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Announcement    New Arrivals - Unique, Hand-Painted 100 % Pure Habotai Silk Scrunchies & Brooches!


Last updated on 06 Jun, 2019

New Arrivals - Unique, Hand-Painted 100 % Pure Habotai Silk Scrunchies & Brooches!


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Lovely dye colour on the palette! Working on some fine art pieces for the new year. In the mean time, check out our unique silk designs in the shop!
Brush washing day! Love all the colours - check out some of our finished pieces in our Etsy shop!
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Unique, Hand-Painted Textiles With Function & Purpose

Tree Of Promise is the result of a lifelong passion for unique, hand-crafted functional art. Specialising in silk painting and traditional slow-dyeing methods, Tree Of Promise seeks to solve real problems with versatile beauty. Our Beauty For Ashes line of headscarves, designed to provide breathable, non-irritating, beautiful coverage for hair loss victims, also function as dance veils and multi-wear shawls. Our new Multi-Scarf design is created for those who desire artisan elegance, versatility and clutter-free living. It can be worn 20+ different ways, and is a breeze for travel, affording you many outfits without the luggage bulk! In response to the issues of conventional hair elastics, our pure silk scrunchies are fabulous for the hair, protecting from friction damage, pulling and snagging - and they feel divine! Our soft-cover glasses cases double as smartphone covers, and the smooth silk prevents scratching. As well as these core lines, Tree Of Promise provides a varied selection of different scarves and accessories. We are always experimenting with new items for new problems, so keep your eyes on the shop!

Silk painting is a unique art form. The dyes flow freely, resulting in a new effect each time which is impossible to recreate exactly. Each Tree Of Promise item is a one-of-a-kind treasure, hand-painted with much time, skill and love. We hope to convey to each customer the great value we place on them in creating something so special just for them. Silk drapes beautifully and provides breathable insulation against hot and cold weather. A protein fibre (like human hair), you can just shampoo and hang it to dry! We source only the highest quality A-Grade silks and natural/sustainable fibres, and wherever possible, utilise environmentally-friendly or low-impact dyeing methods.

As well as selling our unique slow-dyed originals through Etsy, a selection of digitized prints on a variety of accessories and fashion items can be purchased through our RedBubble store:

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Frequently asked questions
What is the quality of the material you use?

Tree of Promise sources 100% pure, A-grade silks, genuine wool and other natural and protein fibres. Blends of high quality fibres may be used (e.g., silk and wool) for winter garments. Some synthetic fibres are necessary for velvet and devore garments, and are of no lesser quality. Please see individual listings for specific material information.

Care instructions

- Cold hand wash only with wool wash. A little excess dye run-off is normal in the first few washes and will not affect the quality or longevity of the garment or design.

- If desired, add a little hair conditioner to the silk after rinsing. This restores softness, shine and strength to the protein fibre.

- Add half a cup of white vinegar to the water on final hand rinse. This restores the silk's natural pH and removes any product residue.

- Silk: drip dry in shade or iron dry with a warm steam iron. Wool & velvet: lightly squeeze out excess moisture and lay to air dry flat in shade. DO NOT WRING. This permanently warps and weakens the fibre. For best results, velvet should be dry-cleaned.

- Store in a dark, dry place, NOT in plastic.

What are the characteristics of each type of silk?

Lightweights - Lightest First:

Pajenti: Also known as Ponjee, this is the 'fairy princess' silk. Floaty and transparent, yet with an almost iridescent sheen, this is a truly lovely silk for scarves, dance veils, shawls and other garments.

Chiffon: Lighter and more sheer than Habotai, chiffon has a beautiful drape and airy, floaty quality. It too, like all silk, has a natural lustre, but is more subtle because it is less opaque.

Habotai: The most commonly used painting silk, this material has an even weave and is mid-lightweight. It is semi-opaque (completely opaque for 12mm+ weight) and has a lovely natural lustre, making it perfect for scarves, scrunchies, garments, fine art and home decor items.

Characteristics of Silk - Continued

Medium to Heavyweights:

Crepe de Chine: One of the best draping silks, the fibre is woven into a light crepe, increasing its weight and dye-holding capacity. It has a luxurious hand, weight and sheen and is suitable for garments, fine art and home decor items.

Crepe Satin: Possibly the most luxurious silk, the fibre is woven into a brilliant satin finish that is unsurpassed in its shine. The heaviest version is also known as Charmeuse, which has a crepe back and satin front, combining the lovely drape of Crepe de Chine, with the brilliant lustre of Satin. This silk is most suited to elegant garments and scarves, and is especially wonderful for protecting hair from friction damage. Thus, it is also fabulous for pillow cases and scrunchies.

Why are some silks different prices?

Different types of silk are more expensive than others. This depends on the fabric weight, how much silk thread is required for a particular weave pattern, and how complex the weaving process is. For example, silks such as Pajenti (also known as Ponjee), Chiffon and Habotai are very lightweight and evenly woven, making them time and cost efficient to produce. Denser weaves such as Satin and Crepe de Chine take more time and silk fibre to produce the same length of fabric, making them costlier.

Heavier versions of each type of silk (eg, 12mm) will be slightly more expensive than the lighter versions (eg, 6 or 8mm) in their weave class, but a heavyweight satin will always be more costly than a Habotai of the same weight.

Scarf Sizing & Uses

Tree Of Promise utilises the following standard scarf sizes in various fibres and silk types. Prices may vary within each size group depending on material type and painting process.

28 x 160cm: Good for neckerchief arrangements, hair decoration and standard scarf tying, this size allows for a pop of colour with minimal bulk.

45 x 180cm: Wonderfully flexible, this class allows lots of arranging freedom from nice shoulder drapes and infinity tying to longer standard arrangement styles.

50 x 200cm: A truly generous size, this one does it all: elaborate shoulder drapes, neckerchiefs, multi-layer arrangements, infinity loops and beach cover-ups/sarong styles. Double as a a dance veil, wrap skirt/dress or elegant evening shawl!

More Scarf Sizing & Uses

Large - Extra-Large Scarves:

70 x 200cm: Some of our hand-painted silk pashminas are slightly wider, allowing for a warmer winter wrap with more fabric to snuggle in.

90 x 190/200cm (length varies, see individual listings): Our lovely silk sarongs are a wonderful size for generous wrap skirts/dresses, beach cover-ups, dance veils, large evening shawls and capes, tied kaftan or poncho arrangement and very elaborate scarf tying.

110 x 110cm: A large square scarf's capabilities are limited only by your imagination! Triangular and rectangular folding affords neckerchiefs, shoulder drapes, hair arrangement, capes and much more!

We are constantly trying new scarf sizes and garment types, keep an eye out in the store for something unique!

Custom and personalised orders

Custom designs can be arranged for specified listings. While some designs are impossible to reproduce due to the unique flow of the dyes on silk, particular painting techniques, such as salt or water marking, can be re-created. No design will be absolutely identical, but if you simply like a particular technique and would like it in another colour, on a different type of silk, and/or in a different garment size, please contact us directly with your preferences and we will consider a custom order for you.


If you would like something more personal than a custom colour, technique or size, please contact us about commissioning an artwork made just for you by the artist and we will consider a quote based on project nature and complexity, timeframe, materials and cost.

Concept imagery and clear articulation of your desired design is encouraged, and Vanessa may do some small mock-up paintings for your approval before undertaking the project. Once quote and concept are agreed on, a 50% deposit of the quote must be paid before Vanessa will begin painting.

Tree Of Promise reserves the right to hold back the completed painting for digitization before delivering, and to print copies of the digitized image, complete or in part, for commercial sale.