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Looking to enhance your life (or at least your look) with some gorgeous, glittering crystals? We mined Etsy's treasure trove to find these stunners.

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Diana Keeler is a novelist and Etsy shopkeeper based in Paris. She writes about traveling and doughnuts on Travel Crush. She interviewed Ryan Gosling three times in one year. Find her on Instagram and Pinterest. To some, crystals are just one part of a New Age witch-kit, alongside candles, cauldrons, and tarot cards. In many spiritual traditions, though, crystals can play a key role in imparting special qualities, aligning with centuries-old ideas about the ability of stones to channel and focus energy. Crystal experts believe that each stone offers unique qualities—peace of mind, confidence, a connection to the natural world, or emotional balance—and that having them around, as jewelry or home decor, can make our lives better. Not a believer? No worries—they’re nice just to look at, too. Here are seven beautiful stones worth incorporating into your wardrobe (or daily routine).


Ruby Robin Boutique amethyst terrarium necklace, $77.45

kei jewelry raw amethyst slice necklace, $78

Luxdivine amethyst and gold hair pins, $78
Amethyst has a long and rich history among crystal healers. Its name finds its roots in ancient Greek myth—from the maiden Amethyst, whom Diana turned into a white crystal to protect her from Bacchus, the Greek god of debauchery. Bacchus became regretful, and poured wine into the crystal—turning it purple. In Hebrew, it was known as "ahlamah," or "dream stone," while in Egyptian it was "hemag," used in amulets for the dead. Now, it is known for its abilities to aid in meditation and dispel negative energy. Some experts suggest putting one in a pocket, a bag or a car.


Original Jewelry Design for Chase and Scout
Chase & Scout Jewelry brass and citrine necklace, $110

William White citrine gold and silver ring, $350

Irin Skye personalized citrine pendant, $20
Citrine, a yellow quartz, is known as the “success stone.” It’s related to the solar plexus chakra, which in turn is connected to our sense of individual will and ambition; citrine is used to boost our sense of personal power. It’s known as much for its abilities to dispel negative energies and thinking as it is for its positive attributes, boosting our confidence, self-belief, and sense of clarity. Compared to other stones, genuine citrine is rather rare, and often mistaken for treated amethyst; look for a pale or medium yellow color, rather than dark or burnt orange.

Lapis lazuli

Delezhen lapis lazuli teardrop ring, $55.80

Irene Greek Jewellery silver, gold, and lapis earrings, $88.58

Luminous Creation lapis lazuli necklace, $32
Royal-blue lapis lazuli (which means “blue stone” in a mix of Latin and Persian) has been prized by traders for centuries—and the darker the blue, the more it was worth. It’s been mined since 4,000 B.C. in Egypt, when artisans set the stone into the burial objects of ancient royalty. Now, it is said to stimulate wisdom and judgment—making it an excellent option for office decor. Wear it to an important business meeting, interview or audition.


ARTISUNtis fluorite ring, $21

thevysherbarium fluorite earrings, $52.04

Sanctuary Jewellery fluorite pendant, $50
Fluorite comes in a variety of colors (as well as clear), and each imparts specific benefits, in addition to providing everything from balance to an improved sense of intuition. Purple fluorite is believed to aid meditation; yellow fluorite helps the wearer express creativity. Green fluorite, meanwhile, absorbs negative energy while enhancing our sense of personal courage. Clear fluorite is said to boost the crown chakra, unifying the individual spirit with the universal life force.

Rose quartz

Powers Handcrafted rose quartz earrings, $78

Acid Earth Shop raw rose quartz pendant, $30

Cornelious White sterling silver and rose quartz ring, $42
Rose, or pink, quartz is especially associated with the heart chakra, and can be used by crystal practitioners to address imbalances—a blocked heart chakra can manifest in feelings of loneliness or isolation, while an overly stimulated heart chakra can lead to aggression or anger. It’s also used to aid in meditation, and to boost love and trust—which is why some experts recommend tucking a small piece of rose quartz into a bed or the underside of a pillowcase.

Blue lace agate

Anemone Jewelry lace agate ring, $43.50

Guki Khalsa Jewelry lace agate and tanzanite drop earrings, $105

Stone and Spirit Shop blue lace agate necklace, $28
Looking for a calming stone? Then start searching for blue lace agate. This sky-blue stone is famed for its ability to provide calm and spiritual nourishment. It’s related to the throat chakra, and it’s believed that stimulating this area with blue lace agate can boost verbal communication skills and intellectual abilities. Because of its calming properties, blue lace agate is often seen in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Tiger's eye

The Two Hand Exchange tiger's eye necklace, $98

Vintage tiger's eye cameo ring from Maejean Vintage, $310
Starry Night Beadworks tiger eye pendant, $56
The name gives this one away: Feng shui practitioners have long used multicolored tiger's eye to enhance a sense of personal strength. They'll often place tiger's eye at a home's vulnerable spots, like near a main door or in front of a window. Like blue lace agate, tiger's eye is also believed to have calming capabilities, so it will sometimes be used in an office or other stressful space. You might want to reach for tiger's eye jewelry before a big day at school or work—any time a bit of extra calm and strength could come in handy.

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Diana Keeler

Diana Keeler ist Etsy-Verkäuferin mit Leib und Seele. Ihre Basis ist Paris, momentan bereist sie jedoch die Welt, worüber sie auf Faraway Places berichtet. Du findest sie auch auf Instagram und Pinterest.

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