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Buy or DIY: Felt Pennants

by Alison Feldmann

Aug 12, 2016

Pay tribute to your favorite people, places and things with these clever buy-or-DIY pennant ideas.

Photo by: Small City Supply

Remember felt pennants? There was a time when these simple, screen-printed banners could be found on every dorm room wall; there may even be a sports- or travel-themed pennant still hanging with pride in your family rumpus room. (...Rumpus rooms are a thing, right?) Inspired by vintage preppy style, felt pennants are back in a big way, and they're not just for collegiate memorabilia. Whether your taste veers modernretro or simply cheeky, there is a style and sentiment to suit. Pay tribute to your favorite things with these clever buy-or-DIY ideas.

To Buy

Internet Felt Pennant by Small City Supply, $68
Oh, Internet, where would we be without you? Show your love with this vintage-style felt pennant, crafted with high-quality wool and felted block letters. Looking for a more personalized sentiment, color scheme, or font? Design a custom flag with these Etsy sellers. And don't forget about vintage! (I recently picked up a Niagara Falls pennant from the 1940s.)


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This fun pennant-on-stick project is the ideal favor for weddings, graduations, or any other celebration (and can conveniently be hung on the wall once the party's over). Shop felt and DIY supplies on Etsy.

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Alison Feldmann

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