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Cheerful Summer Style With @torontoshay

by Sharon Steel

Jul 20, 2020

For her warm-weather wardrobe, Toronto fashionista Shannae Ingleton Smith relies on bright, versatile basics and a bevy of head-turning accessories.

Shay wearing a linen yellow jumpsuit
Photo by: @torontoshay

In The Etsy Edit, we go behind the scenes with some of our favorite tastemakers to explore their inspirational spaces and enviable style.

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, Toronto-based fashion blogger Shannae Ingleton Smith (aka @torontoshay, to her many loyal Insta fans) believes in letting the rainbow lead the way. “I think colors impact mood, which is why I try to brighten my day by wearing ones that make me feel good,” says Shannae, who of late has found herself gravitating toward cheery citrus hues. After a bit of research, she learned that orange is associated with youth and happiness, and yellow with warmth and energy. Immediately, her wardrobe choices took on a new significance.

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Like so many of us, Shannae has in recent months developed a heightened appreciation for versatile, comfy-chic basics like a new linen jumpsuit (in lemon yellow, of course) that can be dressed up or down with the help of some strategically selected accessories. “I love one-of-a-kind pieces,” she says of her approach to choosing jewelry. “When I look down at my hand and see a beautiful ring that was made for me by a real person, I value it so much more. It becomes sentimental to me.” Read on to learn how Shannae uses statement jewelry to elevate more casual looks, and discover her surprising secret to staying calm and happy at home.

Shay wearing a bright yellow linen jumpsuit
SHOP: Linen wrap jumpsuit from MsWrinkle, $112

Let’s cut to the chase: The jumpsuit is amazing! What drew you to it?

I’ve been working from home and doing a lot of video calls. I want to look professional while still feeling comfortable, and MsWrinkle’s linen wrap jumpsuit with kimono sleeves is the perfect summery piece. I’m quite busty but I have a small waist, so I love anything that’s adjustable: It allows me to accentuate my waist, with enough room to fit me properly up top. And it’s super versatile—you can dress up or dress down, and pair it with heels, flats, or sandals.

What’s your trademark accessory?

Prior to quarantine, I was the manicure queen! I would do different designs every week and try to outdo myself. Rings are great accessories for a #nailfie, and I have my wedding band and engagement ring that I wear every day, but this gold rope knot ring by Mary John Fine Jewelry is my new go-to. I love how simple and dainty it is. I’m doing my own nails now, and having hand candy like this ring brings me joy, even if my manicure isn’t as elaborate.

Shay wearing a gold rope knot ring and holding a face cup
SHOP: Gold rope knot ring from Mary John Fine Jewelry, $90; ceramic face cup from Madriguera Workshop, $49

Gold rope knot ring from Mary John Fine Jewelry
SHOP: Gold rope knot ring from Mary John Fine Jewelry, $90

Statement earrings seem like a great way to elevate a casual look, too.

Yes, I love a great statement earring. Right now, my hair is in a short bob, so I need something that pops. I can pair these lightweight shimmery dangle earrings by Kaju with anything, because the color of the clay is so neutral. I also love color-blocking, which is why I chose this bicolor pair from the same shop. The peachy and terracotta tones are so versatile—I just wore them with a white top and jeans, but I think they’ll also go great with the jumpsuit.

Last but certainly not least, you've chosen some gorgeous necklaces to tie this look together. Why did you select these pieces?

I’m Jamaican, and when I saw this gold Jamaican coin pendant and coffee bean necklace, both by Omi Woods, I had to have them. I have such fond memories of visiting Jamaica with my sister and mom when I was growing up, and bringing back coins featuring the ackee plant as souvenirs. Jamaica is also known for its production of coffee, so wearing these pieces together is a beautiful tribute to my heritage. I can see myself passing them both down to my daughter Kensington when she’s older. I also love that the seller is a Canadian designer, and I’m supporting more Black-owned businesses.

Shay wears a shimmery pair of dangly earrings
SHOP: Shimmery dangle earrings from Kaju, $28

Assorted statement earrings from Kaju
SHOP (clockwise from top right): Bicolor terracotta earrings from Kaju, $25; black dangle earrings from Kaju, $27; peach and gold dangle earrings from Kaju, similar from $27

Gold Jamaican coin necklace and coffee bean necklace both from Omi Woods
SHOP: Gold Jamaican coin necklace, $100, and coffee bean necklace, $97, both from Omi Woods

What’s been helping you stay calm and happy at home?

Cleaning my house! I’ve been purging and organizing to make sure that my space is only filled with things that bring me joy. That process has been therapeutic for me, because my home has become my sanctuary. I love collecting artwork and ceramics, and when I saw this face cup from Madriguera Workshop, I thought it would be a great everyday mug. I was right: It makes me laugh and smile when I see it.

What do you love most about shopping on Etsy?

Etsy has been a part of every major milestone in my life since I got married, from our custom wedding portrait to a posterboard celebrating Kensington’s first birthday. I love that by shopping on Etsy, you’re supporting real people—real small business owners. It’s been such a wonderful resource for me.

Shay sitting at home holding her face cup

Face cup form Madriguera Workshop
SHOP: Ceramic face cup from Madriguera Workshop, similar from $49

Bonus round:

What song can you not stop listening to right now? 

“Brown Skin Girl” by Beyoncé.

What would you perform if there were a talent show tomorrow?

Kensington and I have been watching Trolls World Tour. The music is really good, especially “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun.” We’ve been dancing our heads off to that! It’s the best young girl anthem.

What fictional character do you wish you could meet?

I think real life is more interesting than fiction. 

Photographs courtesy of @torontoshay.

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