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Get the Look: Denise Huxtable

by Alison Feldmann

May 25, 2010


I grew up with a television screen perpetually smudged by an inquisitive nose (...mine). I'd camp out in front of our behemoth set and adjourn to the fashion forward universe of The Cosby Show, usually while reclining in Little-Debbie-stained sweatpants and a half-shirt.

Even as a kid I recognized that middle daughter Denise Huxtable was stylish. She was totally fearless when it came to her appearance and could get away with seemingly anything — oversized smocks, harem pants, jumpsuits, fluorescent face paint, pork pie hats, short hair (especially shocking to a ten-year-old with a despised bowl cut). I imagined her as my fantasy older sister, imparting wisdom about boys and how to accessorize while effortlessly dancing down the stairs to a James Brown funk riff. Denise's sagging blazers, patterned head wraps and loud style remain iconic as ever. Here's to becoming our idols.


Vintage Brown Suede Leather Fedora

From DeLaBelle, $34.

Vintage Check Tuxedo Jacket Dress

From lollycrispvintage, $60.

Patchwork Print Cocoon Jacket

From vintageurbanrenewal, $29.95.

Urban Turban - Gold

By KnitFactory, $55.

Velvet Print Long Fit Blazer

From leolucaescobar, $32.

Vintage Betsey Johnson Pants

From GinaMicheleVintage, $26.

vintage 1980's harem trousers

From RecoveredVintage, $26.

Textured Bangles - Set of Three

By allisonmooney, $20.

vintage Leather Ankle Boots

From VerseauVintage, $82.

VTG Tweed Leather Cocoon Jacket

From SpeaksVolumesVintage, $38.

Cape Dress in White

By blackmarketbaby, $110.

vintage 80s Patchwork  Bag

From nickiefrye, $42.

TRIBAL Woven Cropped Top

From SpunSugarVintage, $10.

Vintage Woven Booties

From nstylevintage, $44.

Vintage Round Sunglasses

From AquarianVintage, $75.



Wooden Curtain Hoop Earrings

By betsyandiya, $25.

Alarice, 80s Black Tuxedo Jumpsuit

From LaCaravaneBoheme, $37.

Grey Architecture Cowl Drape Top

By desirapesta, $75.

Brocade Lace up booties

From lisazain, $38.


By PeaceImages, $40.

vintage floppy brim hat

From PranceAndSwagger, $36.

Wood and Leather -Valeria

By iheartnorwegianwood, $75.

Big GF Hoops

By strungoutdesigns, $23.


By outofafrika, $60.

Vintage Oversized MISSONI Dress

From nstylevintage, $98.

Queen Gemini Earlace

By TwistedRoots2, $25.

Tan patchwork leather tote

By scotatto, $420.


From IKAHN, $42.

vintage ankle booties 8

From greatestfriend, $33.

Yellowheart Teardrop Earrings

By orno, $31.


Square dance....Blue patchwork

By cocoricooo, $47.



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Alison Feldmann

Alison Feldmann is the head of editorial and brand content at Etsy. When she's not trawling Etsy for pottery, folk art, and vintage oddities, she enjoys traveling, historical nonfiction, thrift store shopping, and cooking (poorly). She loves a good cat video.