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Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Sea Creatures

by Stephanie Madewell

Jul 19, 2013

Explore unusual finds inspired by three mesmerizing inhabitants of the deep: narwhals, sharks and jellyfish.

There's probably some kind of personality assessment you can make based on a person's favorite sea creature. Apparently, we Etsy editors are a bit of a dangerous lot: Aleksa likes the mysterious, long-tusked narwhal, I'm drawn to the sleekness of sharks, and Alison's pick is the iridescent jellyfish. Each is best admired from a safe distance, be it a dock, bathysphere or couch (just got to love all those undersea TV specials). Scroll on for a glimpse of our themed collections and let us know in the comments: what's your favorite sea creature?
1. Tattoos by deKrantenkapper 2. Pillow by katedurkin 3. Skewers by CupoletteLLC 4. Mixed media painting by bishopart 5. Shirt by MaidenVoyageClothing 6. Bow tie by SuperKawaiiBows

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1. Shark etching by chartwellprint 2. Fossilized shark tooth earrings by ChristineMighion 3. Hook buckle by KielMead 4. Original drawing by PeterCarrington 5. Tights by galstern

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1. Leggings by collectiveshift 2. Earrings by ANASTAJewellery 3. Hand-carved stamp by charancreations 4. Hanging glass sculpture by LarissaBlokhuis 5. Etched bronze necklace by jtopolski 6. Vintage lithograph print from Discoverprints

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Stephanie Madewell