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The Best Slippers for Getting Cozy

Pamper your feet with these house slippers for men, women, and kids that make great gifts.

Best Slippers - 18 Pairs For Everyone To Enjoy
Photo by Jurga Felt Lift

Whether you want to relax after a long day on your feet—or just slip into something cozy as you work at home, treat yourself to a nice pair of house slippers. From wool slippers that keep your feet toasty while letting them breathe to luxurious velvet mules to handcrafted leather slippers, we’ve compiled the best slippers on Etsy for men, women, and kids that you’ll never want to take off. There are even rubber soled options you can wear outside to grab the mail or go on a coffee run. These cushy slippers also make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or for anyone who could use a little extra TLC.

Best cute slippers

From adorable bunny slippers to charming florals and patterns, these cute slippers will make you smile every time you slip them on your feet.

1. Felted fox slippers

Best cute slippers: fox slippers SHOP: Felted women’s fox slippers from Jurga Felt Life, from $80

We may never know what the fox says, but these cozy felted wool fox slippers say it’s time to relax. The house slippers, which also come in men’s sizes, are available in two styles: an open clog back or a full back for a more snug fit. They have a slip-resistant latex sole, which you can upgrade to rubber if you want to be able to wear them outdoors.

2. Geometric slippers

Best cute slippers: geometric slippers SHOP: Felted rhombus slippers from Home Soul, from $79

These cute women’s slippers, made of soft Merino wool and lace, feature a fun geographic pattern and will keep your feet toasty warm. Plus, you can choose from latex, rubber, or suede soles, which are available in several different colors.

3. Charming flower slippers

Best cute slippers: felted flower slippers SHOP: Felted flower Hygge slippers from BureBureSlippers, from $95

Put a spring in your step with these mossy green wool slippers that have bright purple lining and delicate white and purple flowers made from silk cocoons. They come in your choice of latex, rubber, or cork or suede soles so you won’t slip as you putter around the house.

4. Embroidered goldfish slippers

Best cute slippers: embroidered goldfish slippers SHOP: Embroidered goldfish velvet mules from Shopno19, from $138

Lounge in luxury in these chic velvet mules, lined in soft gold leather and embroidered with goldfish. The slippers have leather soles, so you wear them indoors with a silky robe or even wear them out with a dress or pants. They also come in other colors, including olive green, dusty pink, gold, and black. Plus, they come in a red velvet box, perfect for gifting.

5. Felted bunny slippers

Best cute slippers: felted bunny slippers SHOP: Wool bunny slippers from Cozy Poly, from $87

You’re guaranteed to smile when you slip on these cute bunny slippers. With bug eyes, buck teeth, and little ears, these wool slippers are as whimsical as they are warm. They also come in kids’ sizes.

Best women’s slippers

Whether you prefer velvet, leather, or wool, these women’s slippers will keep your feet toasty warm as you snuggle on the couch or pad around the house.

6. Leather slip-ons

Best slippers for women: leather slippers SHOP: Leather unisex slippers from Sheepland, from $38

Need to pop out to grab the mail or run a quick errand? These handcrafted mustardy-tan leather slippers are perfect for the job. The unisex slippers are lined in cotton tartan fabric and feature a slip-resistant PVC sole—so you don’t ever have to put on actual shoes.

7. Colorful house slippers

Best women's slippers: colorful house slippers SHOP: Yellow wool slippers from Jurga Felt Life, $80

Find your happy place with these comfy yellow slippers. Inspired by a painter's palette, these slippers are made with vibrant layers of wool that have been scratched off to reveal pops of color. They come in two styles: an open clog or a style that’s more fitted at the ankle. The slippers also come with a slip-resistant latex sole, but you can upgrade to rubber if you plan to wear them outside.

8. Pom-pom slipper socks

Best slippers for women: pom-pom slipper socks SHOP: Knit slippers with pom-poms from fizzaccessory, $30

Got cold feet? Warm them up with these stone beige slipper socks, handknitted out of wool acrylic mix yarn. The playful design is embellished with dark brown pom-poms. The slipper socks also come in a few other colors, including red and dusty pink.

