, Receipts, Expenses, Box Inventory, Current Home, New Home, Contact Info, Moving Estimates
- 'This belongs to' page
- 6 page comprehensive moving checklist
- Questions for the movers (2 pages)
- Moving Estimates Comparison (2 pages)
- Info Sheet for movers
- Categorized Moving budget (blank and filled in) - 2 pages
- Moving expenses
- Box inventory
- Box inventory summary
- Boxes in Storage
- Box Inventory by Number
- Room Colors (USA and AU spelling versions included)
- Room door hanger labels (option for color-coding)
- Change of address notices checklist
- We've Moved Announcements
- Contact list
- Follow Ups
- To do checklist (new house) and to do checklist (old house) - 2 pages
- Moving to do checklist (1 page) and moving checklists (1 page that has 4 checklists that can be used e.g. for each room)
- Lined note paper
COUPON BINDER (206 Sheets)

- Coupon cover and spine (2 pages)
- This belongs to page
- Password log
- Coupon categories index
- Coupons Index (Categorised) (4 pages)
- Coupons Index - Alphabetical – Vertical format (4 pages)
- Coupons Index - Alphabetical – Horizontal format (4 pages)
- Coupon codes tracker (landscape page format)
- Coupon codes tracker
- Coupon dividers – 90 dividers for organizing all your coupons (refer to list below for the titles of each divider). Includes typical categories like beauty, cleaning products etc. as well as dividers for coupons that expire the 1st week of the month, 2nd week etc. if you want to organize them that way
- A to Z dividers (letter is on the side so you can easily find the letter you’re looking for when flicking through your binder) (21 pages - less popular letters share a page)
- Coupon shopping list
- Coupon trading contacts (landscape page format)
- Couponing grocery list – categorised by store section / aisle e.g. produce, deli etc.
- Couponing grocery list v2 – uncategorised
- Multi-store shopping list v1 – 4 checklists per page
- Multi-store shopping list v2 – same as above but with 5 checklists per page
- Spent and saved
- Couponing tips
- Lowest price list
- Lowest price list v2 - Same as above but use one page per category if you do a lot of shopping (2 pages)
- Price comparison (for 2 shops)
- Price comparison v2 (for 3 shops)
- Price match n
- Rock bottom price list – Alphabetical (4 pages)
- Stock up list (there are 2 columns – 1 for food and a non-food list)
- Stockup versus RRP price – use one page per category
- Stockup versus RRP price v2 - Same as above but for your favorite products (not organized by category)
- Store opening hours
- Weekly couponing savings
- Fortnightly couponing savings
- Products to try
- Where to find coupons
- Coupon jargon / lingo
- Coupon policies
- Sorting mats – alphabetical as well as miscellaneous and hot coupons – includes a cut line to split the page in 2 (if you want to) (12 pages - some letters share a mat)
- Sorting mats – blank so you can choose your own categories – includes a cut line to split the page in 2 (if you want to)
- Sorting mats – categorised – if you prefer to organize them this way rather than alphabetically – includes a cut line to split the page in 2 (if you want to) – these can also be placed in your binder as is, to create categories and if you want to avoid using tabs / category divider pages (34 Pages)
- Sorting mats - full page size & blank so you can choose your own categories - also great for clipping bigger coupons
- 1 Inch wide tabs (with the same labels as the category dividers) (2 pages)
- 90 Coupon category dividers - see the listing for the full list >>


- 'Student Planner' Binder Cover and Spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- Weekly schedule portrait/binder style
- 2 Page Weekly School Planner
- Reading Assignments
- Assessments Log
- School Supplies & School camp checklist
- Summer bucket list
- School information
- To Do List with days
- To Do list with due dates
- Notes page
- Notetaking paper with the date, class and week
- Password log
- Daily Planner
- You choose planner
- Contacts
- Course information
- Weekly Study Schedule – 3 sheets – can be used for 4, 5 or 6 subjects
- 7 days of the week covers and spines (Monday, Tuesday ect.)
- Grades record – for up to 6 subjects
- Spending record
- Student budget
- Outfit Planner
- School goals
- Class to do lists
- Important dates
- Semester plan
- Monthly calendar
- Student Weekly Planner v2
- Group project planner & Group Contacts
- Landscape weekly planner
- Note from home - can be purchase separately here:


- ‘Teacher planner’ binder cover, back cover (with small shop logo) and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder). Leave a message in the notes to seller if you would like this personalised e.g. ‘Mrs Smith 2014 – 2015’

- 2 Page Record Anything (2 pages)
- Absentee Log
- Activity Planner
- Binder calendar – perpetual - 7 day week + notes section (Monday and Sunday start versions included)
- Checklist By Week
- Classroom Layout & Seating Chart (not editable)
- Classroom Inventory & Tax Deductions
- Classroom News
- Classroom Roster
- Classroom Schedule
- Emergency Procedures & Buddies List (2 pages)
- Field Trip Planner (10 pages)
- Groupwork Planner (2 pages)
- Hall Pass Log
- Holidays list
- Important dates
- Library checkout
- Maternity leave checklist
- Meeting notes
- My Students
- Monthly Notes
- Notes for the Substitute
- Parent Teacher conference (one page per student)
- Parent Teacher conference v2 (multiple students per page)
- Professional Development Log
- Parent Communication Log
- Quarterly Planning
- Reading List
- Record anything by week
- Password log
- 2 page monthly calendar (Monday to Friday - each box is broken in 2 e.g. work and a home - with a Weekend & Notes Column)
- School Supplies List
- Semester outline
- Student Behaviour
- Student Birthdays
- Student info (8 pages)
- Student info - individual ( 2 pages)
- Student progress (2 pages)
- Teacher Calendar - Landscape format - Monday – Friday, events and activities lined section – editable title box
- Teacher Calendar v2 - Landscape format – objectives and goals checklist, Monday – Friday Calendar, events and activities lined section – editable title box
- Teacher checklists
- Teacher contacts (2 pages - one blank and one filled in)
- Daily planner
- Teacher Goals
- This Belongs To - in case your planner is lost
- Volunteer & Parent Signup sheets (2 pages)
- Web Resources
- What you missed and what you will miss (2 pages)
- Teacher To Dos
- Teacher Project Planner (2 pages)
- Teacher Shopping List & Purchases (4 pages)
- To do checklist list
- Lined Note paper

- 7 page suggested use/implementation guide for using the pages

- Single Page Lesson Planner
- Weekly Lesson Planner – Lined (2 pages)
- Weekly Lesson Planner – Unlined (2 pages)
- Weekly Lesson Planner v2 – Unlined (2 pages)
- Weekly Lesson Planner v2 – (2 pages)
- Weekly Lesson Planner v3 – Unlined (2 pages)
- Weekly Lesson Planner v3 –Lined (2 pages)
- Weekly Lesson Planner v4 (Unlined) – 2 pages

- 48 Teacher Planning Covers and Spines (or can be used as dividers within your binder):
Assessment, Attendance Log, Behaviour. Calendars, Camp, Class Rosters, Classroom Activities, Classroom Organizer, Classroom Prep, Classroom Volunteers, Common Core, Creative Writing, Emergency Info, Evaluations, Excursions, Field Trips, Forms & Notes, Grading, IEP, Lesson Plans, Miscellaneous, Notes, Parent Communication, Parent Contact Info, Personal, Planning Ahead, Professional Development, Projects, Reading, Reports, Rewards, Schedules, School Clubs, Spelling, Staff Meetings, Standards, Student Information, Students, Substitute Binder, Substiture Plans, Teacher Planner, Testing, Unit Plans, Yearbook, SAT, QCS

- Subject Covers & Spines (90 pages) - American and Australian Schooling:
Accounting, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, American History, American Literature, Ancient History, Art, Assessment, Astronomy, Ballet, Band, Biology, Business Law, Business Studies, Calculus, Cheerleading, Chemistry, Chess Club, Choir, Clubs & Committees, Computer Studies, Contacts, Culinary Studies, Dancing, Debating, Drama, Earth Science, Economics, English, Exam Preparation, Extracurricular Activities, Flashcards, French, Geography, Geometry, German, Graphic Arts, Health, Hip-Hop, History, Holidays, Home Economics, Horticulture, Humanities, Information Technology, Italian, Japanese, Jazz, Korean, Language Arts, Latin, Legal Studies, Mandarin, Marine Studies, Marketing, Math, Maths A, Maths B, Maths C, Modern History, Music, Notes, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Physics, Pottery, Pre-Calculus, Prom Committee, Reading, Religion, Results, School Play, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Spelling, Sport, Statistics, Student Council, Swimming, Technology Studies, Theatre, To Do, Trigonometry, U.S. Government, Vietnamese, Woodwork, Work Experience, World History

