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Gorgeous Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month of the Year

In search of the perfect birthstone ring, necklace, or bracelet? Check out our dazzling collection of the best birthstone jewelry for every special day.

A set of three birthstone necklaces resting on a marble tray.
Photo by: Graced Jewellery

Gem lovers, rejoice: Birthstone jewelry is more in demand than ever, and Etsy sellers have got you covered with beautifully reimagined twists on the classics. These birthstone jewelry picks make an amazing anniversary gift, a timely birthday gift for her, and they are often perfect for layering with other birthstone jewelry. From on-trend ombré strands in ruby red and emerald green earrings to dazzling multi-gem raw birthstone rings that combine unexpected shapes with a touch of glimmer, the knockout pieces from these expert designers and curators encourage you to pile on any (and every) gem that suits your personal style—no matter where on the calendar your birthday falls.

Birthstones and their meanings

Many of us know that each month has its own birthstone (some even have two or three due to changes in availability and demand for particular gems!), but did you know each birthstone offers a hidden meaning and symbolism? Read on to find out what your birthstone represents.

  • January birthstone: Garnet for passion and happiness
  • February birthstone: Amethyst for relaxation and intuition
  • March birthstone: Aquamarine for protection and communication
  • April birthstone: Diamond for love and longevity
  • May birthstone: Emerald for love and kindness
  • June birthstone: Pearl for simplicity and purity
  • July birthstone: Ruby for protection and vitality
  • August birthstone: Peridot for protection and light
  • September birthstone: Sapphire for self-expression and sincerity
  • October birthstone: Opal for truth and protection
  • November birthstone: Citrine for abundance and happiness
  • December birthstone: Turquoise for wellbeing and good fortune

See our picks for the best birthstone jewelry for every month

Learn a bit more about your month's birthstone, and discover new pieces of birthstone jewelry that buyers are loving.

January birthstone jewelry: Garnet

Gold garnet birthstone pendant SHOP Garnet birthstone necklace from Apple Pie Jewelry, $82

January’s birthstone, garnet, is a symbol of passion and happiness—and what better way to start the new year? Prized by ancient Egyptians and Greeks for their luminosity, and also considered a hot commodity in the Victorian era, garnets come in many colors—though the most popular, red, is the hue most often associated with January birthdays. A particularly scratch-resistant stone (they score highly on the Mohs' scale, which ranks stones' hardness), January birthstone necklace or ring are ideal options to wear either raw or cut.

February birthstone jewelry: Amethyst

Amethyst hair pins SHOP Amethyst birthstone hair pins from ABA Jewels, $30

Symbolizing relaxation and intuition, February’s birthstone, amethyst, is a gem with versatility and is sought-after in the crystal collecting communities. While all gemstones are unique, the idiosyncrasy of individual stones is especially noticeable with amethysts, which change color when they’re exposed to heat. As a result, some amethysts are naturally multicolored, and can appear to have a different tint depending on the time of day (and may even appear to be translucent). The natural variety in amethysts makes them perfect for tonal layering. Two-stoned pieces like this raw amethyst birthstone bracelet cuff can display a widely varied spectrum of violet hues in a single set.

March’s birthstone jewelry: Aquamarine

Long aquamarine brass earrings SHOPAquamarine birthstone earrings from Saajie, $51

If bigger, flashier jewels are your thing, and you happen to have been born in March, you’ve struck gold—or, rather, aquamarine, symbolizing protection, hope, and everlasting youth. The March birthstone is known for its exceptional clarity—which means that large statement rocks look flawless when cut from this gem. But that’s not to say that the minimalist won’t also find their match with this stone. Sure, the largest aquamarine on record clocks in at a whopping 245 pounds, but the cool blue jewel, thought to have a calming effect, also looks fab in less showy forms: just a sliver of the stone forming the centerpiece of a ring, for example, or a row of discs arranged neatly on a delicate silver strand.

April’s birthstone jewelry: Diamond

White diamond necklace SHOP Diamond birthstone necklace from Foe and Dear, $560

April’s birthstone is the diamond, known for its clarity, inner strength, and love. Everyone wants a piece of the diamond—you might have heard that they’re forever?—but those lucky ones born in April have a particular claim on the most glamorous gemstone of all. So what makes a diamond so special? For starters, it’s extraordinarily pure, since it’s the only gemstone composed of a single element: carbon (trace elements present in some diamonds are not considered part of the stone’s makeup). It’s also the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, famously impervious to scratches from anything but another diamond. But perhaps the best part of making a diamond your best friend—whether you’re committed to a classic solitaire diamond birthstone engagement ring or prefer to use the stone to add a touch of luxury to a casual look—is the daily reminder that toughness and sparkle can, and do, coexist beautifully.

May’s birthstone jewelry: Emerald

Art deco rectangle emerald earrings SHOP art deco emerald earrings from Silk Purse, Sow's Ear, $30

Applauded for its earthy, regal aesthetic and representing love and kindness, May’s birthstone, emerald, has it all. Diamonds might have the rep for being the finest of the jewels, but any queen knows her collection isn’t complete without an emerald. Just ask Cleopatra, who was famously obsessed with the rare green gems, or Queen Victoria, who gave her husband Albert major props when he gifted her an epic emerald tiara in 1845. But you don’t need a tiara for a royal jewelry moment: This raw emerald birthstone bracelet or elegant emerald birthstone stacking rings will add just enough sparkle to your daily accessorizing. Jewelers say that top-shelf emeralds edge out diamonds in value, and who can deny its gorgeous allure with unique birthstone jewelry like this?

