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Trending on Instagram: 10 Fun Etsy Finds for Summer

by Audrey Manning

Jul 1, 2019

From the world's tiniest cactus to a dinner table with swinging seats, this summer’s most buzzworthy finds are all about embracing your playful side.

A resin ring designed by Geschmeide Unter Teck to look like a miniature aquarium.
Photo by: Geschmeide Unter Teck

With its blissfully longer, sunnier days, summer grants us permission to prioritize fun (preferably the outdoor kind). The moment temperatures rise, that lighthearted, adventurous spirit takes hold of our Instagram feed, and 2 million of Etsy’s biggest fans begin enthusiastically double-tapping all the colorful, one-of-a-kind finds that spark their playful side. From the world’s tiniest (and cutest) cactus to a dinner table with swinging seats, each of this season’s 10 most popular Instagram posts will pepper your days—or daydreams—with wonder, even if you’re stuck perusing this list in an over-air-conditioned office. Read on to discover the crowd-pleasing picks that are making imaginations run wild world-over.

A house-shaped bed frame from KM Designs.
House-shaped bed frame from KM Designs, from $320

We envy the kid lucky enough to spend every night in this whimsical canopy bed frame, built from black alder hardwood and the stuff of childhood dreams. KM Designs’ creation is part playhouse, part sleeping space, and the perfect place for reading bedtime stories. 

A rainbow-glazed ceramic spoon set from Amrita Lash Pottery.
Rainbow-glazed ceramic spoon set from Amrita Lash Pottery, $105

Packaged in a set of 11 rainbow-spanning shades, these vibrant ceramic spoons from Amrita Lash Pottery will add a hefty dollop of cheer to your morning coffee, afternoon cocktail, or weekend tablescape. Hewn in rough, organic shapes, these durable beauties are both pleasing to hold and dishwasher safe.

A collection of flower-filled resin crystals from Eight Acorns
Flower-filled resin crystal from Eight Acorns, $50

With over 50,000 likes on Instagram, these flower-filled resin terrariums from Eight Acorns have one job: simply delight. Standing three-and-a-half inches tall, they beautifully marry two of our favorite trends (florals and crystal motifs), offering a fresh way to display both at home.

A dining table with swinging seats from Swing Tables
Dining table with swinging seats from Swing Tables, $6,050

If you really want to indulge your inner child, may we suggest a playground-inspired dining set from Swing Tables? Boasting beautiful walnut construction, a built-in planter box, and six swinging seats, this indoor/outdoor table makes for both a picturesque summer patio and a daring dining room statement.

A miniature cactus planter from Tierra Sol Studio
Micro cactus from Tierra Sol Studio, $16

Even if you’re not much of a green thumb, this thimble-sized cactus planter will surely inspire you to cultivate your own little indoor garden. Consider the skill that went into making this tiny treasure! And don’t worry about where you’ll find a plant small enough for this handmade ceramic vessel: An order from Tierra Sol Studio includes a homegrown mini cactus, planter, sand, and tips for caring for your new little buddy.

An electroformed raw green kyranite ring from eMeraki
Raw green kyranite ring from eMeraki, from $294

Could this striking raw gemstone ring from eMeraki be the crown your finger deserves? Look closely to see lava-like electroformed metal cradling a rocky terrain of raw green kyanite, a stunningly unique stone. Choose from rose gold, yellow gold, or rhodium plating or an unadorned sterling silver setting to create your own statement piece.

A collection of gold ring bands hand-engraved with constellations from Sofia Zakia
Constellation engagement rings from Sofia Zakia, $1,650 each

As their name suggests, these "Written in the Stars" rings from jeweler Sofia Zakia shine like the night sky. Hand-engraved with the constellations of both you and your beloved in one of three gold tones, they’ll make an ultra-romantic wedding band set.

A collection of pressed-flower necklaces from Electric Eccentricity
Pressed-flower necklace from Electric Eccentricity, $33

Carry summer blossoms with you from Sunday brunch to sunny park picnic with a charming pressed flower necklace from Electric Eccentricity. Personalized with an initial, these wilt-proof blooms would make a particularly touching birthday or graduation keepsake.

A set of two miniature porcelain toilet planters from MsPotterCeramics
Miniature porcelain potty planters from MsPotterCeramics, $36

We thought we’d seen every creative plant home imaginable until our eyes met these undeniably adorable mini porcelain potty planters. Your precious succulents will certainly be sitting pretty in these hand-painted thrones from MsPotterCeramics.

A resin ring designed to look like an aquarium from Geschmeide Unter Teck
Aquarium resin ring from Geschmeide Unter Teck, $100

Each resin piece from jewelry shop Geschmeide Unter Teck is a world unto itself, packing impressive detail into a small, wearable package. Slip this aquarium ring on and dive into an underwater wonderland, complete with miniature fish, sand, stones and moss. So refreshing! 

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Audrey Manning

Audrey Manning grew up in Brooklyn, just blocks from the Etsy office. When not writing educational content for sellers, she can be found knitting for her Etsy shop, abrooklynheart. Keep up with her on Pinterest.