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8 Easy Jewelry DIYs You Can Finish in 15 Minutes

by Julie O'Boyle

Sep 21, 2017

Calling all time-strapped crafters: Each of these super-simple jewelry projects is a literal snap to make.

Photo by: Erik Valind

Attention, time-strapped crafters: It's a literal snap to transform mementos, bits of nature, or pretty scraps of fabric into cherished accessories or meaningful gifts using a versatile hinged glass-frame locket. Simply choose a locket shape, select something special to fill it with, and add a length of ribbon, cord, or chain. What souvenir would you save in a locket? Tell us in the comments.  At a glance Time: 15 minutes or less Difficulty: Easy

1. Marbled paper

Cut shapes from a variety of papers to make a wearable work of art for every outfit.

2. Fabric trim

Snip and insert a swatch of intricate mirrored trim for a surprisingly simple DIY adornment.

3. Book page

Keep a favorite book passage, poem, or love letter close to your heart.

4. Pressed flowers

Frame a dried blossom from your favorite flower—or press a few from a special bouquet yourself.

5. Concert tickets

Pay homage to your favorite band or music festival by preserving a piece of your concert ticket.

6. Vintage photographs

Can’t bring yourself to cut the actual photo? Make a copy and keep the original intact.

7. Map

Commemorate the trip of a lifetime, a sentimental address, or a go-to hiking route with a cut-to-fit section from a vintage map.

8. Indigo fabric

Get your daily dose of perpetually popular shibori by dangling a square of dyed fabric from a length of white suede cord.

Project by Julie O’BoyleAleksa Brown, and Clare McGibbon; photographs courtesy of Erik Valind

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