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The Best Wooden Cutting Boards For All Your Kitchen Tasks

These picks for the best wooden cutting boards are handcrafted especially for your next culinary adventure (or to give as a thoughtful gift!).

Best wooden cutting boards from Etsy
Photo by Well Written Gifts

A good chopping board is a must-have in every kitchen collection, and these picks for the best wood cutting boards are beloved by buyers who’ve left top reviews for them (and the small shops that create them!).

A well crafted wooden cutting board, however, in addition to proving useful when you’re cooking meals or preparing snacks, can also serve as a beautiful decorative piece when not in use. Available in an array of woods, including acacia, cherry, and walnut, there’s just something warm and familiar about wooden boards that gets better with time.

Their universal minimal style of these wooden cutting boards makes them a timeless complement to any kitchen decor style. As wood is the traditional gift for the fifth wedding anniversary (or the sixth, according to modern tradition), a wooden cutting board is also an excellent couples gift idea.

###Tip: How to care for wood cutting boards To keep them in tip-top condition, and to extend their longevity, wooden cutting boards shouldn’t be left to soak in water, and must be dried thoroughly after each use.

Engraved wooden cutting boards

These engraved wood cutting boards add a personalized touch to the kitchen and make a superb option if you’re on the hunt for an original housewarming gift.

1. Recipe-engraved cutting board

Custom cutting board engraved with a family recipe SHOP: Recipe-engraved cutting board from Elk & Elm Home, $60

These birchwood cutting boards can be engraved with a beloved family recipe. Consider wrapping this gift up with a few of the necessary ingredients, and the lucky recipient will be dining in no time.

Why shoppers love this recipe-engraved wooden cutting board: “Can't say enough good things about the beautiful board I got for my mom. It turned out absolutely perfect, and we both love it. Such a special piece to keep for a lifetime.” - AP

2. Custom personalized cutting board

Personalized cutting board with name and date SHOP: Custom personalized cutting board from Enchanting Patina, from $19

This custom-made chopping board comes in an array of beautiful wood types, including maple, cherry, and walnut, and it’s even provided with its own stand. Both the board and the stand can be personalized with a family name, and the stand is a brilliant way to keep it on display when it’s not in use. You can add a special recipe to the back, too.

Why shoppers love this custom wooden cutting board: “It’s absolutely perfect! My sister is getting married and has been asking for my chili recipe for years. She can now beautifully display it in her kitchen.” - SB

3. Engraved wreath cutting board

Engraved cutting board with groove SHOP: Personalized engraved wreath cutting board from Walnut Artisan Gallery, from $34

With thick and hardy, sustainably sourced and natural hardwood in either Sapele or walnut, these solid cutting boards are made from FSC-certified and eco-friendly materials with no toxic chemicals. Add a name and a date that’s engraved inside a delicate wreath design, and choose between the plain or ridged versions in two silhouettes—rectangle or arch.

Why shoppers love this wreath wooden cutting board: “It looked even better than the photo. Perfect in every way, and very well packaged.” - SS

4. Personalized charcuterie board

Personalized charcuterie and cutting board SHOP: Personalized charcuterie board from Well Written Gifts, from $40

This wooden board is not only stunning and well-made, but it’s also highly functional as both a cutting board and serving tray for charcuterie. Built to last, this cutting board is available in either maple or walnut in two different sizes, and you can opt for a built-in cut-out handle, too.

Why shoppers love this wooden charcuterie board: “I ordered this cutting board for a wedding gift, and it was absolutely perfect… The packaging was beautiful; I could tell the shop put a lot of time into making this gift special.” - AL

Small wood cutting boards

These wooden cutting boards are sized just right for cutting up veggie sticks, fruits, nuts—and, of course, chocolate—for movie night.

5. “Cheers” cutting board

Cheers cutting board from Etsy SHOP: Cheers cutting board with floral peony pattern from Gladfolk, from $31

For a unique take on the classic wooden cutting board, this small version from Gladfolk is adorned with a floral peony pattern and playful font. Handmade in Ohio using locally-sourced cherry, maple, and walnut, these boards beg to be kept on display.

