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Discounted Shipping Labels Are Now Available on Etsy Through Canada Post Solutions for Small Business Program

Create an account with Canada Post to access these special rates. Register by mid-March to continue purchasing Canada Post labels on Etsy.

By Taylor Combs 09 Feb, 2021

What's new

Canada Post offers exclusive discounts to small business owners like you*, and you can now access those special rates right from your Etsy Shop Manager.

Etsy sellers can now purchase Canada Post shipping labels at Solutions for Small Business rates on Etsy*. If you already have a Solutions for Small Business account, connect it to your Etsy shop to access discounted rates on Etsy. If you’re not a registered small business with Canada Post, just sign up on their site and add your account number to your Etsy account under shipping settings.

What’s in it for you? Save time and money.

  • Members can save. By purchasing through Canada Post Solutions for Small Business, you can save up to 34% on Canada Post shipping labels compared to retail rates for orders within Canada and up to 57% on Canada Post shipping labels compared to retail rates for orders shipped internationally.
  • The more you ship, the more you save. Labels purchased on Etsy count toward your discount level with Canada Post.
  • It’s easy on Etsy—purchase labels right from your Shop Manager. We’ll fill in the buyer’s details for you, send them tracking info, and mark the order as shipped.

What’s changing

We want Etsy sellers to have access to discounted shipping rates from Canada Post. Canada Post Solutions for Small Business shipping labels are less expensive than the Canada Post labels previously available on Etsy. After March 31, Solutions for Small Business labels will be the only Canada Post option available for purchase on Etsy. To continue buying Canada Post labels on Etsy, you’ll need to register for a Solutions for Small Business account with Canada Post or connect your existing account to your Etsy shop.

*Most Etsy sellers should qualify for a Small Business Solutions account, but eligibility is determined by Canada Post and is not guaranteed.


Taylor Combs

Taylor Combs is a writer and editor for Etsy's Seller Handbook.


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