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Noted: What's Your Favorite Memory?

by Alison Feldmann

Sep 25, 2011

On any street corner, there's your answer.

Fifty People, One Question is a simple project: the crew goes to a city, asks fifty people the same question and films their responses. The results are funny, moving and sometimes tear-inducing. The crew recently visited Chicago, Illinois, asking the question: "What's your favorite memory?" These are the results. See more on Fifty People, One Question's YouTube channel.  

So what's your favorite memory? Post it in the comments below.

Alison Feldmann

Alison Feldmann is the head of editorial and brand content at Etsy. When she's not trawling Etsy for pottery, folk art, and vintage oddities, she enjoys traveling, historical nonfiction, thrift store shopping, and cooking (poorly). She loves a good cat video.