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2 days

Sending some lil cuties to new places with new backing cards!

1 month

So many people at work giggled at my bread tag necklace the other day!

2 months

New stuff is coming! Along with new upgraded steambugs.

5 months

Check out my suitcase stall at the Ipswich Handmade Expo on the weekend!

9 months

My sewing table is chaos. But I can keep track of most of it... Some of these are coming to the shop! Some are already spoken for.

10 months

Mum loved her mumbag!

10 months

For my mum, for Mother's day. A quick sew for last minute gifts!

10 months

About to make a couple of bumbags for two special humans.

10 months

Cutting out some more bumbags! One for my mum and one for the shop...