- Monday to Friday & Weekend covers and spines

- January to December & Miscellaneous dividers – writing is on the right side so can easily find the month you are looking for when flicking through your planner

- Period dividers (10 pages) - 1st Period to 8th Period, Before School, After School

- Grade Covers and spines (19 pages) - USA and Australian Schooling - Pre-K, Kinder, Prep, Kinder, Grades 1 – 12, Freshman Year, Sophomore Year, Junior Year, Senior Year

- Teacher planner cover and spine (2 pages) - if you would like this personalised, leave a message in the notes to seller with your text for the title

BLOG PLANNER (30 sheets - NOT editable)

- Personalised cover and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- 12 Month Perpetual Calendar (12 pages)
- Advertising and Sponsors
- Blog Contacts
- Blog Expenses
- Blog Improvement Ideas
- Blog Posts Plan of Action
- Blog Post Planner
- Blog Post Topics
- Blog Projects
- Blog Statistics
- Blogging Schedule
- Blog Series Planner
- Blog Planner
- Monthly Plans
- Note Paper
- Blog Giveaways
- Password Log
- Social Media Schedule
- Weekly Blog Planner

PARTY PLANNER (14 sheets. You will receive both the hot pink and light blue versions - NOT editable)

- Party Planner Cover Page and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- Party Schedule
- Party Planner
- Party Guest List
- Party To Do List (2 sheets - Blank & Filled In Versions)
- Party Menu and Shopping List
- Gift List
- Children's Party Budget (2 sheets)
- Party Budget (2 sheets)
- Lined note paper


- Binder cover and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- Chistmas to do Checklist
- Blank landscape calendar with notes
- Portrait binder calendar with notes. Also blank
- Christmas Budget (2 pages - filled in and blank)
- Christmas Cards
- Christmas Essentials & Reminders
- Online Shopping Record
- Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Planner 2 pages)
- Christmas Food Shopping List and Christmas Shopping List (1 list per page, 2 columns for each list)
- Christmas Menu
- Christmas Countdown
- Gift Planner
- Gift List
- Handmade Gift List
- Christmas Movies checklist
- Christmas Baking list
- Christmas Projects
- Christmas Wish List
- Holiday Bucket List
- Christmas Decor Planner (filled in and blank - 4 pages)
- Christmas Traditions
- Thank You Cards
- Multi-store shopping checklist
- Christmas Decorations Inventory
- Christmas Guest List
- Holiday Party Planner
- Cover and spine with ‘Christmas Recipes’ to create a separate recipe binder
- Favourite Christmas Recipes
- EDITABLE Recipe sheet
- Christmas to do list
- Lined note paper

CRAFT AND HOBBIES (22 sheets - NOT editable)

- Craft Planner Cover and Spine (I can personalise this with any text you like, just leave a message in the notes to seller)
- Craft Room Layout Ideas (2 pages)
- Craft Supplies Inventory
- Favourite Blogs
- Favourite Stores
- My DIY Projects
- My Projects
- My Sewing Projects
- Online Shopping Record
- Organisation Checklists
- Organise Your Craft Room
- Project List
- Project Planner (2 pages)
- Scrapbooking Projects
- Sewing Project Planner
- Shopping List
- Subscription & Membership Planner
- Weekly Project Planner
- My Favourite Etsy Stores


- Cover Page & Spine (this can be personalised with your choice of text, just mention your cover wording in the notes to seller when checking out e.g. Taylor's Direct Sales Planner')
- This belongs to page
- Dividers (34) – Contacts, time management, Finances, products, parties, business cards, clients, Catalogues, Miscellaneous, Marketing, Goals, Personal, Inventory, Orders, Income, Expenses, Calendars, To Do, Weekly, Receipts, Coaching, My Team, Notes, Tax, My Business, Hostesses, Sales, Customers, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5 (have so many parties you can’t keep up, organize documentation by week to help you find it easier, also good for weekly goal setting, organizing to dos ect .),
- January to December Dividers (12 pages - writing is on the side so you can easily find what month you are looking for)

