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10 Clever Ideas For a More Inspiring Home Office

From paperweights with personality to desk organizers that double as decor, discover easy upgrades for your work-from-home setup.

Phone dock planter from STAK Ceramics
Photo by: STAK Ceramics

As we settle into our new at-home rhythms, rediscovering our love of board games and baking everything under the sun, we’re also getting creative about how to make our spaces more functional for working from home. Because whether you’re answering emails from a commandeered corner of the kitchen table or attempting to homeschool your kids from a couch-turned-makeshift classroom, the fact is, finding work-life balance has taken on a whole new meaning for most of us. The good news? No matter what your current home office arrangement looks like, adding a few pretty and practical problem-solvers can help you feel more motivated, positive, and prepared to tackle your to-do list with a smile. Read on for 10 simple ideas to try.

A portable desk organizer

Desert landscape desk organizer from Savvie Studio
SHOP: Desert landscape desk organizer from Savvie Studio, $40; shop more desk organizers

Repeat after us: A place for everything and everything in its place. A distinctive desk organizer that you can move around as needed, with dedicated compartments for your notebooks, sticky notes, and pens, will help you make it happen.

A tear-off weekly planner

Tear-off weekly planner from Ginably
SHOP: Tear-off weekly planner from Ginably, $18; shop more planners

Start each week on a fresh page with an assist from a cheerful tear-off planner and never lose track of the days again.

An eye-catching corkboard

United States shaped corkboard from Geo 101 Design SHOP: United States–shaped corkboard from Geo 101 Design, $89; shop more corkboards

Pin helpful reminders to an attractive bulletin board alongside cherished family snaps and transform your to-dos into a motivating mood board.

A cool vintage paperweight

Vintage glass paperweight from North Fork Vintage
SHOP: Vintage glass paperweight from North Fork Vintage, $28, shop more vintage paperweights

Because nothing is easier to misplace than an important thought jotted down on a loose piece of paper—and nothing roots you to simpler times quite like a cool vintage find. Choose an uplifting design that speaks to you—from psychedelic ‘70s swirls to beautiful floating florals—and soak up the sweet retro vibes.

A space-saving desk lamp

A wooden desk lamp from HVOYA
SHOP: A wooden desk lamp from HVOYA, $160; shop more desk lamps

Sometimes your next bright idea just needs a little extra illumination. Our recommendation? An adjustable lamp that's slender enough to fit on your makeshift desk.

A multipurpose phone dock

Phone dock planter from STAK Ceramics
SHOP: Phone dock planter from STAK Ceramics, $68; shop more phone docks

Balance an abundance of screen time with a phone dock that serves dual purposes (we're partial to designs that double as planters and vases) and adds a touch of structured serenity to hands-free multitasking.

A collapsible standing desk

Adjustable standing desk from RLDH
SHOP: Adjustable standing desk from RLDH, $135; shop more standing desks

When you’re tired of sitting (on the couch, on the bed, on the couch again…) stretch your legs for a stint with a standing desk that will flat-pack away at the end of the day.

An elegant water pitcher

Ceramic water pitcher from Ingrid Debard Ceramics
SHOP: Ceramic water pitcher from Ingrid Debard Ceramics, $100; shop more water pitchers

Cut down on trips to the kitchen with a water pitcher you can keep on hand to stay hydrated. Bonus: it’ll look lovely in the background of your video calls.

A sturdy pair of bookends

Concrete bookends from Smells Like Home
SHOP: Concrete bookends from Smells Like Home, $52 for set of 2; shop more bookends

Unwieldy piles of reading materials don’t stand a chance against a stylish pair of bookends strong enough to corral even the heftiest tomes into an orderly row.

Plus: a homeschool helper shoppers love

Personalized weekly calendar board from Circle & Square
SHOP: Personalized weekly calendar board from Circle & Square, from $64; shop more dry-erase boards

As moms and dads across the world do double duty as teachers’ assistants, they’re turning to Etsy for classroom finds to help them stay on track. And according to one grateful parent, sometimes the right organizational aid makes all the difference:

"We needed this item due to our school closure and you saved us. Thank you! I received the product as described and with super-fast shipping. Highly recommend supporting this shop if you are in a similar situation as our family during this time.” — CH

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