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Put a Fresh Twist on Mother’s Day Flowers With This DIY Tray

Let your creativity bloom with this pretty DIY platter that makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day—or for yourself.

Styled photo of a completed DIY pressed flower tray being used to serve tea in bed

The only thing more enjoyable than tucking into a hot, syrupy stack of pancakes while snuggled under the blankets in your pj’s? Having them served to you on cheerful floral breakfast tray. Brighten your day (or someone else’s) with this pretty yet practical DIY platter that lets your creativity bloom—and makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Whether you prefer playful pansies, dainty daisies, or a colorful mix of wildflowers, all you need is a sprinkling of petals to transform a simple tray into a one-of-a-kind decorative piece. Create a floral arrangement that speaks to you—be it the shape of an initial or a sprawling bouquet—then coat in resin and let air dry, and get ready to serve up your next coffee break or late-night snack with a side of flower power.

At a glance:

Time: 1 hour, plus drying time

Difficulty: Intermediate

Materials for the DIY spread out in a flat lay

You will need:

Step 1: Arrange the flowers

One option for a potential floral composition, with daisies arranged in a grid-like pattern

The final composition: a wreath of colorful florals

Lay out the pressed flowers on your tray. You can try lining them up neatly by color, creating a wreath design, or just scattering them about. When you're happy with your floral composition, add glue dots to the backs of the flowers to secure them to your tray. This will prevent them from shifting when you pour the resin.

Step 2: Mix the resin

Mixing equal parts resin and hardener in a clear cup

Line your workspace with parchment paper to protect it from drips. Then, transfer the resin and hardener to two separate cups, so that you have 2 ounces of resin and 2 ounces of hardener. Next, pour both the resin and hardener into your clear mixing cup and stir with a wooden stick, following the manufacturer’s instructions for exact mixing time as well as safety precautions. Remember to scrape the sides of your mixing cup as you stir so the resin mixes evenly. Tip: We recommend starting with 4 ounces of mixture to avoid wasting any resin. You can always mix more later if needed.

Step 3: Pour the resin into the tray

Pouring the resin over the floral arrangement on the tray

Pour the resin into the bottom of your tray. Work in small batches to help prevent overflow or excess.

Step 4: Spread the resin mixture

Spreading the resin evenly by tilting the tray

Spreading the resin evenly by tilting the tray

Making small last-minute floral rearrangements with a wood stick

Carefully tilt your tray in all directions until the resin has reached all four walls of the tray. Gently blow on the resin to remove any bubbles. If you need more resin to fully cover your pressed flowers, whip up a new batch as you did in step 2, and add it on top of your first layer. You’ll want to do this quickly, or the first layer of resin will start to set. Tip: If your flowers begin to drift as you’re spreading the resin mixture, gently glide them back into place with your wooden stick. 

Step 5: Let the resin cure

The completed pressed flower tray with an even coat of resin and neatly arranged florals

Set your tray on a level surface away from dust, children, and any pets, and let it cure for at least 24 hours, (or the time indicated in your resin package's instructions). Once it’s completely dry, you’ll have a tray befitting a lovely, leisurely breakfast in bed. 

A styled photo of the completed DIY pressed flower tray laid out on a bed, carrying a cup of tea

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