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The Very Best Blankets for Cozying Up

These delightfully comfy throw blankets are perfect for snuggling up in every season.

Best Blankets For Every Room
Photo by: Davey Barnwell Art

Casually draped over an armchair, artfully arranged across the bottom of your bed, or rolled and placed in a nearby basket, these are the blankets you’ll want to keep within reach at all times. Our top picks for the best blankets, including picks for the bed and cozy throws, help you add some serious personality to your space. Many of these picks for the top blankets can be customized for you too, whether it’s the size, color, or design.

Best throw blankets

A throw blanket is usually around 50-inches wide by 60-inches long—just enough space to snuggle under without feeling bulky. Comfortable throw blankets are typically made from soft fabrics like brushed cotton, chunky yarn, or plush velour. Style a blanket by draping them over the arm of a sofa, hanging them from a simple blanket ladder, or rolling them and arranging them in a wire or woven blanket basket. Need a custom size throw blanket? Shop from small businesses on Etsy who can customize the size, color, and other details of your throw blanket.

1. Cute animal throw blanket

Most unique throw blanket - tiger throw blanket from Etsy SHOP: Tiger throw blanket from Frankie Print Co., from $79

Be boldly expressive in your living space by adding an unexpected touch, like this graphic tiger throw blanket. Buyers love this pick for dorms and kids’ rooms, too.

2. A folk art-inspired boho throw

colorful Romanian folk art throw blanket SHOP: Romanian folk art blanket from Oddnry, from $55

A global-inspired boho throw that brings color, texture, and a luxe, lived-in feel to your space, this woven throw blanket is lined with ultra-soft minky fabric for the ultimate snuggle-fest.

3. A cute throw blanket

Best fun throw blanket with unicorns on it SHOP: Unicorn throw blanket from Frankie Print Co., from $99

Buyers love this small shop’s bright and cheery designs, and this unicorn patterned throw blanket is no exception. Adorned with mystical creatures on a starry-sky background, pick from two different sizes and give this to the fantasy fan on your gift list this year.

4. A cozy hand-knit afghan

Best handknit afghan from Etsy SHOP: Apple blossom afghan from 4 x 5 Fingers Factory, $303

Inspired by the apple orchards that abound in the seller’s home country of Latvia, this white, light pink, and green throw blanket is hand-knit and one-of-a-kind.

5. A retro-inspired throw blanket

Retro throw blanket from Etsy SHOP: Aneroid woven blanket from Davey Barnwell Art, from $65

Infuse instant color and nostalgic flair into your space with this bold, bright throw blanket based on the maker’s original artwork. Available in three sizes, this blanket can be used as a throw or queen-size bedspread.

Best cozy blankets

As you shop for a cozy blanket, look for soft materials like cashmere or vintage throw blankets that have been lovingly cared for and broken in before they make their way to you.

6. A luxe, lived-in muslin blanket

Handmade oversize muslin throw blanket in natural earth tones SHOP: Natural muslin throw blanket from Confetti Mill, $170

When you're going for luxury meets lived-in, a muslin blanket is the top choice. Made of Turkish combed cotton, this muslin blanket can be used on your bed or your couch. The lightweight yet warm construction makes this blanket perfectly cozy for every season, and the range of soft, muted colors are sure to match seamlessly with your favorite space.

7. A washable wool blanket

Living blanket from Etsy SHOP: Living blanket from Anci Wool Works, $175

Handcrafted in the Netherlands, this cozy throw blanket is a multi-textured experience that creates a connection between you and where this wool has originated from. White Merino wool is covered with black alpaca wool, cream Drentse heather sheep wool, and silver silk pongé fabric. An easy way to add some natural texture to your space, picture this throw draped over a handcrafted wood chair in your favorite reading nook, lit by the glow of a statement floor lamp.

8. Best cozy black and white throw blanket

Best cozy black and white blanket SHOP: Onita throw from Coultura, $72

Buyers love everything about this cozy throw blanket, from its warm knit construction to the packaging it arrives in (making it a thoughtful birthday or Mother’s Day gift to send from afar!).

Best chunky knit blankets

Chunky knit blankets are always in style, and small shops on Etsy are knitting up all sorts of designs you’ll want to cozy up with ASAP. With their oversize weave, chunky knit blankets look great draped over the back of your couch or favorite armchair.

9. A chunky knit blanket under $70

Best affordable chunky blanket under $100 SHOP: Super chunky vegan knit blanket from Cozy Caps and Manly Hats, from $68

Available in sizes from baby blankets to queen-size for your bedroom, this vegan chunky blanket is made from acrylic knit yarn in 16 different color options. Custom color choices are also available, simply contact the seller.

10. An extra-long chunky blanket

Best extra long chunky blanket SHOP: Light gray chunky knit blanket from Joy Blanket Shop, from $48

A great multi-purpose throw blanket, this shop uses polyester yarn for extra durability. Pick a small size for a cozy baby gift, or opt for a length up to 8 feet if you prefer to snuggle with a special companion.

11. Best wool pet blanket

Best wool pet blanket for dogs and cats SHOP: Merino wool pet blanket from Wooly Cloud, $119

Wool is a great material for dog beds because it’s warm and soft. This chunky knit dog blanket is made from 100% Merino wool and adored by buyers and their cats alike.

