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The Top 2020 Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

Whether it’s decorating with mood-boosting hues or stepping up your self care, the New Year’s biggest trends are all about living with purpose.

A woman overlooking a beach holds up a color-blocked quilt from Vacilando Quilting, letting it float in the wind
Photo by: Vacilando Quilting

In 2019, we cozied up to earthy burnt orange, slowed things down with keeping-it-real creatures (looking at you, sloths), and, thanks to the return of maximalism, were free to be totally and completely ourselves. Coming into 2020 we’re feeling more grounded in our values than ever, and we’re showing it by being extra-intentional in how we shop. “We’re gearing up for what I like to call ‘the year of purpose,’” explains Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “Whether you’re wellness-obsessed or just want to fill your home with some fresh, positive vibes, in 2020 it’s going to be all about choosing products that are super-meaningful, thoughtfully designed, and that resonate with what’s important to us.” As luck would have it, Etsy is home to countless lovingly crafted (and curated!) items you can feel great about buying, no matter what personal priorities top your list—be it detoxifying your beauty routine, celebrating your special partnership with your spouse-to-be, or helping your furry BFF live its best life. Read on to discover six up-and-coming trends sure to help your finest self shine in the new year.


A collage of chartreuse items available on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Cat planter from Beard Bangs, $38; clay statement earrings from Sonia Gracia Handmade, $48; silk scarf from Stansberry, $26; handmade table lamp from Kri Kri Ceramics, $350; natural linen duvet from Lovely Home Idea, from $116; oversized linen jacket from Linen Fox, $90; velvet clutch from Iridescense New York, $195; abstract art print from Jorey Hurley, from $48

While we still love burnt orange for its down-to-earth warmth, we’re excited to welcome a new decade with a crisp, invigorating hue. Meet chartreuse—a punchy green that’s making us feel all kinds of energized. “Etsy’s new color of the year is bold and uplifting—exactly what we’re all trying to embrace in 2020,” says Dayna. This stimulating shade is also a nod to ‘80s neons, which—spoiler alert—are on the cusp of a comeback too. “I predict we’ll see this tone showing up everywhere from our home decor to our wardrobes,” says Dayna. Winter’s already looking brighter thanks to a crop of cheerful chartreuse accessories like silky hair scarves and dangly statement earrings

Color-blocked decor

A collage of color block items available on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Custom decorative cushion covers from Rocail Studio, $50; hand-painted wooden salt and pepper shakers from For the Host, $20; modern geometric art printable from June Journal, $6; color block pillow cover from Jillian Rene Decor, from $86; cotton and linen quilt from Vacilando Quilting, $250 and up

With its juxtaposition of clean lines and surprising splashes of pigment, color blocking is a considered way to add instant personality to any space. This vibrant, retro-inspired decorating technique is reminiscent of the mod ‘50s and ‘60s, along with last year’s popular cut-out shapes. “Nailing this look is all about purposeful color play,” says Dayna. “Try pairing unexpected shades in ways that speak to you.” We’re loving how simple this style is to achieve at home by tossing some color-blocked pillows on the couch, framing some geometric wall art, or even adding a little dash of color to the table with eye-catching hand-painted salt and pepper shakers

'80s ensembles

A collage of 80s-inspired clothes and accessories available on Etsy
SHOP (top to bottom, left to right): Chain link bracelet from Foe and Dear, $53; ruffle puff sleeve blouse from Arsenic Kitty Vintage, $72; vintage green enamel earrings from Wear it Well Vintage, $36; vintage wool coat from Wear it Well Vintage, $98; blue denim dress with balloon sleeves from OffOn, $122; vintage sequin sweater from petravonkantvintage, $95; off-the-shoulder sequin top from Parker Parker, $60; vintage purple floral midi dress from Carmela Vintage Love, $76; gold elephant chain belt from Thills Curated, $47

Last year’s focus on maximalism set the stage for another big and bold revival: classic ‘80s styles. “While the decade was filled with questionable perms and eye makeup, it also brought us truly statement-making fashion,” says Dayna. “We’re talking looks that were super-stylized by design, from outfits with extreme silhouettes to over-the-top costume jewelry.” Ready to indulge your flamboyant side? Add some vintage pieces with shimmering sequins, playful puff sleeves, and notice-me neons to your closet.  

Coordinated couples' coats

A collage of couples' matching wedding jackets available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Bedazzled denim jacket from Ally Jacqueline Co, from $100 each; "Just Married" iron-on patches from The Daily Disco, $35 each; personalized denim jackets from Love G Design, $103 each; embroidered denim jackets from WTF Embroidery, from $85 each; "Just Married" jean jacket from SS Design Co, from $79 each; neon light-up jean jacket from The Neon Muse, $395 each

Dayna’s calling it: Matching jackets are the newest wedding trend set to take over our social feeds, and for good reason. What says “We’re a team!” better than playful, coordinated outerwear? This fun and highly customizable trend allows newlyweds to wear their hearts on their sleeves in styles as unique as their relationships. “We’re not just talking about matching colors here,” says Dayna. “Etsy sellers are making the most creative options, from hand-painted denim to embroidered leather jackets.” For a DIY approach, we’re falling for the romantic vibes of these vintage-inspired iron-on patches.  

Pet pampering

A collage of pet wellness items available on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Vegan oatmeal and aloe pet shampoo from Natural Pet Pals, $12.50; personalized grain-free treats from Good Dog Treat Box, $16; natural dog toothpaste from Little Tree Naturals, $11; donut catnip toys from Fido the Cat, $30; organic pup-cakes from Bubba the Baker, $12; natural lavender dog shampoo and conditioner from Hound Co Supply, $24

It’s no secret we’d do anything for our beloved animal companions, and while they’d be more than satisfied with a simple scratch behind the ears, why not show them some extra love this year with a little luxury spa(w) treatment? “As we increasingly put more emphasis on our own well-being, it’s time we put the same consideration into how we care for our fur babies,” says Dayna. "Think custom grooming tools and high-quality, healthy ingredients." Doting pet parents are in luck since Etsy sellers are serving up everything a pooch or feline friend could need, from gourmet treats personalized with names to natural shampoos infused with calming lavender essential oils. 

Bespoke beauty

A collage of bespoke beauty products available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Vegan eyeshadow palette from Clean Faced Cosmetics, $48; custom pressed eyeshadow blend from Red Ribbons Cosmetics, $6; sensitive skin facial serum from Treesnail, from $20; mix-your-own nail polish kit from Mixify Beauty, $53; all-natural luxury bath salts from Artisan Bath and Body, $53; vegan lipstick in dusty rose from Aromi, $17

In 2020 we’re taking a much more holistic approach to self care that begins—but doesn't end—with our skin. “We’re paying closer attention than ever to what we’re putting on our faces and bodies,” says Dayna. Thanks to the ingenuity of Etsy sellers offering personalized blends for all types of complexions, we’re happily trading in a one-size-fits-all approach for unique formulas that are made just for us (talk about luxury!). Whether you're treating yourself to a nourishing soak with soothing mineral bath salts or customizing your own vegan makeup palette, these all-natural, small-batch sets are the perfect way to refresh your routine and stay rejuvenated throughout the year.

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