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Shop the Trend: Orb Jewelry

Geometric motifs get a sophisticated update with this new wave of orb-shaped accessories.

Photo by: Sanktoleono

In ancient times, the sphere represented wholeness, unity, and the infinite. Today, it still evokes those timeless themes—while also representing the next phase of the evolving geometric jewelry craze. Smooth, uniform, rounded shapes are replacing hard edges and sharp angles, resulting in a softer, more refined statement. I see the orb as a perfect blend of the past and the future, reminiscent of classic pearls but often made from unusual (and un-girly) materials like steel or concrete. It’s a form that can suit any style or occasion—which is probably why I find myself wearing it at all times these days. Read on for a few easy ways to get the look.
Sanktoleono hoop earrings, from $72


I love the way this shop has infused a typically polished style with its signature boho sensibility. I’m especially drawn to the Bubba bracelet and Kival earrings, which are refreshing takes on the current cuff and hoop earring trends.
Maslo Jewelry brass and bead necklace, $54

Maslo Jewelry

By combining complementary and unexpected materials, Maslo Jewelry proves that even minimalist styles can have a distinct point of view. I own the Baseline necklace and often showcase it over a solid turtleneck.
Vintage gold-tone clip-on earrings from Persephone Vintage, $56

Persephone Vintage

Though every piece in this long-established shop is vintage, you'd never know it. Thanks to inspired curation and styling, each look reads as completely fresh and modern—just look at these could-have-been-made-yesterday clip-on statement earrings from the ‘80s. inv_fullxfull.3297900388_o043earp.jpg?version=0
Laurel Hill moonstone and bronze ring, $124

Laurel Hill

In her Missoula, Montana, studio, Laurel Hill crafts made-to-order pieces that feel like modern talismans with magical properties. The Uva Ursi ring comes in a variety of stones, each representing different energies. Why not don a moonstone ring for a beautiful daily reminder to channel your own mental clarity and wisdom?
Rock Salt Vintage gold-fill necklace, $50

Rock Salt Vintage

Everything in this shop, which accommodates a range of styles, has one thing in common: It's utterly wearable. You'll find classic and understated pieces like the Dainty Ball necklace interspersed with bold, aspirational looks, all in gold, sterling silver, brass, or a mix.

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Gabriella Cetrulo

Gabriella Cetrulo is a curator, writer, and illustrator living and working in New York City.

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