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Statement Jewelry for Nature Lovers From Mai Solorzano

by Jackie Buddie

Jan 19, 2021

Inspired by the beauty of the earth and sea, these intricate, organic pieces are gifting gold for any occasion.

Photo by: Mai Solorzano

In our Featured Shop series, we shine a light on a standout shop from Etsy’s talented seller community, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at their process and story.

In a time when we’re all craving connection to the outside world, an act as small as dressing up in a beautiful bangle inspired by falling leaves or a sapling-shaped pendant necklace from Mai Solorzano can be surprisingly soothing for the soul. “We are all a part of nature, and I try to create jewelry that makes people feel that,” explains Mexico City-based designer María Solorzano, whose intricate work was recently recognized with an Etsy Design Award. Fashioned after real-life sticks, stems, and seeds that María hand-plucks from the Earth, each artfully executed piece is a wearable reminder that our lives—however isolated they may sometimes seem—are, at the root of it, all intertwined. “Sometimes we’re in such a hurry that we forget to appreciate those connections,” she says. “It can happen with our family and friends, and of course it happens with nature too.”

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Whether it’s a set of botanical post earrings or a sculptural cuff modeled on pine bark, each of María’s organically textured designs is the kind of signature piece that will become a meaningful mainstay of any jewelry lover’s collection—and that’s precisely the point. “Sometimes, people save their favorite jewelry for a ‘special’ occasion, but I think it should be worn whenever they want,” she says. “Often in life the most special occasions are small, and to me, the most special occasion of all is just to be alive.”

Read on to learn more about why María’s designs make thoughtful gifts for loved ones and valentines, and get misty-eyed over the pandemic proposal she helped a client personalize—then shop the Mai Solorzano collection.

Maria Solorzano making jewelry in her studio
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

How did nature come to be a key theme in your line?

I find a kind of peace in nature that I want to share with the world, so I try to draw attention to that through my work. I like my pieces to have a human imprint, to be perfect in a non-perfect way, with little flaws that make them pretty, like in nature. My goal is to highlight the link between human beings and nature and to raise awareness of the symbiosis in which we live and its importance. Wearing jewelry inspired by nature is a sign of that connection, and reminds us that this is our home.

Can you tell us a bit about the role art and creativity played in your upbringing?

I was raised in the southwest of Mexico in a city called Morelia, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and each little town nearby specializes in its own craft using ancestral techniques. There are masters of copper and ceramics, "ocumichos" and "catrinas,” and towns where they carve pink quartz. My father was director of the local “house of crafts,” so I spent my childhood visiting and learning from all of them. 

I always knew I wanted to create something, and at university I chose to study industrial design, where I learned how to be conscious of ergonomics, production, waste impact—all the practical things. When I was ready to start creating with my own hands I didn’t have a big studio space, so I chose to work on a mini scale—in jewelry.

Gold leaf bracelet from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Gold leaf fringe bracelet from Mai Solorzano, $483

Maria assembles delicate botanical jewelry in her studio
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

Cypress branch earrings from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Cypress branch earrings from Mai Solorzano, $107

Maria's Mexico City studio

A cypress branch necklace from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Cypress branch necklace from Mai Solorzano, $182

A flat lay of assorted nature-inspired jewelry from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Assorted nature-inspired jewelry from Mai Solorzano, prices vary

A closeup of Maria's hands as she works on her jewelry.
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

A delicate brass leaf necklace from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Delicate brass leaf necklace from Mai Solorzano, $122

What have been some of your bestselling designs?

One is the Otto line, and I think it’s because the pieces are so simple and have a soft movement to them, like they’re being blown by the wind. They’re made of ash tree seeds that are everywhere in autumn. Also my Pina line. The bracelet and rings are made from pine bark, so it’s like covering your skin with the skin of trees, and getting a big hug from nature.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, what would you recommend to someone looking for a thoughtful gift?

One of my personal favorites for gifting is my "sea bracelet," because almost everyone has special memories of exploring the sea with family and friends. There’s also my “little birds” ring: One morning I looked out the window and there were these two little birds just looking at each other. I found it so romantic that I chose to make a ring of it—so now it’s a wearable token of love. I also like "chain earrings” for a gift, because they can be worn with one or two hoops or even asymmetrically, and I like offering the possibility to choose how to wear things.

SHOP: Botanical leaf choker necklace from Mai Solorzano, $122

A case of rings designed by Maria Solorzano
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

A cuff bracelet modeled after pine bark from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Pine bark cuff bracelet from Mai Solorzano, $210

A flat lay of jewelry, packaging materials, and thank you notes

Rustic chain earrings from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Rustic chain earrings from Mai Solorzano, $97

Detail on a leaf design
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

A brass branch necklace from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Brass branch necklace from Mai Solorzano, $102

Maria arranges some of her inspirational finds from nature alongside a few of her finished pieces.

What’s your favorite part of working with your customers?

I especially love when something is a gift and the buyer adds a note for the recipient—it's like a glimpse into their hearts. One recent customer wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a commitment ring. We chose stones and shapes together—it was so fun—and I was finishing the ring when the world went into lockdown. They ended up separated in different countries until everything was a little more calm, but in the end they had a happy ending, because when they were able to get together again, he gave it to her, and she said “yes.”  

Your pieces are so wonderfully lifelike! How do you achieve that effect?

Sometimes I find a leaf or piece of wood that’s just waiting to be transformed into metal, and from that first piece I develop a line. Other times an idea comes to me and I have to sculpt or carve the piece from nothing. Then I make some samples to determine the weight, movement, and fit; it has to be comfortable. Once that's OK, I look for the most efficient, least wasteful way to produce it.

A "birds in love" ring from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: "Birds in love" ring from Mai Solorzano, $87

Maria creating jewelry at her workbench
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

A big chain necklace from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Big chain necklace from Mai Solorzano, $202

A closeup of Maria's hands as she works on assembling rows of botanical post earrings
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

SHOP: Sea salt bangle from Mai Solorzano, $92

Sea salt stacking rings from Mai Solorzano
SHOP: Sea salt stacking rings from Mai Solorzano, $87

Maria working on jewelry in her Mexico City studio
Photograph by Fiore Liverotti

Does your love of nature come through in your process as well? 

Yes, of course. I try to make my designs timeless; I'm not interested in fast fashion, I'm interested in pieces with meaning. And because I care about the environment, I don’t use acids in any production process, and I use the material just like it is, without plating. Brass is like silver in a way, it can oxidize with time, but if you don't like that you can clean it and it will be just like new.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

I love to observe nature and find new shapes or patterns, and to sit in my studio and transform materials into jewels. And I really enjoy making pieces that have a special meaning to people—to make them happy by wearing little objects that they love.

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Studio photography by Fiore Liverotti. Product photography courtesy of Mai Solorzano.

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