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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Rubies

It doesn’t get more radiant than July’s rose-colored birthstone.

Ruby and garnet bangle from Embers Gemstone Jewellery
Photo by: Embers Gemstone Jewellery

Thanks to their signature pinky-red hue (think the perfect crimson-meets-fuchsia shade of lipstick), rubies add a touch of warmth to any ensemble—making them an especially fitting birthstone for sunny July babes. But with their reputation for inspiring passion and courage, these rose-colored jewels make a fitting choice for anyone, regardless of birth month, who wants to take a walk on the bold side. So why not let them dial up your summer look? We’ve selected five stunning pieces guaranteed to do the trick.

Ruby threader earrings from Artique Boutique
Ruby threader earrings from Artique Boutique, $89

Artique Boutique’s adjustable threader earrings offer a double dose of this month’s featured stone, pairing a generous, medium-tone ruby gem with a deeper ruby nugget—and setting them both off with whisper-thin metal discs for contrast. Available in a 14K gold or sterling silver finish, these distinctive danglers are equal parts elegant and edgy.

Raw stone ruby ring from Dani Barbe
Raw stone ruby ring from Dani Barbe, $94

Striking the right balance between subdued and spectacular is key when getting in on the stacking ring trend. Luckily, Dani Barbe’s raw stone ruby ring makes it look easy. The delicate curve of the gold band adds visual interest to any arrangement while the five ethically sourced stones deliver just the right amount of saturated, yet understated, color. 

Ruby bar necklace from Lolabean
Ruby bar necklace from Lolabean, from $35

Lolabean Jewelry’s delicate bar necklace features an ombré array of petite rubies, ranging from white to dark scarlet. Choose from a gold, rose gold, or sterling silver chain and five popular lengths to create the just-right piece for you. And rest assured that this versatile, layering-friendly beauty is dainty enough for everyday wear—a good thing, since once it’s on, we’re willing to bet you won’t want to take it off.

Ruby and garnet bangle from Embers Gemstone Jewellery
Ruby and garnet bangle from Embers Gemstone Jewellery, $197

A little bit boho and a little bit Old Hollywood, this handcrafted 18K gold bangle from Embers Gemstone Jewellery boasts a total of nine spectrum-spanning stones, including a range of ruby shades and a selection of glimmering garnets—also known as our other favorite red birthstone. It’s a quick way to add an eye-catching edge to any outfit. 

Ruby and diamond ring from Envero Jewelry
Ruby and diamond ring from Envero Jewelry, from $580

Katy Perry may be the latest superstar bride-to-be to sport a radiant ruby engagement ring—but who says you have to be heading down the aisle to wear your fantasy rock? With a gorgeous oval-cut ruby offset by mirrored diamond clusters, Envero Jewelry’s statement band is the stuff of our Art Deco dreams. Even better? Thanks to the ring’s low-profile setting and ruby’s naturally tough exterior (these babies clock in at a nine out of ten on the Mohs scale!), you’ll feel safe and secure sporting this dazzler day in and day out.

Ruby at home

In ceramic, print, or textile form, ruby-colored accents add a warm pop of color to any space. 

Four ruby-colored items for the home: ceramic dessert plates, a wool throw, a pair of linen napkins, and an abstract art print
Clockwise from top left: Ceramic dessert plates from Sarit Ceramics, $50 for 2; wool throw from Blisscraft + Brazen, $471; linen napkins from Banquet Atelier & Workshop, $28 for 2; fine art print from Jorey Hurley, from $48

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