Get organized with ten simple storage solutions for every room in the house, from creative shelving to no-sew rope baskets.

Brooklyn-based freelance writer and editor Katy Svehaug is a compulsive crafter, a closet optimist, and a California transplant always on the hunt for new adventures — and the perfect cup of coffee. The start of a new year is a great opportunity to declutter and get organized. What better way to jumpstart your tidying than with a fun, functional DIY project? From '70s-inspired shelving to aesthetically pleasing office fixtures, we've found smart solutions for every organizational quandary in this roundup of tutorials from around the web. Read on for creative inspiration to help you hone your space and style.
copper-wood-ladder-diy Burkatron
1. For the Overflowing Entryway: the Decorative Ladder  Perfect for organizing and displaying oft-worn accessories, this ladder project easily adds a personal touch to your entryway or bedroom. Difficulty Level: Medium 
A-Beautiful-Mess_Shelves A Beautiful Mess
2. For the Knick Knack Obsessed: Honeycomb Shelves Distinctively retro, this hexagonal shelf DIY make for a playful display of trinkets, picture frames and trailing plants. Cluster a trio (or more) together to create a honeycomb effect. If you know your way around a miter saw, this is the project for you! Difficulty Level: Hard
Alice-and-Lois_Basket Alice & Lois
3. For Easy Clean Up: the No-Sew Rope Basket With no sewing machine required, it’s hard to beat the appeal of this minimalist coil basket project. Be it balls of yarn or an overflowing sweater collection, the clutter will disappear with a well-placed basket (well, until tomorrow). Difficulty Level: Easy
Fabric-Paper-Glue_Peg-Board Fabric Paper Glue
4. For the Chaotic Craft Room: Peg Board Storage  As every crafter knows, reining in the various tools, materials and works-in-progress that can quickly clutter a workstation is no easy feat. With this refined pegboard storage system, design custom areas using baskets, shelves and hooks for frequently used supplies so you’ll have easy access when inspiration strikes. Plus, integrating decorative elements like picture frames and potted plants helps to create a modern, curated space. Difficulty Level: Medium
Design-Sponge_Pencil-Block Design Sponge
5. For Easy Access: Embellished Wood Pencil Block Keep your favorite office accessories on hand with this beautiful rustic-yet-modern desk display, which showcases natural wood grain and one-of-a-kind metal embellishments. Difficulty Level: Medium
Design-Sponge_Jars Design Sponge
6. For the Playroom: Animal Embellished Mason Jars Add a splash of color and whimsy to your shelves with embellished containers in all shapes and sizes. Thinking of repurposing empty sauce jars from the kitchen, but not sure how to eliminate the sticky label residue left behind? Check out blogger Courtenay Hartford’s chemical-free tips for removing labels easily. Difficulty Level: Easy
DIY-bucket-bags-the-lovely-drawer The Lovely Drawer
7. For Odds and Ends: Fabric Storage Bags In lieu of collecting countless plastic boxes and bins to store smaller items, this fabric bucket bag provides a smart solution for bathroom and bedroom storage that’s pleasing to the eye and easy to keep organized. Difficulty Level: Medium
Geode_box_header_large Etsy Blog
8. For Your Tangled Knot of Necklaces: Crystal-Topped Jewelry Box What better way to organize your favorite accessories than with a box as beautiful as the trinkets inside? In this DIY, you’ll learn how to make your own crystal topper using common household items like Borax and food coloring. Difficulty Level: Medium
Nur-Noch_Shelf Nur Noch
9. For the Bibliophile: the Belt Shelf  No bookshelves? No problem. With clean lines and a versatile appeal, it’s easy to imagine upcycling beloved leather belts to create this functional display piece. It’s ideal for showcasing lighter items, including cacti, candles and your favorite books. Difficulty Level: Medium
10. For the Print CollectorDecorative Clipboard System Easily customized with your favorite prints or scrapbook papers, this clipboard bulletin board system encourages a practical yet appealing approach to utilizing wall space in your home office or studio. A few clip-worthy ideas include a calendar, favorite quotes and mantras, and this year’s — or this week’s — list of goals and aspirations. Difficulty Level: Easy