Show off your favorite pins with a DIY display that suits your style.

As any accessories lover knows, once you start collecting enamel pins, it’s nearly impossible to stop. But when your collection outgrows the lapel of your denim jacket, it’s a shame not to find another way to show them off. The good news? There's always space on the wall – especially for a bright, upcycled display that complements your decor. This DIY solution is easy to execute and offers endless possibilities for customization: Choose a frame size that fits your collection, and a paint color that suits your style. The best part is that this project couldn’t be easier – you might even already have the materials you need stashed in your craft cabinet.
You will need:
  • Picture frame
  • Spray paint
  • Cork placemats
  • Utility knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard

Step 1: Remove the frame backing and glass from your frame. Spray paint the frame in a well-ventilated area. Let dry completely.
Step 2: Trace the frame backing onto the cork placemat and use a utility knife to cut along the lines.
Step 3: Hot glue the cork to the cardboard and place the whole thing inside the frame.
Now it’s ready to display your pins! All photographs by Amanda Kingloff.

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