9. Embroidered butterfly slippers

Best women's slippers: velvet butterfly slippers SHOP: Embroidered butterfly velvet mules from Shopno19, $138

Treat your feet to these luxurious embroidered butterfly mules. The velvet slippers are lined in soft red leather and have leather soles, so you wear them indoors or as part of an outfit. They also come in a variety of other shades, including olive green, dusty pink, blue, and taupe. Packaged in a red velvet box, the slippers also make for a beautiful gift.

10. Turquoise wool slippers

Best women's slippers: turquoise wool slippers SHOP: Felted turquoise slippers for women from VASlippers, from $76

Brighten your mood with these cheerful turquoise slippers, made of sheep’s wool and featuring a colorful orange interior. Depending on whether you want to be able to wear them indoors or outdoors, you can choose from a variety of slip-resistant soles, including rubber, latex, or suede leather soles, which come in a variety of colors.

Best men’s slippers

These men’s slippers are made for some serious relaxing, from cushy sheepskin-lined loafers to cozy wool clogs.

11. Plush sheepskin loafers

Best men's slippers: Leather sheepskin slippers SHOP: Unisex sheepskin loafers from Sheepland, $58

Keep your toes toasty warm on cold mornings with these unisex slippers, made of a warm butterscotch leather suede and lined in cozy sheepskin. The slippers, which feature a slip-resistant suede sole, also make for a great gift.

12. Woolly clog slippers

Best men's slippers: wool clog slippers SHOP: Men’s wool clog slippers from VaidaPetreikis, from $159

These sleek clog-style slippers, made of dark brown wool with a forest green interior, are easy to slip on and off. They also have a slip-resistant rubber sole. Have hard-to-fit feet? The seller can also custom make the slippers to your own foot length, width, and arch size.

13. Velvet loafers

Best slippers for men: embroidered velvet loafers SHOP: Velvet slip embroidered loafers from Mojari, $109

Slip into these luxurious cherry red velvet slippers with delicate gold embroidery. The slippers have a PVC sole, which means you can wear them indoors with silk pajamas—or you can wear them out with anything from casual wear to a full tuxedo.

14. Two-toned house slippers

Best men's slippers: two-toned wool clog slippers SHOP: Men’s house slippers with suede toe caps from BureBureSlippers, $94

Whether you are hanging in your home office or relaxing on the couch, you’ll be comfy in these two-toned slip-ons, made of brown wool and tan suede. Plus, the slip-resistant sole comes in your choice of cork with either recycled suede or leather— or rubber, in case you need to pop outside or run an errand.

Best kid's slippers

Little ones will be over the moon for these adorable kid's slippers, from cute animal slippers to custom options you can personalize with their names or initials.

15. Unicorn slippers

Best kids' slippers: unicorn slippers SHOP: Wool unicorn slippers for kids from Cozy Poly, from $77

Unicorns are magical, and so are these delightful kid's slippers. The white wool slip-ons, which have a leather slip-resistant sole, come in sizes to fit toddlers to young adults. The seller can also custom-make the shoes to your child’s measurements, including their arch size. (Psst, they also come in adult sizes!)

16. Personalized wool slippers

Best kids' slippers: Personalized wool slippers SHOP: Personalized clog slippers for babies and kids from VASlippers, from $45

Warm them up on chilly days with these cozy wool slippers, which come in eight different earthy shades, including white, beige, and dark gray. The slippers, available for babies up to young adults, have a slip-resistant latex sole. Plus, they can be personalized with your child’s name or initials.

17. Hot dog crib shoes

Best kids' slippers: hot dog crib shoes SHOP: Knitted hot dog crib shoes for babies from Handknit Hugs, $28

You’ll relish these adorable hot dog slippers for babies. Knitted from wool yarn, the booties fit infants ages 0–12 months and make the perfect accessory for your next family barbecue. The seller also offers the pattern if you’d rather knit them yourself.

18. Cat slippers

Best kids' slippers: cat slippers SHOP: Wool cat slippers from BureBureSlippers, from $47

These slippers are the purr-fect gift for cat lovers. Made of felted wool, the slippers come in sizes to fit toddlers up to young adults. You can also choose from a few slip-resistant soles: latex, rubber, or cork with leather or suede.

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