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Harvest Season Finds We're Loving Right Now

by Rachel Mosely

Oct 17, 2018

Why settle for eating your veggies when you can deck out your home, closet, and jewelry box with standout designs inspired by autumn's bounty?

Photo by: Nature Supply Co.

Somewhere between the arrival of kale chips in vending machines and the restaurant-menu colonization of cauliflower steaks, one thing became abundantly clear: Veggies are cool. And not just in back-to-school lunch boxes or carefully curated salad bowls. This harvest season, our favorite fruits and vegetables are showing up on everything from measuring spoons to plush kids' toys to socks—to totally delicious effect. For proof, look no further than the veritable feast of produce-themed swag propagating on Etsy, and shop fall finds that look just as good as the veggies that inspired them.

For your kitchen

Whether you've got a lush backyard vegetable patch or just a windowsill crowded with potted herbs, you can channel your inner farmer at home, thanks to a new crop of illustrated kitchen tools and accents. Think measuring spoons, aprons, and dish towels updated with a seasonal smattering of eggplants, artichokes, and beets. Toss in a vintage-inspired vegetable wall chart for good measure, and you'll really be cooking.

For your closet

It's not just the autumnal hues of pumpkins, squash, and pomegranates that are making their mark on fashion this year. Designers on Etsy have discovered that food-themed prints, messages, and motifs also lend themselves organically to closet staples like socks, totes, and bow ties. One fresh find we were particularly delighted to unearth? A cheeky typographic tee that reads like a go-to farmer's market shopping list.

For your kiddo

Remember all those childhood admonishments about playing with your food? There's a new school of thought in town, and it's decidedly hands-on. Easily recognizable forms and inviting hues make harvest vegetables a smart pick for everything from educational toy sets to playful pillows and even clothing. Bonus: After forming a positive association between produce and playtime, your tot may start begging for second helpings of healthy sides instead of avoiding them at all costs.

For your jewelry box

If you've ever compared an heirloom carrot with its leafy top intact and a peeled and pared baby variety in a plastic pouch, you know: There's no one way to prepare a vegetable. And there's no one way to wear produce-inspired jewelry, either. Whether you select a delicately sculpted polymer clay artichoke pendant to add an elevated twist to your favorite fall look, or opt for a cartoonishly cute garden-fresh medley of brooches, there's something on Etsy for every jewelry taste.

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Rachel Mosely

Rachel Mosely is an editor and writer living in Brooklyn, New York