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33 Unique Mother's Day Cards for One-of-a-Kind Moms

These handmade Mother’s Day cards have sentiments so specific they're practically custom. Discover cards for funny moms, crafty moms, dog moms, and more.

Stargazing Mother's Day card
Photo by: Yeppie Paper

This year, show mom you (finally!) speak her language with a unique Mother’s Day card so specific it could have been written just for her. We searched far and wide to compile the 33 wholly original options below—and while selecting one of these practically custom cards doesn’t excuse you from penning a heartfelt message inside, it does relieve a little of the pressure to be too poetic about it. Even last-minute types are in luck: Some of these designs come in the form of print-at-home files. 

Which one makes the best match for your mom? Tell us in the comments. 

1. For your bestie since birth

A unique Mother's Day card for a BFF mom
SHOP: “I’d choose you as my friend” card from The Anastasia Co, $4.25

2. For your favorite trailblazer

Trailblazing Mother's Day card
SHOP: Footsteps card by Little Truths Studio, $5

3. For the long-distance mom (with unlimited data)

A unique Mother's Day card for a faraway mom
SHOP: Long distance thank you card from Made in Brockton Village, $6.40

4. For your home-cooking hero who gets the rice right every time

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who makes perfect rice
SHOP: “Mom, how do I make rice?” card from pyarful, $5

5. For the world’s all-time greatest hugger

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom you can't wait to hug
SHOP: “Can’t wait to hug you” card from My Filibo, $5.75

6. For the frazzled mom with a bottomless purse

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who often loses her keys
SHOP: “I’ll help you find your keys” card from Seriously Shannon, $5

7. For the gardening guru

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who's good at keeping her plants alive
SHOP: Monstera leaf card from Graphic Anthology, $6

8. For the paragon of patience

A unique Mother's Day card for a patient mom
SHOP: “Thank you for being so patient” card from Happy Dappy Bits, $5

9. For the lady who’s always reaching for the brie

A unique Mother's Day card for a cheesy mom
SHOP: Cheesy Mother’s Day card from Becka Griffin, $5.39

10. For the mom who never made you feel anything but A-OK

A little bit weird Mother's Day card
SHOP: “A little bit weird” card from Joanne Hawker, $3.75

11. For your mom’s mom*– whatever you’ve chosen to call her

A unique Mother's Day card for a great nana
SHOP: Best nana card from Designs LM, $4.50

*See also: Nonna, Memaw, Mimi, MawMaw, Grammy, Gigi, Grandma, Granny, and Oma

12. For your most steadfast supporter

Steadfast supporter Mother's Day card
SHOP: “Without you” card from Wild Hart Paper, $5

13. For the generous feeder (keep that kibble coming!)

A unique Mother's Day card for a cat mom
SHOP: Cat mom printable card from Miumi Cat Printables, $4

14. For both your beloved moms

A unique Mother's Day card for two moms
SHOP: Two moms card from Heart Swell Co, $5

15. For the mom with all the answers (even on Sunday)

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who loves solving crossword puzzles
SHOP: Crossword card from Forage Paper Co, $5

16. For your guiding light

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who guides the way
SHOP: “Lost without you” card from Noteworthy Paper Press, $5.50

17.  For the sweetest mom

Cookie cutter Mother's Day card
SHOP: Cookie-cutter card from Amy Heitman, $4.35

18. For the apple-of-your-eye who gave you roots

A unique Mother's Day card for an adoptive mom
SHOP: Adoptive mom card from Lucky Horse Press, $5

19. For the grammy as wonderful as her baked goods

A unique Mother's Day card for a grandmother who loves to bake
SHOP: Sweet grandmother card from Hoopla Love, $4.50

20. For the mom who’s flat-out rockin' it

Cool mom Mother's Day card
SHOP: Cool mom card from Cadash & Co., $6

21. For the (not-so) empty nester

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who replaced you with dogs when you moved out
SHOP: Printable “Replaced me with dogs” card from The Printable Card Shop, $3.60

22. For the mom with many talents

Talented mom Mother's Day card
SHOP: “Faucet and button” card from Little Trees Studio, $5.25

23. For the sassy single mom who’s crushing dad duty

A unique Mother's Day card for a single mom
SHOP: “Motherfather” card from Wild Hart Paper, $5

24. For the mom who always knows the right thing to say (in any language)

18 languages Mother's Day card
SHOP: Printable I Love You card from Yukie Matsushita, $3.33

25. For the mama who (literally) made you

Mum who made you card
SHOP: “Turned out great” card from Too Wordy, $4.50

26. For the cool cat who taught you all her tricks

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who teaches you things
SHOP: “Always learning from the best” card from Yeppie Paper, $4.50

27. For the ribbon-worthy step-mom

A unique Mother's Day card for a step-mom
SHOP: Best step-mom card from Pen and Paint, $4.50

28. For the texter-in-training

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who sends funny text messages
SHOP: “I love your awesome texts” card from Row House 14, $6

29. For the mom who nurtured your sense of adventure

Mountain climbing Mother's Day card
SHOP: “I’d climb mountains” card from Little Red Card Co., $5

30. For the proud pug mom

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who takes her pet pug everywhere
SHOP: Purse dog card from La Familia Green, $5

31. For your lede-ing lady

A unique Mother's Day card for a mom who likes to read the paper
SHOP: Newspaper card from Paper Built Shop, $6

32. For the newly minted mama

SHOP: First Mother’s Day card from PitPat and Dot, $6.50

33. For the mom who goes the extra mile

Biking Mother's Day card
SHOP: “Mom biking” card from Small Adventure, $5

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