- 2 page calendar - Sunday and Monday start versions are included (4 pages total)
- 2 Page Weekly planner - Sunday and Monday start versions are included (4 pages total)
- To do checklist
- Monthly to do checklist (blank and filled in – 2 pages)
- Daily Planner
- Undated perpetual 12 month calendar (landscape orientation - 12 pages)
- Weekly planner lined (portrait) – Sunday and Monday start versions are included (2 pages total)
- Weekly planner checklist (portrait) - Sunday and Monday start versions are included (2 pages total)

- Business Ideas
- Goal planner
- Goals
- My Progress (2 pages)
- Important Dates

- Inventory
- Giveaways summary
- Giveaways
- Mail tracker - 2 versions
- Free Products
- Replacement orders
- Missing items
- Catalogues
- Samples and Display Inventory
- Wish list
- Re-orders
- Backordered Items
- Backorders

- Comprehensive 13 page party checklist - use all of the pages or only those that you need - includes: guest list, before the party countdown to do lists, information about the hostess and a plan for the party, samples put out at parties and when need to be restocked as well as a review including what worked, what didn't work ect., party summary including expenses, sales, recruits, bookings ect. I recommend using in conjunction with the contacts pages, notes page, the wish list and any other pages that work for you

- Follow Ups - Hostesses (2 pages)
- Customer Information
- Upcoming Events
- Event summary
- Mileage tracker (portrait page orientation)
- Mileage tracker (landscape page orientation)
- Income log - can be used weekly, monthly ect.
- Direct Selling Expenses - (2 pages - blank & filled in)

- Team Contacts
- Hostess contacts
- Lead contacts
- VIP Customers
- Potential recruits (summary contacts page)
- Potential hostesses (summary contacts page)

- Potential Recruits Checklist Summary – blank + filled in - landscape page orientation - 2 pages)
- New Consultant Checklist – (blank and filled in – 2 pages)
- New Consultant
- Consultant Inf

- Team Meeting Notes
- Team Meetings summary
- Team Recognition
- My Team
- Team Coaching

- Bookings
- Returns
- Order invoice (1 page for up to 8 items and an add on page for larger orders - 2 pages)
- Sales Record (landscape page format)
- Orders tracker

- Lined notes page
- Password Log
- Supplies list - blank and filled in (2 pages)
- Direct selling tips - keep a running list of tips, game ideas ect. you get from other consultants or ideas you come across on the internet, from coaching sessions ect.
- Social media calendar
- Newsletter Subscribers
- Gift Certificates
- Shopping lists (2 pages)
- Hobby or business?
- Vendor Shows
- Vendor Shows - Landscape (summary page if you do a lot of vendor shows)
- Direct Sales Expenses by month (landscape, 2 pages) – record the totals for each month
- Spending Record (landscape)
- Spending Log
- Tax – Record your income (e.g. parties, wholesale, blog ect.), deductions and tax paid to determine your after tax income
TAX PLANNER (222 PAGES - most editable)

- Cover and spine that says 'tax Planner'

- Preparing for filing taxes – 4 page checklist
- Page 1 includes everything needed to file taxes, preparing to file including goal due dates so you file on time, what to do after you file, record of quarterly taxes paid
- Page 2 – checklist of categories of income and expenses – use 1 page per person e.g., one page for you and 1 page for your spouse
- Page 3 – Information outstanding (keep a list of documents still needed in order to prepare filing – avoid visiting the accountant multiple times or annoying them with numerous emails – which will also mean you are charged more!) – use 1 page per person e.g., one page for you and 1 page for your spouse
- Page 4 – checklist to record to do’s before filing (blank so you can enter things specific to you, your business, your family etc.) – use 1 page per person

- Tax deductions checklist – blank checklist for you to list all the deductions you claim year after year – then just print and check them off and re-use year after year

- Tax deductions checklist – master (10 pages) – 1 page per type of expense (9 main categories) plus 1 page to list things you can’t claim. These are very helpful lists that can be re-used year after year (plus the pages in this planner are editable so you only need to add the items once and can update if required!) – perfect if you have a lot of items to claim and file receipts by expense category - keep this as a master list of tax deductions you claim each year (this sheet is ideal if you have a business or part-time income in addition to your day job/have a lot of items to claim and don’t want to accidentally forget anything!) Blank so you can fill in those items relevant to you and the tax laws of the country you live in.