Why buyers love this shop: “Gladfolk went above and beyond to ship out my order fast and keep me updated on their end; they were courteous and professional… Highly recommend!” - CC

6. Acacia wood chopping board

Acacia wood cutting board with handle SHOP: Acacia wood chopping board from Purvi Arts, from $44

For a small and practical chopping board to add to your kitchen, these gorgeous Indian Acacia versions come with a handle with a convenient hole for you to hang it up. They’re handmade and waxed with a food-safe coating designed to prolong their life, and buyers absolutely love their high quality, and reasonable price point.

7. Small bar cutting board

Small wood cutting board for bar prep SHOP: Small bar cutting board from Hannah’s Workbench, $25

This petite little number is ideal for, according to one happy customer, “cutting just a few veggies for a single salad,” or, as per another, the “perfect size for cutting lemons and limes for cocktails.” Buyers love to keep this little chopping board on their bar or drinks cart, and appreciate that it’s well-made and attractive enough to leave out on display.

Why shoppers love this small wooden cutting board: “Arrived quickly and came with a care sheet and a sweet thank you note made out of wood! You can tell this shop puts a lot of time and effort into the details.” - SO

Large wooden cutting boards

You’ll need a large chopping board when you’re cooking a hearty dinner, and these gorgeous handcrafted wooden options are just the ticket.

8. Large cherry edge-grain cutting board

Oversize cherry wood cutting board SHOP: Large cherry edge-grain cutting board from JI Woodworking, $124

Made to be kept out on the counter for daily use while looking gorgeous and simultaneously protecting your countertops, this sturdy, 1.5-inch thick cherry edge grain cutting board from JI Woodworking comes in various sizes to suit your needs, and is finished beautifully using mineral oil and board cream.

Why shoppers love this large wooden cutting board: “Best cutting board ever. We went big, so glad we did, and we use it every day. It's so beautiful we leave it on the counter all the time.” - ST

9. Large stovetop walnut cutting board with handles

Large stovetop cutting board SHOP: Large walnut cutting board with handles from Stonewon Designs, from $350

If you’ve run out of counter space, this innovative large walnut cutting board is designed to rest on top of your stove top to create extra space for meal prepping. The boards are handmade in McKinney, Texas, come in two different sizes, and even have handy carry handles to easily move it around the kitchen.

Why shoppers love this wooden stovetop cutting board: “This is a real problem solver in that it greatly increases my available counter space and it keeps my stovetop clean when I am not actually cooking. The board will also be great for making fresh pasta!” - LS

10. Extra large charcuterie board

Extra large charcuterie wooden board with flower detail SHOP: Lily engraved cutting board from BENT wood goods, from $140

This extra large wooden cutting board is sure to rake in all the compliments thanks to its live edges and beautiful engraved lily accent. This floral feature makes this a great charcuterie board idea for bridal showers and will tie in nicely with your bouquet blooms.

Unique wooden cutting boards

For something a little out of the norm that can add some quirk and joy to the kitchen, check out these unique wooden cutting boards.

11. Marble and wood cutting board

Personalized marble and wood cutting board SHOP: Marble and wood cutting board from Forever Etched, from $88

This is a wooden cutting board with an interesting twist. It features a wooden handle and has a marble cutting surface which makes it extra hygienic thanks to marble’s non-porous surface that can help keep germs and bacteria from penetrating through. It’s also extremely easy to clean. The seller offers laser engraving on the wooden handle, too.

Why shoppers love this marble and wood cutting board: “The seller went above and beyond to work with me and make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. The work was high quality and you could tell there was a lot of time put into making it.” - LC

12. Rustic live edge cutting board

Rustic live edge cutting board SHOP: Rustic live edge cutting board from Timberwolf Wildwoods, from $53

This wonderful cutting board looks like it was cut straight from a tree and placed onto your kitchen countertop. It comes in either small, medium, or large, and is finished with a food safe oil. With its live edges and beautiful grainy wood detail, this is one item that will not go unnoticed.

