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Effortlessly Cool Crossbody Bags for Wherever You Go

Practical and versatile, the best crossbody bags add that special “oomph” to an outfit while keeping your things securely tucked away.

Best Crossbody Bags
Photo by: Martania Bags

Whether you’re going to faraway lands or just taking a trip to the grocery store, crossbody bags give you the freedom of carrying around your essentials without holding up a shoulder strap or toting around a bulky bag. And with these unique, handmade picks from incredible artisan Etsy sellers, you can complete any look on the go with everything from a cool watermelon-inspired everyday bag to a carry-all, luxurious leather crossbody bucket bag—either way, you’ve just found your new favorite travel companion.

Best small crossbody bags

Sometimes you only need enough space to pack up your keys, wallet, and phone, and these small crossbody bags will have you speeding out the door in style in seconds flat.

1. Best pocket-sized crossbody bag

Abstract bag from Etsy SHOP: Pocket purse with abstract pattern from The Made & Found, $81

This ivory-colored crossbody purse is just the right size when you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t allow for pockets, and with its understated geometric design, you’ll have a minimalist marvel at your hip.

2. Best crossbody bag for a night out

Disco crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Disco ball beaded messenger bag from Ineffable Bag Store, $68

Have a little Saturday night fever? This beaded disco ball phone purse will have you doing the hustle, making rainbows across the dance floor every time the spotlight hits you, and have a ball while doing it.

3. Best small crossbody bag for summer

Watermelon bag from Etsy SHOP: Watermelon crossbody bag from Martania bags, from $88

Nothing reminds us of summertime quite like the taste of fresh fruit—and the look of this buttery leather crossbody bag shaped like a watermelon slice. This playful and colorful bag has easy-to-use magnet closures, and it comes with a detachable crossbody strap. What’s sweeter than that?

4. Best canvas crossbody bag

Waxed canvas crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Small canvas crossbody bag from Passage One, $88

If you’re looking for a chic crossbody bag that will go with any outfit, look no further: This waxed canvas crossbody bag comes in a variety of neutral hues that complement any capsule closet, and it’s sized just-right to fit all your essentials.

5. Best colorful crossbody bag

Shoulder bag from Etsy SHOP: African print shoulder bag from CeCe Finery, $38

Even on a rainy day, this bag brings out the sunshine. Featuring colorful cotton fabric from Nigeria, this small crossbody bag comes in a variety of stunning prints and a structured, flat bottom so you can easily find your keys as you head out and enjoy the warm sun rays regardless of the weather forecast.

Best leather crossbody bags

From luxe leather looks to playfully patterned picks, these chic leather crossbody bags are fit for a cocktail party or a day trip.

6. Best bucket leather crossbody bag

Crossbody bucket bag from Etsy SHOP: Bucket shoulder bag with drawstring from sakka handmade, $93

This crossbody bucket bag is ready for anything. Large enough to store your essentials and then some, this bag can be styled over the shoulder or crossbody and is made from waxed vegan leather, which creates a distressed, worn-in look. Enjoying a night out and don’t need everything you packed? Don’t worry, this bag comes prepared as ever with a matching detachable zipper clutch.

7. Best hand-painted leather crossbody bag

Crossbody leather bag from Etsy SHOP: Abstract painted leather crossbody bag from Klès, from $234

Each of these leather crossbody bags is hand painted, so every single one is its own one-of-a-kind marvel. With its stitchless design and brass metal details, this bag is in good (abstract) shape for your next adventure.

8. Best crossbody bag for men

Crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Medium leather crossbody bag from Nubuckcuir, $151

A rustic touch for your crush, this vegetable-tanned cowhide leather bag makes a versatile gift for him or for her. Its minimalist country feel makes it an extra-special choice for those who are cowboys (and cowgirls and cowtheys!) at heart.

9. Best small black crossbody bag

Small bucket bag from Etsy SHOP: Small leather bucket bag from HandmadeSO, from $49

Toss your sunglasses and phone in this small leather bucket bag and enjoy its classic look and style fit for a casual movie night or a fancy fête affair. And with this bag, it’s all in the details: Choose between vegan and genuine leather, and opt for gold or silver hardware to match your favorite jewelry.

