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Instant Collection: Virginia Metalcrafters Brass Leaves

by Alison Feldmann

Aug 14, 2012

Shiny, organic and sculptural, the humble leaf becomes a covetable collectible when cast in brass.

Some collections develop organically; others are cultivated over time. However, for some folks, patience does not come so easily; some folks (okay, me) want to acquire a mountain of shiny things in a hurry. Which brings me to these gorgeous brass leaves, originally cast by Virginia Metalcrafters. Founded in 1890, this long and storied company has made everything from frying pans to tractors to historic reproductions sold at Colonial Williamsburg. This particular series of botanical specimens were created by sculptor Oskar Hansen for Virginia Metalcrafters; modeled directly from nature, the wide array of leaf designs range in size from 3 to 40 inches. But let's get back to the shiny things, shall we? I imagine a display of these glistening leaves against a greeny-gray wall — say, Studio Green. Simply attach a few plate hangers and you've got yourself a clever installation. Instant collection!

[Clockwise from top left: Brass Fig Leaf from Amelia Rose Vintage; Brass Holly Leaves from Virginia Haskins; Brass Rhubarb Leaf from Renee VintageBrass May Apple from Jump in a CraterBrass Maple Leaf Tray from The Gilded TasselBrass Sea Grape Leaf from Flume Street]

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Alison Feldmann

Alison Feldmann is the head of editorial and brand content at Etsy. When she's not trawling Etsy for pottery, folk art, and vintage oddities, she enjoys traveling, historical nonfiction, thrift store shopping, and cooking (poorly). She loves a good cat video.