12. A retro fall throw blanket

Large knit afghan from Etsy SHOP: Pumpkin knit blanket from 4 x 5 Fingers Factory, $280

This monochromatic, textured throw blanket is large enough to drape over a couch, and the rust-orange hue adds a 60s-inspired accent to your space.

13. Natural white chunky blanket

Neutral knit throw blanket from Etsy SHOP: Cascades knit blanket in oatmeal from Indie Fiber Art, $186

Embrace the refined, natural elegance of this custom-made chunky throw blanket. The natural color variations in this hand-knit pattern add depth and texture to your space, and the neutral hue complements nearly any decor style.

Best photo blankets and custom designs

Blankets are a thoughtful baby shower and birthday gift, and adding a bit of personalization like a photo or name makes your present even more meaningful. These picks for the best personalized and photo blankets from Etsy shops offer customization options including multiple sizes, colors, fonts, and even the ability to add a handwritten tag.

14. Personalized family name throw blanket

Best personalized plush blanket with name SHOP: Custom textured plush throw from Markeza, $54

Place this personalized family name blanket in a basket near the end of the sofa so it’s always nearby for a comfy couch snuggle session. Choose the blanket color, patch color, and personalization style—a last name, map coordinates, or a meaningful quote are all unique ways to personalize a blanket.

15. Custom family photo blanket

Best custom photo blanket SHOP: Personalized photo blanket from The Grayfolk, from $87

This unique anniversary or wedding gift idea can be customized with your favorite photo together. You can also add a special message to this custom photo blanket. A great gift idea for other special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, birthdays, and just because, you can customize this blanket with any photo you’d like.

16. Personalized handwritten message blanket

Best personalized blanket with handwritten message SHOP: Leather patch blanket from Stabo, $129

Connect with this small shop to create a one-of-a-kind personalized throw blanket by choosing a color combination and whether or not you’d like a heart outline around your special handwritten message.

Best picnic blankets

As the days get a bit warmer and the sun shines a bit brighter, you’ll be ready to hit the road with one of these picnic blankets in tow. For the best picnic blanket, pick a material based on where you plan to picnic. If you’re dining near the water, choose a waterproof picnic blanket. If you’ll be camping or at the park, make sure your picnic blanket is machine washable for easy clean-up.

17. A round picnic blanket

Best round picnic blanket with hand embroidery SHOP: Hand-embroidered picnic blanket from Jonny’s Sister, $76

This large round picnic blanket gets a personal touch with a hand-embroidered message. Choose “walking on sunshine” like this example, or work with the shop to write your own message.

18. An upcycled denim blanket

Best denim picnic blanket SHOP: Upcycled denim blanket from Grandma Rieta's, $79

After creating upcycled tote bags from old pairs of jeans, this seller found a way to use all the preloved pieces of denim she was left with—this denim picnic blanket design. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, these blankets only get better with time. They work well as drop cloths, utility blankets, and so much more.

19. Handy roll-up picnic blanket

Best roll-up picnic blanket SHOP: Cotton picnic blanket from Layzy, from $168

Handcrafted in Germany, these roll-up picnic blankets are easy to throw over a shoulder and head out to your perfect picnic place. Designed with comfort in mind, these blankets are padded to provide a comfortable seat and created using water-repellent fabric on the underside to protect against moisture and stains.

20. Design your own picnic blanket

Best custom picnic blanket - Jacaranda blanket from Etsy SHOP: Custom picnic blanket from Jacaranda Handmade, from $115

Pick a size, a cotton twill fabric design, optional extra padding, and whether you’d like tassels on the short sides of this beauty, and this California-based shop will create the picnic blanket of your dreams.

How do we pick the best blankets?

As Etsy Journal editors and contributors research and curate shopping guides for some of the best-loved items on Etsy, we thoughtfully consider the creativity, customization, and craftsmanship that go into each product. We also consider buyer reviews, item ratings, and customer service, and tap the expertise of our in-house merchandising and trends experts to uncover high-quality finds for every budget. You can find more information about each item in the seller’s listing details and can take a look at their individual shop policies and reviews, too.

How to shop for a blanket

As you shop for the best new blanket to add to your home, keep in mind the size and materials the blanket is made from. These details are shared by sellers in their listing details, and if you’d like to personalize your blanket in some way, many shops on Etsy offer customizations. If you’ll be using your blanket outdoors for picnics or sporting events, look for durable fabrics like denim or manmade fibers like polyester (these yarns are more durable than some cashmeres and wools). For indoor blankets, you’ll want something soft like brushed cotton or Merino wool.

What blankets are the softest?

Blankets made from cashmere, wool, and natural materials like cotton and linen are usually the softest options. Upcycled denim and vintage wool blankets can also be ultra soft thanks to repeated washings. Some blankets require special care, so be sure to check the seller’s listing details before washing or dry cleaning your pick.

What blankets are the warmest?

If you’re looking for an extra-warm blanket, many of the designs from small shops on Etsy offer the option to add another layer or use a warmer yarn. Wool blankets tend to be warm, so they’re a great pick for fall or for use outdoors. You can also add them to your bed in the winter to keep things extra cozy.

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