June’s birthstone jewelry: Pearl

Long pearl strand earrings SHOP Pearl birthstone earrings from Aleishla Jewelry, $70

For June babies, the world is their oyster, and their birthstone, pearl, symbolizes simplicity, purity, and wisdom. By definition, no precious gem is going to be easy to come by, but pearls surely set the bar for effort. They are the only birthstones produced by a living animal after all, and have been duly admired and coveted for millennia. Natural pearls, found in one out of every 10,000 wild oysters, are the rarest of the rare, but even a single cultured pearl (made with human intervention) takes four years to produce. Like the diamond, the pearl is a staple even for those not born in June. Make yours stand out with an unexpected presentation, like this striking art deco hair comb featuring pearls, diamonds, and crystal.

July’s birthstone jewelry: Ruby

Ruby birthstone gold pendant necklaceSHOP Ruby birthstone necklace from Tanian Jewel, $30

It’s no fluke that July’s birthstone, ruby, is a common symbol of royalty—the ancient Sanskrit word for ruby is ratnaraj, which translates to “king of the gemstones.” It’s one of the hardest gems on the planet, and holds up well against heat, which is often applied to the raw stone to bring out its clarity and reveal its truest, brightest red. Rubies, along with sapphires, are a variety of corundum, a mineral that’s actually colorless; the signature ruby red is the result of traces of chrome interacting with the corundum. Feel free to slip on rubies in sparing doses: That rich natural vibrancy means that even a small piece of July birthstone jewelry makes a big impact.

August’s birthstone jewelry: Peridot

Peridot drop copper ring SHOP Peridot birthstone ring from Volucelle, $54

The meaning of August’s birthstone, peridot, is strength and compassion, which makes sense considering the precious gems found in volcanic ashes were thought to be the tears of the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele. Historically, peridot has been found in some of the dreamiest spots on the globe: Egypt and Hawaii were long lauded for their peridot reserves. The coolest source, however, has got to be outer space. That's right: The stone has been found in a particular variety of meteorite that makes its way, on occasion, down to Earth. (That means August babies are the only ones who can claim truly out-of-this-world birthstone jewelry.) Despite its impressive provenance, peridot is not the toughest gemstone around, and can be susceptible to scratches—but its singular, summery yellow-green shade is destined to leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

September’s birthstone jewelry: Sapphire

Teal sapphire ring with diamond band SHOP Sapphire birthstone ring from Diorah Jewellery, $1,730

Abundance, blessings, and royalty: These are the hidden symbolism of September’s birthstone, sapphire. Like rubies, sapphires actually come in a rainbow of hues, and some rare varieties even change color with the light. But the most famous shade to this day is classic, deep-ocean blue. Sapphires typically have fewer inclusions than other gemstones, and in many cases that exceptional clarity translates to showstopper pieces. In fact, sapphires are one of the most popular alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings—the most famous example is Princess Diana’s ring from her engagement to Prince Charles, which got a second turn in the spotlight when Prince William used the same ring to propose to Kate Middleton in 2010. Dress the gem down with raw sapphire earrings or take after Duchess Kate with an elegant cluster ring.

October’s birthstone jewelry: Opal

Teardrop opal earrings SHOP Opal birthstone earrings from Dani Barbe Shop, $96

Those with October birthdays can celebrate with the birthstone that signifies truth and protection: opal. Both in their formation and their ultimate appearance, opals are one of the most unusual stones. Most opals on the market today come from Australia, where they form when silica, a colorless compound, transfers into underground rock deposits via rainstorms. There are several different categories of opals, with a geological effect known as play-of-color occurring across many; the rainbow-like effect is especially stunning in raw stones, like this dazzling peach-colored opal birthstone ring.

November’s birthstone jewelry: Citrine

Gold drop citrine earrings SHOP Citrine gemstone earrings from Robin Woodard, $52

In the United States, November invites large feasts and the gathering of loved ones, so it’s only natural that November’s birthstone, citrine, is a symbol of abundance. November’s original birthstone, topaz, is still in rotation, but many find that citrine is the more affordable of the two gemstones. Fun fact: Citrine’s perfectly autumnal yellow-orange hue is actually a rarity in nature. Though there are spots in Russia’s Ural Mountains and Madagascar where naturally occurring varieties of the stone can be found, most of the citrine available today is actually a heat-treated version of amethyst. But there are a couple of major upsides to the heat treatment method—a deeper, richer coloration, for one, and also a more durable stone. Because of its toughness, citrine works especially well in larger pieces. Case in point? This citrine birthstone necklace or these chunky citrine earrings.

December’s birthstone jewelry: Turquoise

Round stud turquoise earringsSHOP Turquoise birthstone earrings from Siebijoux, $38

December’s birthstone is turquoise, long treasured by cultures spanning the globe and is prized for its meaning of well being, peace, and good fortune. A stone whose close connection with nature is often reflected in its designs, turquoise’s innate softness and malleability make it a dream for artisans to shape. Even without any elaborate carving, turquoise's natural formation process can leave one-of-a-kind markings (or "matrix") on the stone. The most valuable turquoise is matrix-free (read: a pure, almost electric blue), but many jewelry lovers prefer the distinctiveness of the natural matrix patterns. One downside of turquoise? The stone's softness means it must be carefully looked after if not pre-treated with wax or resin for durability.

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