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Fall Fashion Knits to Buy or DIY

by Valerie Rains

Aug 15, 2016

Our favorite autumn warmers, from head to toe.

Photo by: A Girl Named Leney

Once autumn arrives, our attention invariably turns to the cozy knitted and crocheted accessories that will see us through the seasonal transition. From stylish headwraps and drapey shawls to cable-knit booties and ombré wrist-warmers, these are the pieces we'll be adding to our carts (and our DIY project piles) in the months to come.
inv_fullxfull.3297796188_935y60ge.jpg?version=0 A Girl Named Leney
Buy: Knitwear designer Leney (of A Girl Named Leney) makes each of her tasseled "Traveling Scarves" — available in five shades of 100% wool yarn — to order, from her studio in Richmond, VA. The name is fitting: You'll want to take yours everywhere you go. (A Girl Named Leney, $190; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796226_keysxdjp.jpg?version=0 Nena Knit
Buy: The ultimate in feminine (around-the-house) footwear: handmade knitted slippers with contrasting floppy bows. (Nena Knit, $26; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345492389_el7b0z4c.jpg?version=0 Knit Collage Yarns
DIY: If you're feeling crafty, why not tackle a creative DIY take on a mid-weight cowl? This tassel-accented pattern is suitable for knitters with beginner-level skills. (Knit Collage Yarns, $4; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796360_b5162res.jpg?version=0 Manuosh
DIY: Manuosh's kit contains everything you need to make a fab foldover merino wool clutch — including a pattern, needles, and tote you can use again and again. (Manuosh, $78; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796434_3yjlh7x9.jpg?version=0 IOCHIOco
Buy: This super-chunky wool-blend cowl supplies double the warm fuzzies, since half of all profits benefit the Zimbabwe Orphans Fund. (IOCHIco, $39; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796492_nj6xrs6o.jpg?version=0 Katty's Handcrafts
Buy: Katty Huertas has a knack for taking typical winter accessories up a (really big) notch, as evidenced by this oversized, textured crimson cowl. (Katty's Handcrafts, $60; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796546_olkt9aof.jpg?version=0 quirogaquiroga
Buy: The perfect poncho for a daring dresser, this colorful fringed creation was dreamed up by a Buenos Aires-based design duo who just happen to be sisters. (quirogaquiroga, $223; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796604_138rriro.jpg?version=0 Homelab
Buy: The must-have companion for a three-quarter-sleeve coat: cable-knit arm warmers that keep your wrists toasty and your fingers free. (Homelab, $39; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345492815_ocqa996k.jpg?version=0 Victory Garden Yarn
Buy: We're hooked on this ombré circle scarf that's as versatile as a pair of blue jeans — and deserves just as much play in your wardrobe rotation. (Victory Garden Yarn, $100; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345492887_l1g6jdz4.jpg?version=0 Two of Wands Shop
Buy or DIY: The funkiest, fuzziest yarn coat we've seen, hands down. Buy a ready-made one from Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands Shop, or download the pattern and whip up one of these boho beauties yourself. (Two of Wands Shop, $780 for finished coat or $5.50 for pattern; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796794_jwrvb1fq.jpg?version=0 Westlake Designs
DIY: Canada maker Kerri Westlake parlayed a childhood affinity for pioneer handicrafts into a thoroughly modern line of hats, cowls, and headbands, which she sells as both finished products and in DIY kits. (Westlake Designs, $38.50 for kit; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297796852_kaymqbx9.jpg?version=0 All Bundled
Buy: For those who never want to let go of fall colors, a vivid orange infinity scarf. (All Bundled, $40; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493075_5a67f2wt.jpg?version=0 Ozetta
Buy: Try crocheting up a surprisingly lightweight layering piece that transitions flawlessly through the seasons. (Ozetta, pattern $5.50; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493147_27djmdio.jpg?version=0 Shanionie
DIY: Sometimes we forget what we even did before boot cuffs were invented; these are available in pattern form, for those who want to customize their calf-covers. (Shanionie, $5; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297797036_qroz0unf.jpg?version=0 Smiling Knitting
Buy: The classic aviator hat gets a handmade update in the form of this nubby number from Smiling Knitting. (Smiling Knitting, $35; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493267_crloug3i.jpg?version=0Knitted LT
Buy: These organic wool cable-knit booties from Knitted LT come complete with dots of non-slip latex on the bottom so you don't go sliding unexpectedly across the floor en route to your midnight snack. (Knitted LT, $42; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493329_9eckntup.jpg?version=0 Lydia in Stitches
Buy: A color-blocked black and white scarf will look chic with just about anything. (Lydia in Stitches, $62; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493389_86jgg6d4.jpg?version=0 Crochet Gallery
Buy or DIY: An adjustable buttoned beanie for a perfect fit — with just enough slouch; or make your own to measure with this $4.50 pattern. (Crochet Gallery, $25; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297797276_odv554if.jpg?version=0 Fizz Accessory
Buy: The fuzzy pompom, the foldover top, the elflike pointed toe: There is just so much cuteness involved in these highly giftable slippers. (Fizz Accessory, $29; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297797346_dyjgdnmr.jpg?version=0 Pleasantly Plump Knits
Buy: Behold, the vest/cowl/hood hybrid you never knew you needed — but will most likely live in for months on end, thanks to its endless potential layering variations. (Pleasantly Plump Knits, $150; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493565_797e7vdk.jpg?version=0 The Seam Designs
Buy: This medium-weight, wool-blend crocheted cat-ear hat can be custom-made to fit feline fanatics of all ages. (The Seam Designs, $28; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493633_ri6e2p7r.jpg?version=0 Max Olivia Knitwear
Buy: Adjustable tie-top mommy-and-me head wraps mean they won't outgrow them immediately. (Max Olivia Knitwear, $25.50; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297797580_bvmvat2h.jpg?version=0 Frankly Made TN
Buy: Friendly little fox ears make this the one winter hat your wee ones will actually want to keep on for more than five minutes. (Bonus points for the built-in neck coverage!) (Frankly Made TN, $44; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493837_6o42pye7.jpg?version=0 Crochet by Jennifer
DIY: Calling all crocheters: Any undersea enthusiast would be head over heels — er, fins — for this crocheted mermaid tail blanket, which you'll make from a DIY pattern. (Crochet by Jennifer, $5; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3345493901_8076pnt0.jpg?version=0 Castaway Knitting Scot
DIY: Between the super-soft yarn and the little fold-over tops, these chunky knit baby booties are taking teensy toe-covers to the next level; kit includes pattern, wooden knitting needles, and cashmere, alpaca or merino yarn. (Castaway Knitting Scot, $24; buy it here)
inv_fullxfull.3297797750_fdtbewo0.jpg?version=0 Mon Petit Violon
DIY: Inspire impromptu reenactments of the Lion King or The Wizard of Oz with this hooded lion cowl pattern, complete with mane and ears. (Mon Petit Violon, $5; buy it here)

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Valerie Rains

Valerie Rains is a senior editor at Etsy.