Turn your rock collection into a sleek and colorful art wall with this clever tutorial from Clare McGibbon.

My grandmother likes to collect rocks and gems. She displays them in bowls around her home, and I always love admiring her collection when I visit, especially the agate slices she has carefully propped up on various shelves. I've been wanting to start my own collection of these slices for several years, but only recently found a simple way to display them on the wall, or in the window as a suncatcher.
You will need: Agate slices 24-gauge silver wire Aluminum foil tape Scissors Decorative scissors (optional) Bone folder Step 1: Cut the Wire
To measure the wire for the agate you've chosen, wrap the wire loosely around the outside of your slice and cut using your scissors.

Next, find the center of your piece of wire, twist the center to form a small loop, and set aside.
Step 2: Prep Your Slice

Choose which way you would like your agate slice to hang. Cut a slice of foil tape twice the width of your slice to tape off the top of your agate. Fold the edges of the tape over the sides of the slice and smooth the tape with your bone folder. Step 3: Cut the Foil Tape
Using your decorative scissors, cut a strip of tape twice the width of your slice and long enough to wrap around its circumference.
Step 3: Wrap and Display
Place the looped end of your wire at the top of your slice. Press the wire around the agate and form the basic shape of the slice.

Starting next to the loop at the top of your slice, tape the wire to the agate, folding the edges of the tape over the sides of the slice as you go.

Once you've wrapped around the entire edge of your piece with your tape, cut off the excess and use your bone folder to smooth out the foil. Repeat this process for your other agate slices.

Display your pieces on your wall and, voila! — you now have an original way to show off and admire your ever-growing agate collection.
Note: You can also tie a string to the loop of a single agate slice for a quick and beautiful window adornment. All photographs by Clare McGibbon.