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12 Hostess Gifts That'll Get You Invited Back

by Molly Simms

Jul 13, 2016

Whether you're heading to the beach, a farm, or the woods, say "thank you" to your host with a unique, location-appropriate gift.

Photo by: Free Folding

Summer is made for great escapes — vacations full of sightseeing, naps, and plenty of daytime rosé. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an invite to someplace wonderful, be it your longtime buddy’s cabin in the woods or your aunt’s amazing penthouse in the city. Aside from not leaving wet towels on the floor, there’s one surefire way to guarantee yourself a repeat invite: a world-class host gift. These gems have been sorted by location, so no matter where you’re headed, you’ll have a present with just the right vibe.

The Beach Weekend

 Sunset beach towel by Circa 78 Designs, $48.
Every beach-house owner knows: You can never have too many towels. This retro style boasts serious ’70s appeal.
Custom nautical notecards by I Design That, set of 8 for $13.
In the age of Snapchat, personalized paper notecards carry all the throwback charm of a message in a bottle. inv_fullxfull.3297779056_mp8gjcce.jpg?version=0
Personalized beach bag by La Paso Bien, $21.
A lined, palm-print tote bag will keep the sand out of their 'wiches, and their beach reads within reach.

Forest Respite

Botanical matches by Portmanteau Paper Co, $3.
Encourage evening bonfires with fancy botanical matches.
Marshmallow roasting sticks by Alpine Wine Design, set of 4 for $49.
S'mores-making marathons get a major boost thanks to these classy — and easy-to-grasp — marshmallow-roasting sticks, made from repurposed wine barrels.  
Porcelain birdhouse by Land M Studio, $110.
Your host will think of you every time they see a robin alight on this mid-century-inspired birdhouse.

Pastoral Pleasures

il_fullxfull.855214490_tnhv (1)
Washable leather gardening gloves by Homegrown Handmade, $42.
Gardening gloves are a must for the host who's tending to fledgling fruits and veggies. Bonus: these are both adorable and washable.
Personalized walnut cheese board by OSO Home, from $55.
When everything’s ripe, put all that nutritious bounty on this rustic serving board.
Outdoor lawn game by Kubb Country, from $115.
Engage their competitive side with a lawn game that’s good-looking enough to leave out on the grass.

City Living

Lavender aromatherapy spray by Clean Haven Naturals, from $9.
Lavender and chamomile linen spray takes away the cares of the day (and is a welcome alternative to the smell of exhaust).
Agate coasters by Lilpengee Gems, set of 4 for $60.
Make your host a cocktail, then serve it on a bright agate coaster.
concrete planter
Concrete geometric vessels by Concrete Geometric, from $40 for a set of 3.
An angular concrete planter blends style and substance, just like the metropolis they call home.  

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Molly Simms

Molly Simms is an editor, writer, and voice actor living in Brooklyn. Her all-time favorite celebrity is Pee-wee Herman and her favorite food is cake. Follow her on Twitter @themollysimms.