- Tax deductions categorised – same as above but 2 categories per page (if you don’t qualify for many tax deductions these are good summary pages) – also includes a blank page for you to add your own categories! (5 pages)

- Donations tracker

- Mileage tracker (portrait and landscape page orientation – if you want a bit more room to write (2 pages)

- Estimating Taxes – use this sheet to fill in all your income and expenses. I recommend using last year’s taxes as a baseline. Enter your income less the total deductions from each category on the tax checklist to determine how much tax you are likely to have to pay this year, then convert this into an estimated monthly taxes payable to assist family budgeting (or for your business). Avoid a nasty debt due notice you haven’t budgeted enough for! (includes both $ and pounds versions)

- Tax – list all income and deductions to give an after tax total (simpler version of the above page)

- Tax savings or payments – use this to record either money you set aside periodically in preparation for when taxes are due, or to record tax payments when you make them.

- Tax budgeting - You can use this page weekly or monthly depending on when you do your budgeting/book-keeping. A great sheet to use to ensure you’re setting aside enough money to avoid a nasty tax debt you can’t afford!

- Accountant comparison – compare fees, what’s included, turnaround time etc. to help you choose the right accountant

- Estimating deductions

- Questions for the accountant

- Reimbursed expenses (portrait and landscape page orientation - 2 versions - one with expense category and one without)

- Account info – keep your bank account details handy – you’ll need them when filing your taxes!

- Income tracker (includes a section to record by category id you have multiple income streams)

- Recurring expenses (2 pages) – keep track of which expenses are recurring and when they’re due each month (helps you budget and also determine how much you can tax deduct) - you can plan all 12 months of the year on 2 pages

- Subscriptions and memberships tracker

- Wish list – perfect for bloggers & business owners. Keep track of items you want to buy and if you need some extra tax deductions just consult your list. It will also help you prioritize those that you want the most as you can see what other investments you’re trading off by choosing one and not another (there’s a column for you to record whether it’s a low, medium or high priority)

- Travel expenses – record any tax deductible travel-related expenditure such as accommodation, food, conferences & seminars entry fees, transportation etc. There’s also a column to record whether you’ve tax deducted it or been reimbursed by your employer. If the expense incurred while travelling is something you can’t tax deduct or be reimbursed for, I recommend still recording it on this page and you can then transfer it to your normal budget. If you need a weekly or monthly budget printable, the tax planner coordinated with the finance binder or the updated budget binder.

- Work expenses – same as the travel expenses page but for work expenses

- Vehicle expenses – same as the travel expenses page but for vehicle expenses

- Education expenses – same as the travel expenses page but for education expenses

- Property expenses – same as the travel expenses page but for property expenses and without the reimbursed column (as these are not expenses paid by your employer)

- Blogging expenses – same as the property expenses page but for blogging expenses

- Children-related expenses – same as the property expenses page but for children-related expenses

- Business expenses – same as the property expenses page but for business expenses

- Miscellaneous expenses – same as the property expenses page but for miscellaneous expenses

- Travel expenses v2. - Same as the other travel expenses page but in landscape page orientation if you need more room the write, there’s also an extra column to record category (e.g. accommodation, transportation etc.) if you travel frequently and have a lot of travel expenses

- Insurance Info– keep track of health, home, business, vehicle and any other insurance policies you might have – will need the medical when filing taxes and can tax deduct e.g. insurance on an investment property

- Due dates (12 months at a glance on the one page) to record when things are due and remind yourself to update your taxes – it’s blank so you can add due dates relevant to the tax laws of your country

- Tax Resources - use this page to record websites you’ve found helpful with tax information, tax laws, what you can and can’t claim, or even just the website where you purchase file tab labels from etc.

- Notes page – lined – use this for anything you like!

