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Recycling is my mantra

Hello, my name is Lani and I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. This creative business is my fourth or fifth career, but its the one where I feel like I've FINALLY found where I'm supposed to be, and I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing.

Notanotherhat is the word that's come to represent all the creative things I do: recycling, upcycling, hand dyeing, designing knitting patterns and making handcrafted items. It started a number of years ago as a hat making obsession – I couldn’t stop knitting them – but over time it has taken on a new direction and a life of its own.

It all became clear after I made a life commitment to recycling and upcycling. For years I have been concerned about our ‘disposable’ world and the politics of consumption. So taking the step to really do something about that has been an energising move for me. I no longer use NEW materials in my work. I take something pre-loved or discarded (primarily second-hand items of clothing) and reclaim the raw materials – it's so simple. I cant understand why everyone isn't doing it. I’m not creating ‘more’ stuff, just repurposing it and giving it a whole new life – so satisfying!

Every thrift shop is an opportunity to find beautiful raw materials for reclaiming. Understandably, quality is paramount. There is no use putting in the considerable time it takes to recycle something unless it is already a quality item. I’m all about natural fibres – wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair, silk and cotton. I particularly try to source soft, luxury fibres that we all want to knit with and wear.

I am completely in love with colour and texture. You probably got a sense of this from looking at what I make. I’m a proud colour addict. Recycled yarn is such an exciting raw material. I feel like an artist when I am dyeing the yarn: to me it feels like painting. Sometimes it’s more experiment than skill, because each yarn is different both in its base colour and texture. But the results often delight and surprise me.

My hand dyed yarns are individually made in small limited edition batches. No two batches/dyelots are the same – how boring would that be? Working with recycled raw materials it is impossible to exactly reproduce results. I may re-use the same IDEA more than once, but each time the outcome is unique because the base yarn itself is different in each case, varying in colour, weight, and texture.

My hand designed and handcrafted items are one-of-a-kind (OOAK). I'm not interested in becoming a production line and making the same garment over and over again. I'll leave that to the manufacturers. I want to create individual designs in beautiful colours that become unique pieces that customers will cherish.

If you have purchased something of mine, please know that it was made with love and I am very happy to have made it for you. I hope you enjoy using it or wearing it, that it lasts for many years, and maybe becomes a favourite. And when you no longer need it in your life, I'd like to think that you consider how it might be turned into something else or recycled in some way, before throwing it out.


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Frequently asked questions

Custom and personalised orders

I am happy to undertake custom orders on some items. Just contact me through Etsy Conversations to let me know the specifics of your order and I will endeavour to meet your request. Depending on the order, it may take from 3 days to 2 weeks to fulfil.

Care instructions

My hand dyed yarns and items made with my hand dyed yarns require care in washing. Treat them as you would any delicate wool article. That is, hand wash in cold water with wool wash, minimising agitation, and dry flat out of direct sunlight.

Some shades may lose colour in the first couple of washes. This is due to excess dye that has not been 'exhausted' into the yarn. It will not affect the look of the yarn or fade the colour over time, but may contaminate other items washed with it. It is recommended that you wash items separately.

Knots and joins

I try hard to present beautiful hand dyed yarn for you to knit/crochet/weave with. Where possible, the yarn will be in one unbroken length. However, with reclaimed yarn that is not always possible. If there are joins they will be few – not likely to be more than three per skein. If the yarn has multiple joins (greater than three or four joins per skein) I will tell you. Yarn with 'multiple' joins will be discounted appropriately.

Creative environment

Notanotherhat yarns are recycled and hand dyed in my home in Melbourne, Australia. It is a smoke-free household, but is pet friendly. We have a dog and a cat. While I endeavour to keep my yarns free from pet hair and my pets far from my workspace, people with significant allergies to pet hair should take note that I cannot guarantee the yarn will be entirely free from allergens.

Colour categories

My hand dyed yarns fall into one of three broad colour categories, TONAL, VARIEGATED or SPECKLED. Tonal yarns are generally of one colour with ‘tonal’ variations within that colour. Variegated yarns have multiple colours in distinct patches throughout the skein and will form a variety of effects and patterns when knitted up including; pooling, uneven patches of colour and in some cases striping. Speckled yarns also have multiple colours but the colours are distributed throughout the skein, which causes a more even ‘speckled’ effect with less pooling of colour.

The beauty of upcycled yarn

You have decided to help save the planet by purchasing my hand dyed recycled yarn. Congratulations! Together we are making the world a better place. I hope you find the beauty in my reclaimed yarn. It is not NEW yarn. It is not trying to be new yarn.

Recycled and upcycled yarn is different. Sometimes it’s a little crinkly, sometimes the strands of the ply are not as tightly twisted, sometimes it’s a bit felted and fluffy, sometimes it’s just perfect, sometimes it’s softer than it would have been when new, and sometimes it’s not. But in remaking the yarn I am adding time, and colour, and love and producing a beautiful new thing that you will be able to create with.

Notanotherhat grades of yarn

Notanotherhat hand dyed recycled yarn is graded and priced according to four categories of quality; Super Soft, Soft, Standard, and Robust.

SUPER SOFT is as it sounds, super soft. All luxury fibres fall into this category. For instance, cashmere, alpaca, extra fine merino, silk and blends of these yarns.

SOFT is softer than standard, but not quite luxury. For instance, yarns that might have made it into the Super Soft category but are a bit too crinkly or only have 10 per cent luxury fibre.

STANDARD is a basic category encompassing yarn that you would buy for a sweater or socks or any ordinary project. Most yarns will fall into this category.

ROBUST is a coarser grade – not as soft. Yarns in this category will be durable and sturdy.

Upcycled yarn weights – wraps per inch

Upcycled yarn comes in many different weights. It comes in more varieties of weight than commercial knitting yarn. This is because upcycled yarn is often reclaimed from machine knitted items of clothing, which often have weights of fibre that are not commercially available to the domestic market.

In preparing upcycled yarn for you to use, I put the yarn into the accepted categories (lace, fingering, sport, DK, worsted, bulky) so that you can confidently choose patterns that will suit the yarn you have purchased. However, notanotherhat yarns include an extra piece of identifying information – wraps per inch. This helps you fully understand the exact weight of the yarn and how it compares to standard commercial options.