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The Best Duvet Covers for the Sweetest of Slumbers

Add some texture and color, not to mention serious style, to your bedroom with these handmade duvet covers.

Best Duvet Covers for Every Bedroom
Photo by: April Notes Shop

While your comforter’s job is to keep you cozy 365 nights a year, swapping out your duvet cover from time to time can quickly refresh your space for the changing seasons or a change of mood. Whether you want a pretty patterned piece or a simple-but-luxe linen duvet cover, we’ve got you covered with the best duvet covers on Etsy.

Best linen duvet covers

With their organic texture and natural fibers, linen duvet covers can look expensive and luxe without the high price tag. Even better, the lightweight quality of linen means these duvet covers are breathable enough for summer nights and soft enough for cooler, cozy evenings.

1. A gorgeous green duvet cover

Green linen duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Moss green stone washed linen duvet cover from Flax Planet, from $234

Feel like you’re in the forest with this moss green linen duvet cover. Made from stone-washed and softened flax linen, this duvet cover will transport you to a quiet, wooded sanctuary with the sounds of crickets soothing you to sleep—no camping equipment required.

2. A natural neutral duvet set

Linen duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Natural linen bedding set from North Linen, from $169

This natural linen bedding set comes pre-washed, so it’s extra soft and ready for snuggling up for a good night’s rest. Available from a twin duvet cover to a California king duvet cover, the whole family can sleep soundly in this neutral-toned linen dream.

Best cotton duvet covers

There’s nothing quite like the natural, soft material of cotton, and cotton duvet covers have the benefit of a classic, fresh look in addition to their supple texture. What’s not to love?

3. A textured cotton queen duvet cover

Cotton duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Organic cotton duvet cover from Q Vita Studio, from $92

For a crisp, clean look with a little something extra, look no further than this organic cotton duvet cover. This fresh pick has a whopping 600 thread count, so you’ll be comfortable whether you’re in bed or crashing on top of it. It’s all in the details: If you look closely, there is a subtle texture on the fabric.

4. A tie dye duvet cover for dorm

Tie dye duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Tie dye cotton duvet cover from embedded USA, from $270

This playful boho duvet cover is a dorm room dream. Both edgy and youthful, this bedding will support them through their rebellious nights and its soft cotton texture will sooth them during finals week. And don't worry, this duvet cover comes in XL twin size for an easy fit in their cozy dorm room sanctuary.

Best boho duvet covers

The relaxed and ethereal boho home decor vibes shouldn’t stop at your living room: Bring an earthy, flowy feel to your bedroom with these boho duvet covers.

5. A boho-chic duvet cover

Boho duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Cream and burnt orange tassel duvet cover set from Cosemood, from $130

For the ultimate boho-chic look, add some macrame-inspired tassels in a contrasting color to your duvet cover. The delicate embroidery in an earthy burnt orange hue complements any natural tones in your bedroom, from terracotta pots to driftwood to your favorite monstera plant.

6. A dusty rose linen duvet cover

Pastel duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Rose linen duvet cover from April Notes Shop, from $160

Reminiscent of a desert sunset and rosy blooms, this muted pastel linen duvet cover has just enough color to accent any woodsy or natural tones in the rest of your bedroom.

Best floral duvet cover

From your own king duvet cover to your kiddo’s twin duvet cover, a little bit of springtime blooms can brighten up your bedding—even when the weather is dark and stormy.

7. Dainty and delicate florals

Floral duvet cover SHOP: Butter yellow floral duvet cover from Natalie Baca Studio, from $152

Add a little spring to your step with this butter-colored duvet cover with subtle and delicate botanical illustrations. Bonus points: Size options include XL twin duvet covers for those looking to spruce up their college dorm rooms.

Best textured duvet covers

Looking to add some visual intrigue to your bedspread? Textured duvet covers look sharp and bring a little something extra to your traditional duvet cover.

8. A ruffled linen duvet cover

Textured duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Ruffle linen duvet cover from Back 2 Linen, from $247

Whether you’re looking to add some ruffled regency inspo to your decor or just want your bedding to boast soft, feminine details, look no further with this ruffled linen duvet cover. This pick comes in goes-with-anything neutral and pastel tones, so you don’t have to worry about color clashing or mismatching your decor.

Best affordable duvet covers

Trying to spruce up your bedroom decor but don’t want to break the bank? Luckily, this duvet cover is kind on the eyes and your budget.

9. A graphic patterned duvet cover

Printed duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Block printed cotton duvet cover from Jaipur Arts Design, $95

Go bold with this darling floral-patterned duvet cover. Block printed by hand in India on 100% cotton, this handmade beauty is like a work of art.

10. A duvet cover for all color palettes

Linen duvet cover from Etsy SHOP: Washed linen duvet cover from Linen Duet, from $115

All aboard cloud nine! Available in over a dozen different understated, sophisticated colors and just as many sizes, this pre-washed linen duvet cover will complement your bedroom decor and fit your bed. Its wooden button closures add a rustic finish, and buyers rave that both the colors and the soft texture are heavenly.

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