- Filing tab labels (2 pages – see list below). If you want to choose your own tabs, a blank editable (in Microsoft Excel) version can be purchased here:

- Covers and spines – 2010 taxes through to 2020 taxes (get your past year’s tax binders in order and be ready for the coming years!). Also includes 2010 – 2011 Taxes for those who live in countries where the tax year runs on the financial year (22 covers and spines in total)
- Monthly receipts dividers – January to December (12 pages) i.e. January Receipts, February Receipts etc.
- January – December Income & Expenses (12 page) i.e. January Income, January Expenses, February Income, February Expenses etc. - these have the text on the side so you can easily find what you’re looking for when flicking through your binder or planner!
- January to December – 2 styles – side text and centred text like the main cover (24 pages)

• Income
• Expenses
• Accountant
• Receipts
• Mileage
• Reimbursements
• To file
• Important documents
• Proof of identify
• Employment information
• Business expenses
• Bills
• Utilities
• Insurance Policies
• Travel expenses
• Taxes
• Part Year Taxes
• Bank Statement
• Depreciation
• Office supplies
• Mortgage
• Debt
• Credit Card
• Retirement Fund
• Vehicle
• Medical
• Education
• Investments
• Dividends
• Invoices to pay
• Paid Invoices
• Mom
• Dad
• Child Expenses
• Blogging
• Work
• Miscellaneous
• Property
• Donations
• Subscriptions
• Tax Deductions
• 30 day overdue payments
• 30 day overdue income
• 60 day overdue payments
• 60 day overdue income
• 90 day overdue payments
• 90 day overdue income
• Bad Debt
• Invoices
• Superannuation
• Investment Property
• Shares
• Health Insurance
• Business Insurances
• Personal Insurances
• Vehicle Insurance
• Can’t Claim
• Business Income

108 FILING TAB LABELS (for a binder, filing folders, filing cabinet etc.)

• 12 months of the year
• Income
• Expenses
• Accountant
• Receipts
• Mileage
• Reimbursements
• To file
• Important documents
• Proof of identify
• Employment information
• Business expenses
• Bills
• Utilities
• Insurance Policies
• Travel expenses
• Taxes
• Part Year Taxes
• Bank Statement
• Depreciation
• Office supplies
• Mortgage
• Debt
• Credit Card
• Retirement Fund
• Vehicle
• Medical
• Education
• Investments
• Dividends
• Invoices to pay
• Paid Invoices
• Mom
• Dad
• Child Expenses
• Blogging
• Work
• Miscellaneous
• Property
• Donations
• Subscriptions
• Tax Deductions

• January – December Receipts
• January – December Expenses
• January – December Income
• 30 day overdue payments
• 30 day overdue income
• 60 day overdue payments
• 60 day overdue income
• 90 day overdue payments
• 90 day overdue income
• Bad Debt
• Invoices
• Superannuation
• Investment Property
• Shares
• Health Insurance
• Business Insurances
• Personal Insurances
• Vehicle Insurance
• Can’t Claim
• Business Income
- Contacts
- School Information
- Weekly Meal Planner & Categorized Grocery List
- Subscription & Membership Tracker
- Weekly Planner (2 versions - lined only and lined with checkboxes. The planner includes a meal planning section)
- Babysitter Notes (2 pages - general info for the babysitter as well as a schedule for each child)
- Medical History (3 pages - 3 versatile sheets that cover all medical record information including appointments, vaccinations, medications, medical contacts, health check-ups, payments and more)

I can customise your household binder cover with your choice of text e.g. ‘Smith Family Binder’ or ‘Our Family Binder’ ect (just leave a message in the notes to seller. This will be sent separately within 48hrs)


Want to create your own kit? See:

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2014 Resolutions
- When you open the file there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
- You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won't appear on your printed copy)
- The fillable font is helvetica in black
- The checkboxes are not editable. The sheets are intended for filling out on your computer and checking off by hand
- For copyright protection, the layout of the documents, including existing text, pattern and colours cannot be changed
All printables are in PDF format. You will need to download adobe reader (it's free!) The pages are A4 size. They can be printed at letter size, half size, A5, junior arc size, Filofax, personal size, Erin Condren planner size or any other size you like – please see this post from my blog for printing instructions:

There are 2 copies of each sheet allowing you to do 2 per page page printing then cut in half for half size pages, or you can do duplex printing. The pages are set to be full bleed (select 'borderless' in your printer menu). If your printer cannot do borderless printing, the pages will print with a thin white border. See for printing tips.

Most instant download items (and all sets) come in zipped folders. Please ensure your computer can open zipped folders.

The watermarks will NOT appear on your copy.

Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be sent. After payment is received, you will recieve an automatic email (to the email address you have listed with Etsy). In that email will be a link to the download page.

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There are no refunds on digital items.

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