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34 Surprising Engagement Rings Under $1,000

Proof that you don't have to break the bank to buy an engagement ring that's out of the ordinary — and beautiful!

Getting engaged is a big deal: After all, it's not every day that you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. But even so, there's no need to break the bank over the engagement ring. With so many talented designers from around the world on Etsy, it's easy to find something unique, creative and totally unexpected for under $1,000 (which means more money for the honeymoon!). Scroll on for 34 fresh takes on engagement rings — from styles featuring recycled materials and diamond alternatives to those with symbolic motifs and sweetly sentimental bands. A world of engagement ring inspiration awaits.
Rose Gold Engagement Ring by Doron Merav, $650 | Shop Similar Styles

Braided strands of recycled rose gold encircle a delicate diamond – or any other stone you choose.

Infinity Knot Ring by MBF Jewelry, $670 | Shop Similar Styles This symbolic knot features shimmering blue and yellow sapphires.
Topaz Twig-Inspired Ring by A Second Time, $450 | Shop Similar Styles For a love that's as solid as an oak tree: sterling silver branches and a shiny white topaz.
Pearl Bloom Ring by GOLDnBERG, $705 | Shop Similar Styles Inspired by the sea, this ring features a big, bold pearl that's held in place by twelve diamond-tipped tentacles.
Stacking Ring Set by Capucinne, $975 | Shop Similar Styles Opt for an element of surprise with a ring set featuring mixed metals and a triangle-shaped stone.
Rose Gold and Opal Ring by Tula Jewelry, $820 | Shop Similar Styles A mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind Australian opal takes center stage.
Rough Diamond and Pearl Ring by Specimental, $700 | Shop Similar Styles Contrasting textures — both rough and refined — create a captivating combination.
Pear-Shaped Ring by Minimal VS, starting at $680 | Shop Similar Styles Two pear-shaped diamonds are better than one.
Knotted band set by This and That Gallery, $950 | Shop Similar Tie the knot with thick gold bands that are equal parts striking and subtle.
14K White Gold Ring by Guy Cohen Jewelry, $580 | Shop Similar Styles Scattered diamond stars accent an understated white gold band.
Heart-Shaped Band by Malka Ravina Jewelry, $650 | Shop Similar Styles This ring is all heart.
Rose Gold and Morganite Ring by By Laris, $389 and up | Shop Similar Styles The soft pink hue of this morganite ring practically glows with old-time romance.
Ammolite Stone Branch Ring by A Second Time, $395 | Shop Similar Styles This wilderness-inspired style features a rare ammolite stone — because true love is hard to come by.
Fan Ring by Swank Metalsmithing, $870 | Shop Similar Styles Six purple diamonds dance along the top of this unique, fan-shaped ring.
Ginko Leaf Ring by Valerie K Studio, $450 | Shop Similar Styles A wreath of golden ginko leaves represents the strength and longevity of your union.
Raw Diamond Solitaire by byAngeline, $725 | Shop Similar Styles Go au naturel with a raw diamond solitaire.
Minimalist Rose Gold Ring by Atlanta Marie, $260 | Shop Similar Styles For the minimalist: a sleek band of rose gold with a tiny, flush-set diamond in the center.
Rainbow Moonstone Ring by Manari Design, $345 | Shop Similar Styles Rainbow moonstones will see you through a lifetime of nights together.
Sailor's Knot Ring by Nested Yellow, $279 | Shop Similar Styles This rope-textured sailor's knot is simple, classic, and oh-so-romantic — perfect for a love that can withstand any tempest.
Skull Ring by Kipkalinka Jewels, $322 | Shop Similar Styles 'Til death do us part, with a topaz stone.
Infinity Opal Ring by Mary John, $263 | Shop Similar Styles An iridescent opal meets its match: a slim, swirling infinity loop.
Hammered Gold Ring Set by Nomi Kaufmann Jewelry, $800 | Shop Similar Styles Make a statement with a set of chunky golden bands.
V-Shape Ring by Rho and Jo, $250 | Shop Similar Styles Opals, alexandrite, and black spinel form a delicate arc.
Coral-Inspired Ring by Arosha, $760 | Shop Similar Styles You don't have to be a deep-sea diver to appreciate the beauty of this coral-inspired design.
Yellow Sapphire Ring by Lolide, $295 | Shop Similar Styles With its faceted band and gold-tone stone, this palladium-silver and yellow-sapphire stunner turns the old-fashioned engagement ring formula inside out.
Moonstone Ring by Shiri Avda, $582 | Shop Similar Styles We're crazy about the texture of the band on this luminescent moonstone ring.
Diamond Ring Set by Envero Jewelry, $498 | Shop Similar Styles For your north star: a stellar diamond set that fits together just so.
White Sapphire Ring by William White, $290 | Shop Similar Styles A sea urchin–inspired setting showcases the sparkle of a white sapphire.
Pink Tourmaline Ring by Sasa Jewelry, $500 | Shop Similar Styles For the bold: a vibrant pink tourmaline stone that's meant to be stacked.
Rose Gold Ring by NIXIN, $495 | Shop Similar Styles Like many of the greatest romantic matches, this pairing of a satin-finish, organic pod-like shape with a smattering of dazzling diamonds shouldn't work — but magically, it does.
Engraved Buds Ring by Era Design Jewellery, $991.75 | Shop Similar Styles Inspired by the new growth of spring, this ring features hand-engraved buds and a single green sapphire.
Opal Solitaire by the BEA Line, $115 | Shop Similar Styles Swapping the diamond solitaire for a single enchanting opal gives a classic shape an almost-mystical twist.
Moissanite Ring by Nodeform Weddings, $875 | Shop Similar Styles Round tubes and moissanite stones create a band with a bubble effect.
Seashell Ring by Noa Sharon Designs, $890 and up | Shop Similar Styles Proof that a single shell can represent an ocean of love.

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