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How to Make a Driftwood Jewelry Organizer

by Katie Hawley

Sep 1, 2020

Keep your accessories organized and within arm's reach with a boho-meets-beachy driftwood organizer.

Three finished driftwood jewelry organizers on display on a wall

If, like us, you've been stocking up on trend-forward jewelry to welcome the season in style, you might also be facing a bit of a storage conundrum: where to stash all your newly purchased gold hoops and colorful gemstone stacking rings? With a hanging driftwood jewelry organizer, you can keep a visual reminder of sunny summer days within arm's reach, and keep your accessories organized all at once. You only need a smooth piece of driftwood, a pile of colorful seed beads, and some basic hardware to create a one-of-a-kind device that's perfect for storing—and displaying—your most beloved statement pieces. Ready to get started?
At a glance: 
Time: 1–4 hours
Difficulty: Beginner

supplies for making the jewelry organizer

You will need:
Screwing a small eye hook into the end of the piece of driftwood

Step 1: Choose which side of the driftwood you want to use as the top edge of the jewelry organizer and use pliers to screw a small eye hook near each end of that surface. (When deciding which side should be the top, keep in mind that you'll want the face of the wood that will rest against the wall to be reasonably flat.) Keep twisting until the hooks are tightly secured in the wood.

Looping the fishing line through the eye hook

Step 2: Cut a length of fishing line that's approximately twice as long as the driftwood. Tie one end of the line to one of the eye hooks using a double half-hitch knot.

Stringing colorful seed beads onto the fishing line

Step 3: Start stringing seed beads onto the unattached end of the fishing line, changing up the colors as you see fit. Try an alternating stripe pattern or mix it up with a rainbow free-for-all or a subtle ombré effect. Continue beading until you have 3 to 4 inches of fishing line remaining.

Tying the loose end of the finishing line onto the second eye hook

Step 4: Tie the loose end of the fishing line to the second eye hook, using another double half-hitch knot to secure it.

Screwing a cup hook into the bottom of the driftwood

Two hands holding a finished driftwood jewelry organizer
Step 5: Find the bottom center of your piece of driftwood and screw in a cup or eye hook there. Add more hooks to each side, working your way from the center out, to create your desired configuration. Use the pliers to tighten each hook as you go.
Tip: Cup hooks are perfect for hanging necklaces, rings, and bracelets, while large eye hooks are ideal for sunglasses. Try adding tiny eye hooks to keep your earrings organized, too!

Three finished driftwood jewelry organizers on display on a wall

All done! Now hang your organizer on the wall, add some jewelry, and bask in the beachy boho glow.
Project by Julie O’BoyleAleksa Brown, and Clare McGibbon; photographs courtesy of Ryan Liebe

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