1 January 2020 | 3-minute read

The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography

Learn everything you need to know about how to take photos that get shoppers to click and buy, including tips on lighting, shooting, editing, and more.

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Chapter 1: Why Product Photography Is Important

Learn why creating great product images is the most important step to selling online.

Chapter 2: 7 Essential Types of Product Photos

There many ways to show off your product's best features. Find out which types of photos work best for your product.

Chapter 3: Choosing Your Camera and Equipment

What's the best equipment for you? Learn how to select the right tools for your photo shoot.

Chapter 4: How to Build a DIY Photography Light Box

Learn how to create your own light box to shoot product photos at home.

Chapter 5: Getting to Know Your Camera

New to photography? Learn the basics about various camera modes and settings.

Chapter 6: How to Shoot Your Products

From lighting your product to framing your shot, get step-by-step instructions on how to do a successful photo shoot.

Chapter 7: (Case Study) Taking Photographs With a Phone

Shooting with a smartphone has its advantages - and its disadvantages. Read how one business owner learned to make it work for her business.

Chapter 8: How to Style Product Photos

Learn how to use styling, props, models, and seasonal touches to make your product photos pop.

Chapter 9: (Case Study) How to Photograph Vintage and One-of-a-kind Items

Read how two vintage sellers developed a system to efficiently photograph their unique finds.

Chapter 10: How to Photograph Challenging Items

Whether you sell jewellery, artwork, furniture, clothing, or vintage items, find out how to get the best shots.

Chapter 11: (Case Study) How to Photograph Jewellery

Capturing that sparkle can sometimes be difficult. Read how one jewellery designer tackled the problem for her business.

Chapter 12: How to Edit Your Product Photos

A little editing can go a long way when it comes to your product photos. Learn about photo editing tools and techniques.

Chapter 13: 5 Common Photography Mistakes

Could lacklustre product photos be hurting your sales? Find out how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Chapter 14: Product Photography Checklist

Planning your photo shoot? Use this handy checklist to take great product photos that sell.

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