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Get the Look: Parisian Home Decor

Bring a touch of refined romance to your own maison without setting foot on a plane.

Parisian home decor style
Photo by Brigette Muller

Gilded mirrors, oil paintings in ornate frames, marble accents, and romantic textiles: Parisian apartment style is having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. Conjuring visions of a charming sun-drenched studio steps to the Seine, brimming with character and bursting with fine art and conversation pieces, Parisian decor style is refined, timeless, and effortlessly elegant, featuring a largely neutral palette, an appreciation for the antique, and a softly feminine flair. Whether you’re seeking authentic vintage home decor straight from France or opting for well-crafted modern day designs from all over the world, there’s a thoughtful, creative Etsy seller that can help you bring this aesthetic to your space.

The best part? You don’t need to go to France to get the look. In fact, you can enjoy Parisian decor vibes from the comfort of your own home—no passport required. So sit tight, grab a croissant, and build the staycation style of your dreams with five easy-to-implement key components, inspired by the city of love.

Eye-catching oil paintings

Paris apartment fine art on Etsy SHOP (clockwise from top left): Panoramic landscape print from Echo Shop, from $38; digital print of cottage landscape with blooms from Vintage Elegy, $6; woman portrait oil painting art print from Krista Kim Studio, $57; original vintage landscape oil painting from Igor Televnoi Art, $95; still life print from Krista Kim Studio, $35

When it comes to artwork, oil paintings add a certain je ne sais quoi to any gallery wall or shelf styling. The texture of the thick layers of paint on canvas paired with the often peaceful subject matter can set the tone for an entire room. Transport yourself into a countryside landscape painting, add some calm to your space with a still life, or contemplate the personality featured in a painted portrait for a mini museum moment. For those who are looking for an instant impact or a more affordable option, digital prints are your new go-to—just download, print, and add a vintage or ornate frame, and you’ll feel like you have a little piece of the Louvre at home.

Gorgeous gilded mirrors

Gilded mirrors on EtsySHOP: Antique oval gilded mirror from CollectionIt, $875; large rectangular mirror from Purana, $375; vintage scroll mirror with marble shelf from Junkette Love, from $100; gilded vanity mirror from Elena Godinho Antiquar, $277; large ornate regency mirror from Carnivale Lounge, $295

A touchstone of Parisian decor style is the gilded mirror, whose intricate frames can transform any living room into a French chateau. Hang a large gold mirror above your mantel or sideboard for a mesmerizing statement piece, or pepper smaller versions throughout your home to catch the eye and bounce the light from your windows just-so. Bonus: Adding mirrors to smaller spaces can make rooms feel bigger and brighter, no matter your square footage.

Vintage mirror in Parisian style home SHOP: Vintage mirrors

Magnificent marble accents

Marble accents from Etsy SHOP (clockwise from top left): Vintage pink marble onyx candlestick holder from Perfect Vintage Flea, $38; natural marble ring dish from Tucker and Lark Design, $18; vintage alabaster trinket box from VS collectibles, $165; Carrara marble tray from Balducci Marmi, $178; marble coffee table from Pergamon Marble & Design, from $1,100

With its smooth, subtle texture and distinctive depth, marble is a material that never goes out of style. Its neutral palette means it goes with anything, but thanks to the variety of veining and tones, it’s far from boring. Try a marble coffee table or mantle for a statement piece, opt for a marble tray for organizing your keys and jewelry, or choose a marble coaster to accent your end tables.

Romantic textiles

Romantic textiles from Etsy SHOP (clockwise from top left): Linen bedding set from SAUTHS, from $187; sage velvet throw pillows from Aesthetic Abode, from $58; natural linen dish towel from susurrus studio, from $14; linen shower curtain from Sand Snow Linen, from $177

Long, linen curtains luxuriously puddled on the floor. Velvet throw cushions piled up in the living room, just begging for a cozy couch hang. A super-soft duvet cover that looks good even when the bed isn’t made. One simple way to dial up the Parisian vibes and romanticize your everyday life? Layer on the tactile textiles, one easy-breezy piece at a time.

Vintage (and vintage-inspired) furnishings

Vintage and vintage-inspired furniture on Etsy SHOP (clockwise from top left): Vintage bronze cage chandelier from Le Louis Shop, $288; vintage cedar storage stand from Best second time, $110; vintage three-tier chandelier from Flea Market Creative, $411; concrete column table from Stogs Concrete Design, from $3,100; antique French provincial credenza from ReFind Design, $6,595; reclaimed wood trestle dining table from Strong Oaks Woodshop, $3,997

Set a strong foundation for your space with vintage and vintage-inspired pieces that add character, charm, and function. Cue the farmhouse dining tables, the French provincial dresser drawers, and the columned coffee tables. Try pairing dark, walnut-toned wood with the neutral, cool tones of marble and traditional white walls for a space that is as relaxing as it is refined. And don’t forget about lighting! An elegant chandelier can bring that extra-special something that can take any room to the next level.

Bring it all together

See how one creative spotlights Parisian decor style in her home.

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Mary Kinney

Mary Kinney is a writer, teaching artist, and professional tired person living in Portland, Oregon, by way of NYC. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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