natural, family-made toys!

Annie wood burns sword details.
Setting up Little House family dolls for a photoshoot!
Theresa burning brick detail into one of Steven's new toy castles.
Testing a wooden sword sheath design.
Nothing graces our store shelves without the approval of our littlest sister...

From the wrappings beneath the tree...

"Whaddya making Mary?" is a common question, always followed up by the inevitable "is it for me?"

As a family, we have found one of life's simplest, but greatest joys in crafting handmade gifts for each other at birthday's and holidays.

To help support our simple, wonderful, lifestyle on our remote funny farm, we decided to offer one of our greatest pleasures to you: crafting natural toys and gifts.

And from the exuberant feedback we've heard back from our customers, I guess the joy isn't only in the crafting of natural handmade, but also in the receiving.

We hope you enjoy our shop and pass it on to friends you think may enjoy it as well. Thank you for the support! ❤
owner, maker, designer, curator
Hi! I'm Mary, the big sister and big boss of the Funny Farm Toy Barn. I pretty much adore everything about Christmas--especially making gifts! :)

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