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The Best Dog Beds to Spoil Your Furry Family Members

Discover the best dog bed for small, medium, and large pups—from cushy donut beds to colorful dog sofa beds.

The Best Dog Beds for Every Dog - large dog lying on handmade black and white dog cushion on Etsy
Photo by Laylo Pets

Whether you have a tiny Pomeranian or a giant Great Dane, all dogs need a private cozy spot to sleep—and gnaw on a bone or two. But just like humans, canines have different preferences when it comes to their personal pick for the best dog bed. Some might require the support of a firm memory foam mattress. Other pups will prefer a fluffy donut-shaped dog bed they can burrow into.

No matter what type of sleeping arrangement your pooch prefers, we’ve compiled picks for the best dog bed for every pupper—and for your style. That includes sleek wooden dog beds that blend seamlessly with your decor—and can even double as end tables. There are also plenty of washable options to keep your dog’s bed clean. Plus, you can customize your bed pick with your pup’s name, so everyone knows who’s really king or queen of the house. These canine cushions are so cozy that your furry companion might even finally stop stealing your bed.

Best dog bed for small dogs

From Yorkies to Chihuahuas, give your petite pup a soft place to relax and feel protected with these picks for the best dog beds for small dogs.

1. A tropical dog bed cover

Best dog beds for small dogs: tropical dog bed cover SHOP: Green leaf dog bed cover from Wren Bird Lane, from $47

Give your pup a taste of paradise with this palm-leaf patterned dog bed cover. The washable cover, which comes in sizes XS to XL, is made of heavy duty upholstery fabric and can be personalized with your pet’s name. You can buy a separate cushion insert, or stuff it with your own. (The XS size fits a standard queen-size pillow.)

2. A chunky knit dog bed

Best dog beds for small dogs: chunky knit dog bed SHOP: Chunky knit wool pet bed from Woolly Cloud, from $61

Made of hand-knitted merino wool, this chunky, round dog bed comes in your choice of 35 colors to match your decor, from hot pink to muted grays and blues. The 22-inch size is big enough to fit a small dog (or medium-sized cat), and the donut shape is great for dogs that like to feel protected.

Best dog bed for medium dogs

These best dog beds for medium dogs are designed to fit canines like bulldogs and border collies, whether they prefer a firm bed or a cushy one they can tuck into.

3. A colorful dog bed

Best dog beds for medium dogs: colorful dog bed SHOP: Colorful orthopedic dog bed from Laylo Pets, from $75

Give your pal some added support as they nap with this colorful dog bed that comes with an optional water-resistant orthopedic foam pillow insert. The bed, covered in a washable terrazzo print fabric, is available in sizes S–XL, with the medium size designed to best fit dogs like collies, beagles, and cocker spaniels. Plus, it comes in four different colors and features a non-slip bottom as well as a handle for easy moving and storage.

4. A round dog bed cover

Best dog bed for medium dogs: round dog bed cover SHOP: Linen round dog bed cover from MyDogKnows, from $31

This washable dog bed cover, made of natural linen, looks great with any style of decor. It comes in sizes XS–XL, and can be filled with your old blankets and pillows for a cushy resting spot they can burrow into.

Best dog beds for large dogs

The big pups need rest too, and some of these best dog beds for large dogs can fit really big breeds—up to 240 pounds.

5. Best personalized dog bed

Best dog beds for large dogs: personalized dog bed cover SHOP: Personalized dog bed cover from Wren Bird Lane, from $47

Give your dog a place of their own with this washable bed cover made of heavy duty tan upholstery fabric. The cover, which can be personalized with your pet’s name, comes in sizes XS–XL, with the largest two sizes suited for dogs that weigh 60 pounds or more. The bed can be filled with three king-size pillows.

6. A graphic print dog bed

Best dog bed for large dogs: a boho blue and white graphic print dog bed from Etsy SHOP: Boho pet bed from Laylo Pets, from $75

In a choice of three graphic prints, this dog bed is a beautiful accent to any room’s decor. It’s available in sizes S–XL, with the large size designed to fit dogs like German shepherds and Labradors—and the extra large suited for Great Danes. The washable cover is “dig proof” and features a non-slip bottom. Plus, it comes with an optional water-resistant orthopedic foam pillow insert to support even your big pooch.

Best elevated dog bed

Thanks to these best elevated dog beds, your dog’s sleeping area might just become your favorite piece of furniture.

7. A wooden dog house

Best elevated dog beds: wooden dog house SHOP: Wooden pet house from Kokaa, from $286

This stylish elevated dog bed can double as an end table. Made of birch plywood, it comes in three sizes and a variety of wood finishes. It also includes a pillow. Plus, the seller can customize the piece by request with a locking door to turn it into a full kennel.

8. A minimalist wooden dog bed

Best elevated dog beds: minimalist wooden dog bed SHOP: Mid-century modern wood dog bed from EdinaWoodworking, from $495

Pamper your pet with this elevated dog bed, which comes with a memory foam orthopedic mattress and a removable washable cover. The frame is constructed of solid white oak, walnut, or maple and comes in two different sizes. The seller also accepts custom orders to build a frame to your measurements.

9. A modern elevated dog bed

Best elevated dog beds: modern elevated dog bed SHOP: Walden white oak dog bed from KOMOLAB, $650

Give your pup a stylish spot to nap in the sun or stare out the window with this modern elevated dog bed, inspired by Scandinavian daybeds. The cushion, available in dark or light gray, is lined with waterproof material and has a removable cover for easy cleaning. The bed measures 32 inches wide, but the seller also accepts custom orders if you’re looking for a different fabric or size.

10. A mid-century dog house bungalow

Best elevated dog beds: modern dog house bungalow SHOP: Modern dog house side table from Pijuan Design Workshop, $2,150

If famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright had been in the business of designing dog beds, he might have created something like this mid-century modern canine abode. This elevated dog bed, made of mahogany and walnut, is perfect for small dogs, with a built-in ramp and “porch” area. Plus, you can use the top as an end table. The seller also accepts custom orders if you want something designed just for you.

Best washable dog bed

The more your dog loves their bed, the more they seem to enjoy drooling all over it and getting it dirty! But these best washable dog beds are designed to be easy to clean.

11. A washable wool dog bed

Best washable dog beds: washable wool dog bed SHOP: Washable dog bed from The Lounging Hound, from $102

The wool cover on this slate-gray dog bed is both stain resistant and washable to help you keep it looking spiffy. It’s also filled with microfiber designed to help maintain its cushioning and shape. Want something brighter? The bed also comes in a few other colors and patterns.

12. A washable dog sofa bed

Best washable dog beds: washable dog sofa bed SHOP: Cotton dog bed from Layzy, from $197

Give your fur baby their own couch with this cotton dog sofa bed, perfect for pups that like to burrow. Available in sizes S–XL, the bed comes in a variety of colors and prints, including soft gray and tan as well as fun patterns like this eucalyptus print. Plus, both the removable cover and cushion insert are machine washable for easy cleaning. Looking for other styles? The seller also carries some washable donut dog beds.

Best outdoor dog bed

The best outdoor dog beds let your dog get comfortable, whether they are relaxing on the back deck or the front patio.

13. A tropical outdoor dog bed cover

Best outdoor dog beds SHOP: Palm leaf print outdoor dog bed cover from Anita’s Casa, from $54

Help your pupper lounge in style with this washable bed cover made of weather-resistant outdoor fabric. The pretty palm-print cover, which comes in three sizes, can be stuffed with your own pillows or cushion inserts.

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