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Mother's Day Craft: DIY Rope Vase

by Ashley Poskin

Apr 29, 2016

Use embroidery floss and rope to create a stunning DIY vase.

Ashley Poskin is a photographer, blogger, and Chicago-style hot dog enthusiast who lives in a big old house in a teeny tiny town. When she’s not dreaming up new DIY projects, you can find her knee-deep in a home renovation project and searching for unique vintage goods to put in her Etsy shop, Dingaling Vintage Most of our moms probably still have (and hold dear) the penne and rigatoni necklaces we made them for Mother’s Day years ago. Now that your crafting skills have matured, why not make her a more grown-up gift with an equally handmade touch? This DIY rope-coil vessel can be made to fit around any vase you choose. Finish the look with a beautiful bouquet, and you're all set to celebrate Mom in style. Let's begin! inv_fullxfull.3345426437_fuggtqhw.jpg?version=0You will need: inv_fullxfull.3297729752_6gendkej.jpg?version=0Step 1: Pick your first embroidery floss color. (Note: This will be on the bottom of the vessel, so you won’t necessarily see it.) Cut a string as long as you can manage, and tie a double knot in the end. Thread the floss through your darning needle. Tightly wind the rope into a snake coil and pass the needle through the middle until the double knot at the end of the floss can be pulled taut to secure the coil. inv_fullxfull.3345426593_o9mxgtbe.jpg?version=0Step 2: Start your stitching pattern by sending the darning needle up and around two rows of coils at a time, turning the rope as you go so that the coil continues to grow. Try to keep your stitches relatively close together for a secure hold. For the most part, you’ll be stitching around the two rows of coils next to each other, but every so often, it’s a good idea to reach out and stitch a row farther away for a more random look. inv_fullxfull.3297729888_3h4mkfkm.jpg?version=0Step 3: Continue stitching. This process takes quite a bit of floss, so once you’re close to running out (or want to switch colors) just tie the end of your floss around a few completed stitches, make a knot, and trim. To hide the knot completely, make it on the outside of part of the rope, which will eventually be covered by layers of coils. inv_fullxfull.3345426735_3tq7ilnr.jpg?version=0Step 4: To start a new color, thread your darning needle with a length of floss as long as you can manage, and tie a double knot at the very end. Send the needle through the side of one of the coils and pull until the knot is taut. Wrap the coil so it covers over the side of the knot and continue stitching. inv_fullxfull.3345426805_54ybakoc.jpg?version=0Step 5: Once you've got a solid circle base, set your vase on the coil to ensure a proper fit. Once the base is wide enough, you can start to bring up the sides of the vessel. inv_fullxfull.3345426903_fku63rq8.jpg?version=0Step 6: To bring up the side of the vessel, simply set a coil of rope on top of the coil directly below it (the outer coil of the base) and stitch around these two rows using the same technique as before. inv_fullxfull.3345426973_5c22j2uu.jpg?version=0inv_fullxfull.3345427041_tdq39gel.jpg?version=0Step 7: Continue stitching until the vessel reaches your desired height, alternating colors as you wish. inv_fullxfull.3345427121_q1w7ad22.jpg?version=0inv_fullxfull.3345427191_1ow80fpm.jpg?version=0Step 8: To finish the vessel, trim the underside of the end of the rope on an angle so that it tapers down and the raw edge lays flat against the rope beneath it. inv_fullxfull.3297730522_h8coic88.jpg?version=0Step 9: Secure the tapered end by wrapping a denser set of stitches than you've used for the rest of the vessel. (You might end up with bits of cotton sticking out of the rope — just wrap more stitches around to keep everything covered and secure.) Once you’ve placed as many stitches as you see necessary, send the needle through the rope and tie off the stitch. inv_fullxfull.3297730582_kx612wyn.jpg?version=0 And there you have it! A beautiful little handmade gift to deliver to mom on Mother's Day. All photos by Ashley Poskin.
Ashley Poskin