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How-Tuesday: Rewired Bracelets

Hidden inside old-school printer cable is a rainbow of wires, ready to be repurposed into colorful bracelets.

Sarah Goldschadt is a freelance graphic designer and crafter who loves to make things, travel, and take pictures. Check out her Etsy shop, her blog, and stay tuned for more craft loveliness when her book, Craft-a-Day, comes out in October. Guess what! Hidden inside those old-school printer cables are a plethora of wire in a rainbow of colors. With a craft knife and wire cutter, you can transform the wire into bracelets and wow all your techie friends.

Materials Needed:

- Printer cord - Craft knife - Wire cutter


Trim the ends of the cord with a wire cutter and score the outer layer with a craft knife.

Peel off the outside layer and separate the wires by pulling one out at a time. Make slits in a piece of cardboard to wrap the wire if desired.

To measure the length, wrap a piece of wire around your wrist and add 1.5". Multiply that number by at at least 4, and cut a length of wire for a small bracelet. Cut a longer length of wire for a larger bracelet.

Make a small loop and start wrapping the wire around the end you just measured around your wrist. Twist the wire with your thumb and pointer finger while the other hand guides it in place.

To finish the bracelet wrap the single end through the loop and twist it around.

You can make a handful of bracelets in solid colors.

 Or, double the wires to create a thicker bracelet.

  A big thank you to Sarah Goldschadt  for sharing this project with us. For more clever projects like this one, keep an eye out for her new book, Craft-A-Day, available in October from Quirk Books. If you make your own bracelet, share a photo with us in the Etsy Labs Flickr group.

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Sarah Goldschadt