On Etsy, there's something for everyone, and someone for everything. Celebrate the differences that make us unique and win a $1,000 gift card.

Fairy houses. Dining room tables. Tiny cat berets. The Etsy market is a celebration of what’s unique and creative inside all of us, and it’s the personal spin that only you can provide that completes a creative process that began in, say, a ceramics studio in Chattanooga or a jewelry designer's atelier in Tel Aviv. Today, to celebrate the differences that make every one of us individuals, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new campaign: Difference Makes Us Difference Makes Us celebrates the many ways that Etsy allows every one of us to express our originality. We believe that genuine personal expression makes friendships better, dinner parties more fun, and the world more vibrant. In the weeks and months ahead, the Difference Makes Us campaign will come to life in a series of videos — you may have already seen them pop up on social channels like Instagram and Facebook. The goal of Difference Makes Us is to highlight how Etsy fits into the daily lives of people around the world — and that’s why we chose to start with intimate, everyday items like bedside tables and mugs. It’s a subject with infinite variety, just like Etsy — and doesn’t everyone have “their” mug?
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Imaginative sculptor Hadley Sedgwick of Hadley Clay Studio knows from experience that every mug purchase highlights the individuality of the owner. “Much like art, you make a choice about what speaks to you,” she says. “Is it the image on the mug, the shape, size, color, weight? These are very personal decisions.” No matter who you are, you have a unique point of view to share. We’re excited to invite Etsy’s community to engage with Difference Makes Us in their own ways, contributing to an ever-evolving conversation. Post a picture on Instagram of a unique item you own and love with the hashtag #DifferenceMakesUs and enter it here for a chance to win an Etsy gift card valued at $1,000.  We’re also calling upon Etsy's passionate community of creative entrepreneurs to recreate and bring the campaign to life by making their own short videos, creatively integrating their unique products. Sellers can learn more about how to participate here.