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Top Trends to Watch for 2019

Get ready to fall in love with these fresh looks.

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Our 2018 obsession with all things celestial was all-encompassing—just see our moon phase wall art, starry statement jewelry, and festive holiday table settings for proof. And while the universe still captures our collective imagination, next year we’re excited to bring a little more of our attention back down to Earth, embracing the bounty of inspiration right here on our home planet. "We’re officially declaring 2019 the year of being real,” explains Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “And Etsy sellers are leading the charge with all-natural products, a focus on sustainability, and decor cues sourced straight from Mother Earth.” From warm sandstone hues to pretty pressed flowers, the trends topping next year’s list encourage us to celebrate all the awesomeness around us—and we mean all of it. (That’s right: maximalism is back, too!) Read on to discover six of our favorite up-and-coming trending styles.

Burnt orange

“We’re calling it now: Burnt orange is about to be everywhere,” says Dayna. “I’m excited to see this earthy hue take over our homes and outfits.” So if you need us, we’ll be lounging on the couch in our new favorite burnt orange linen jumpsuit, nestled under a cozy burnt orange printed throw, admiring our growing collection of burnt orange statement earrings—and making Dayna’s dreams come true.


In 2018, Dayna turned us onto wabi-sabi, and gave us all license to introduce a little intentional imperfection into our homes. If you, like us, were disproportionately delighted by no longer needing to make the bed, buckle your seatbelts for next year’s permission slip: “Maximalism is the moment we’ve been secretly waiting for,” says Dayna. “Forget settling for a single statement piece or wild accent wall—all your favorite colors, patterns, and prints are now on the table.” So pile on everything that makes you happy, and don’t be afraid to mix and match—more is officially more.

Preserved petals

When it comes to home decor accents planted firmly in the real world, it’s hard to beat good old-fashioned flowers. “Collections of flowers and herbs are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in whatever the season,” says Dayna. Whether you opt for sprigs of baby’s breath pressed between sheets of glass, 19th-century botanist–style, or a more surprising, modern twist on a bouquet in a vase (with all the blooms inside the vessel instead of sprouting from the top!) these wilt-proof wonders will inject a healthy dose of cheer into even the grayest of winter days.

Southwestern styles

“I’m predicting that Southwestern motifs will go hand-in-hand with next year’s more grounded outlook,” says Dayna. Think rugged textures, an emphasis on natural materials like leather and clay, and plenty of pops of bright turquoise for all your jewelry needs (we like it best paired with heavily patinated silver). “Last year’s succulent craze hinted at this cowgirl-chic trend, but in 2019 we’re taking it to the next level: Etsy sellers will be bringing back bolo ties, desert illustrations, and bold woven textiles for an all-out Southwestern resurgence.” Giddyup!


In pin, pillow, or print form, we can’t get enough of the adorable three-toed mammals known for meme-worthy slow-mo road crossings and leisurely dangling upside down from the tropical rainforest trees of South and Central America. “Much like their own unhurried movements, sloths have slowly been on the rise for a few years now, but next year, they’re poised to pick up speed,” says Dayna. “Shoppers and Etsy sellers alike have gravitated to the laid-back demeanor of the sloth, a real-life embodiment of the less-hurried lifestyle many of us strive for every day.”

Here to stay: ‘70s and ‘90s styles

“We’re excited to welcome a fresh crop of trends to the scene in 2019—but we don’t have to say goodbye to all of our old favorites just yet,” says Dayna. Some popular standbys we’ll be taking with us into the new year: ‘70s and ‘90s-influenced styles, including fanny packs, terrazzo finishes, rattan home decor, and our undeniable obsession with llamas.

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