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How-Tuesday: 14 Favorite Camp Projects

by Aleksa Brown

Aug 27, 2013

Before you embark on your next camping adventure, soak up some inspiration for DIY gear, delicious campfire-cooked food, and cute crafts.

Camping is the ultimate DIY experience – from building a fire to securing shelter before sundown, it's all about being resourceful and planning ahead. From insect-repellant candles to delicious campfire doughnuts, there's no shortage of projects around the web that will help make your next camping trip that much more fun and functional. Here are a few of our favorites:
Left to right: 1. Keep the bugs away with these DIY beeswax insect-repellant candles. 2. Illuminate your camp site with candle stakes you can make yourself.
3. Turn your little ones into happy campers  with this DIY A-frame tent. 4. Make your own sun jar for a glowing light into the night.
5. A clever firewood sling will make collecting wood so much easier! 6. Perfect your fire-building skills with these pro tips.
7. Put these packets in the fire pit and you've got a delicious Cajun meal in no time. 8. Start a day of wilderness exploring off right with a tasty breakfast burrito.
9. Two words: Campfire. Doughnuts. 10. We're crazy about these adorable DIY friendship bracelets.
11. Pass the time at camp by making a pretty God's eye. 12. This DIY soap pouch comes in handy at camp showers.
13. Channel your inner Girl Scout with this sit-upon tutorial. 14. Sit in style with this DIY tripod camping stool.

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Aleksa Brown

Aleksa Brown is a writer, editor, and brand storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY. Some of her favorite things include burgers, bike rides, and being outside with friends on sunny days. Read more of her work on the Etsy Journal.