10. Best crossbody bag for the office

Leather crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Vegan leather sling bag from Rashki, $60

This sleek vegan leather crossbody bag is ready for business with its woven detailing and luxurious boxy shape. They say you should dress for the job you want, and this sophisticated sling bag will make you feel like you own 51% of this company.

Best crossbody bags for travel

When you’re traveling, you need a vessel that you can take with you as you explore a new city, fits in your carry-on travel backpack or duffel bag—and looks good, too. Luckily, these crossbody bags have both form and function.

11. Best crossbody bag for carry-on

Woven crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Handwoven crossbody bag from Byloom and Hyde, $429

Trying to make your carry-on luggage count? This crossbody bag with woven cotton braiding and leather detailing will fit all of your travel accessories and fit underneath the seat in front of you.

12. Best convertible leather crossbody bag

Convertible hip bag from Etsy SHOP: Neutral leather hip bag from sjaelv, $169

Camel-hued and half-moon-shaped, this neutral wonder is your new neutral travel must-have. Keep your bag (and valuables!) secure without the hassle, whether you wear it as a crossbody bag or at your hip around your waist.

13. Best crossbody bag for picnics in the park

Gingham crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Gingham print crossbody leather bag from Natalie Lea Owen, $65

Gingham and weep! This pretty picnic-patterned bag is inspired by the dreamy floral colors of lilac and peony pink for a flirty springtime look in the park.

14. Best crossbody bag for rushing through the airport

Mudcloth bag from Etsy SHOP: Mudcloth crossbody bag from Ayana Boutique Gifts, $43

If you have a penchant for waiting until the last minute to leave for the airport (guilty!), this mudcloth crossbody bag will jostle alongside your hip with your passport and phone in tow, as you zoom to your departure gate to catch your flight in just the nick of time.

15. Best foldable crossbody bag

Foldable geometric bag from Etsy SHOP: Foldable clutch-crossbody bag in ivory from Lara Kazis, $265

Everybody loves a shapeshifter moment! This crossbody bag comes with a detachable strap and is designed to fold into two distinct shapes depending on how much you’re toting around. Want even more morphing magic? This geometric bag also folds completely flat so you can pack it away and not worry about creasing the leather.

Best crossbody bags for moms

Crossbody bags are a great choice for moms because they allow you to hold all the things hands-free. From cute crossbody diaper bags to large catch-all bags fit for a beach trip, these picks are mom-approved.

16. Best crossbody bag for the beach

Beach bag from Etsy SHOP: Floral crossbody tote bag from Tomitomi Boutique, from $21

This canvas crossbody tote bag flaunts feminine floral details for a breezy trip to the beach. Large enough to pack your favorite beach reads (wishful thinking) or a change of clothes for the kiddos, this tote is fit for some fun in the sun.

17. Best linen crossbody bag for moms

Linen crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Neutral linen crossbody purse from Independent Reign, $68

Look after the kids with this casual catch-all bag in super-soft natural linen. Its strap is adjustable to five different lengths so it can hang low for a casual walk around the block or higher up beneath your arm for your next toss-and-tumble time.

18. Best canvas crossbody bag for emergency snacks

Canvas crossbody bag from Etsy SHOP: Small canvas crossbody bag from Hannah Canvas Store, $26

Did somebody say snacks? If you’re a mom on-the-go, this canvas crossbody bag comes with multiple interior pockets to keep your standby snacks and all your little things organized for your little ones.

19. Best crossbody diaper bag

Crossbody diaper bag from Etsy SHOP: Crossbody diaper bag from SLO Totes, $60

This crossbody bag comes in multiple prints for every kind of parent, and it features plenty of room for a few diapers, a changing pad, wipes and a bottle, snacks—and a small inner pocket for you to keep your wallet and keys easily accessible. And as your baby grows out of diapers, this bag will accommodate a few books and snacks so you can be prepared for their next playdate.

20. Best crossbody messenger bag

Striped messenger bag from Etsy SHOP: Striped crossbody messenger bag from imola by noemiimola, $42

What do zebras and this bag have in common? They both are strong, sturdy, and, of course, they each have signature black and white stripes. What does this diaper bag have that zebras don’t? The ability to easily double as a gym bag.

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