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Three Shops for Stylish Storage

by Diana Keeler

Sep 23, 2016

Bring order to the bathroom, the playroom, and more with these good-looking organizers from Etsy sellers.

Photo by: Warm Grey Company

Storage: It's the workhorse of your design scheme. Without good storage, your room will never know true tidiness; with it, you'll always have somewhere to put socks, shoes, glitter, books, toys, hand weights, tomatoes, and every other little thing that would otherwise overwhelm your physical space. But that doesn't mean it has to be all business. Below, three options for easy-breezy organization that'll add a cheerful note to any environment.

A Crafty Hen

Fabric storage bin from A Crafty Hen, $23
Working from her home in Devon, England, A Crafty Hen's Jenny Peters creates home storage pieces using a range of organic fabrics sourced from around the world. With an emphasis on spare but warm Scandinavian designs, her 7" x 9" x 6" bins are perfect for collecting toys and dolls in a kid's room, corralling mittens and hats in an entryway, or stashing backup toiletries in the guest bath.

Hay Creek Road Boutique

Crocheted baskets from Hay Creek Road Boutique, $22
This line of crocheted home goods and accessories is the handiwork of "the Girls of Hay Creek Road," a three-person mother-and-daughters team who hash out new ideas at regular backyard craft nights in their Washington hometown. Their hand-crocheted baskets come in stripes and solid colors, and are strong enough to maintain their shape even when empty — though they'll look even better when stocked with your own arts and crafts supplies.

Warm Grey Company

Washable paper storage bags by Warm Grey Company, from $16
Graphic designer by day, home goods designer by night, Mairita Jonikane of Warm Grey Company fell in love-at-first-sight with washable paper — then used her creative chops to develop it into a range of reusable storage bags, bins and totes that are as handsome as they are handy. Use them for organizing office supplies, gathering gift wrap and bows, or even holding piles of produce fresh from the farmer's market.

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Diana Keeler

Diana Keeler is an Etsy shopkeeper based in Paris. She is currently traveling around the world, an expedition she is writing about on Faraway Places. She interviewed Ryan Gosling three times in one year. Find her on Instagram and Pinterest.