Why shoppers love this rustic cutting board: “Gorgeous! Excellent quality. Exactly what I wanted!” - MD

13. Bamboo plywood end-grain cutting board

Bamboo cutting board SHOP: Bamboo plywood end-grain cutting board from Ricky Hele Design-Build Studio, from $270

With its original stripes and almost checkered style, this exquisite end-grain bamboo cutting board is made using sustainable wood and is available in three different sizes. Need a different size? The seller can also handcraft a custom-sized board to suit your needs. Buyers call it a “beautiful” and “unique” board that brings in “so many compliments,” and they also raved about the “hitch-free” and fast shipping.

14. Cherry cutting board

[image] SHOP: Cherry cutting board with care balm from Atelier Samo, $52 A modern spin on the traditional wooden cutting board, this option from Atelier Samo has a unique asymmetric handle and two wavy lines that give it a contemporary look. The cutting board is finished with a natural oil and comes with a pot of care balm so you can keep it in tip top shape. Why shoppers love this cherry cutting board: “The board is really superb and of high quality. Even more beautiful in real life than in photos.” - RV

15. Large walnut end-grain cutting board

Large walnut butcher block cutting board with personalization SHOP: Large walnut end-grain cutting board from GrainWoods, from $45

Handmade in Ukraine, and available in a large selection of 12 sizes, with or without the juice groove, this butchers’ block is a heavy-duty item that has superior durability thanks to its sturdy walnut end-grain construction.

Why shoppers love this large wooden cutting board: “This beautiful cutting board is so much more than I expected! It has a hefty feel, the color is a gorgeous deep brown walnut, and the craftsmanship is outstanding.” - SC

Woodcutting board with handle

Adding a handle or two to your wooden cutting board makes it easy to grab and move, adding an extra bit of convenience during meal-prep.

16. Rustic personalized wood tray

Rustic personalized cutting board with handles SHOP: Rustic personalized wood tray from Carolina Crate Co., from $70

Perfect for cooking as well as entertaining, this rustic pine wood tray-slash-cutting board comes in either a walnut or gray finish, and has two convenient metal carry handles on either side. The seller offers personalization that can be printed directly onto the wood, making it a great choice for a gift item.

Why shoppers love this rustic wooden cutting board: “This was a gift for my husband for his outdoor kitchen. He absolutely loves it and uses it every time that he cooks outdoors. It is beautiful, rustic and sturdy. It is a quality piece.” - JP

17. Natural olive wood cutting board

Natural olive wood cutting board SHOP: Natural olive wood cutting board from oluv farm, $105

Handcrafted by Master Saburo Koga, a talented Japanese wood carver with over 30 years of experience in the field, this olive wood cutting board has a handle for easy portability, and features a cute little heart cut-out that you can use to hang the board up for displaying.

Why shoppers love this handcrafted cutting board: “Superb quality and craftsmanship. This is one gorgeous cooking utensil.” - MS

18. Oak wood board

Oak wood cutting board with handle SHOP: Oak wood board from GS Home, $39

For a practical board with raised edges to contain any stray liquids, this modern, 18mm thick oak wood cutting board doubles as a serving tray. The board has been finished with a food-safe linseed oil, and has a cut-out handle in the corner making it easy to carry (in fact, buyers love it as a snack board!).

How do we pick the best wooden cutting boards?

As Etsy Journal editors and contributors research and curate shopping guides for some of the best-loved items on Etsy, we thoughtfully consider the creativity, customization, and craftsmanship that go into each product. We also consider buyer reviews, item ratings, and customer service, and tap the expertise of our in-house merchandising and trends experts to uncover high-quality finds for every budget. You can find more information about each item in the seller’s listing details and can take a look at their individual shop policies and reviews, too.

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