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34 Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Surprise and Delight Them

by Jackie Buddie

Jun 17, 2021

Thank your bride squad with our curated collection of thoughtful, unique bridesmaid gifts—including eye-catching clutches, custom keychains, and more.

Bridesmaids and bride pose holding bouquets in front of their faces
Photo by: Florologie

Looking for bridesmaid gifts that will wow them? We’ve rounded up 34 incredible options from Etsy that are as unique and special as they are.

Buttercream or fondant? Ivory or ecru? Chiffon or crepe? When you’re planning a wedding, it can quickly start to feel like every little decision carries a tremendous weight. Luckily, you’ve got a trusted network of bridesmaids who’ve always encouraged you to do things your own way. Never mind what your great-aunt Bernice thinks—your bride squad will be the first to remind you it’s your day, and if you want to wear pink and serve key lime pie then, girlfriend, you should go for it!

Of course, that leaves you with one more important choice to make: bridesmaid gifts. How can you personally thank each of those irreplaceable women for supporting you through all of life’s major moments? To show them your appreciation is boundless, think beyond the wedding weekend and give each bridesmaid a timeless gift that’s personalized to match her signature style. From elevated clutches to playful earrings that pop, here are fresh takes on classic bridesmaid gifts that go the extra mile—just like they always have.

One-of-a-kind statement earrings

They might all be clothed head to toe in taffeta, but your bridesmaids can still make a unique statement on your big day (and beyond) with unexpected accessories chosen just for them. One foolproof gift option? Notice-me earrings as bold as their personalities.

Colorful hoop earrings against a pink and orange background.
SHOP: Colorful hoop earrings from My Beata, $47

Bright boho hoops are likely to crop up in your color-loving confidant’s post-party rotation, whether she’s rocking a fun, flirty jumpsuit or jeans and a T-shirt.

Starburst earrings on a model.
SHOP: Acetate starburst earrings from Lace and Pearls Jewelry, $40

A radiant pair of starburst earrings are versatile enough to put on for video calls long after the wedding’s done.

Enamel flower earrings on a model.
SHOP: Enamel earrings from Fauna & Flora, $92

For vintage-loving besties, try enamel flower earrings reminiscent of the brooches you used to thrift together back in the day.

Spherical statement earrings on a model.
SHOP: Sphere statement earrings from Laka Luka, $72

Does she have a certain je ne sais quoi? These chic spherical earrings are sure to take it up a notch.

Sunshine-yellow seed bead earrings.
SHOP: Beaded earrings from Virgo Sun Jewelry, $40

Sunshine-yellow seed bead earrings are fitting for the friend with enduring optimism.

A custom token of sisterhood

You and your childhood crew may have come a long way since you rocked matching BFF necklaces, but that doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown the appeal of accessories that feel extra personal. From birthstone rings to custom keychains, these bridesmaid gifts feel especially her.

Five custom-drawn face magnets on a white surface with flowers.
SHOP: Custom magnet from Kit Atlas, from $36

Show your girls you really see them with miniature magnets of their smiling faces. Because friends like you stick together.

Initial keychains in pastel colors.
SHOP: Custom initial keychain from VIVIAN x CO, from $10

For a custom gift with contemporary staying power, try an initial keychain that features flecks of glimmering gold or shimmery silver.

Two initial and birthstone rings on a model.
SHOP: Custom initial birthstone ring from Caitlyn Minimalist, $27

Go above and beyond (like she does!) with a dainty ring that’s embellished with both her birthstone and her first initial.

12 astrological ring dishes on a wooden background.
SHOP: Zodiac jewelry dish from Tasha McKelvey, $18

Some friendships are written in the stars—and a zodiac jewelry dish made of sleek stoneware reinforces that yours is one of them.

A cute coverup

With a little savvy planning, the go-to garment for your girls’ getting-ready photos can also be a gift they’ll use for years—as a chic spring jacket, travel-friendly layering piece, or breezy wrap for the beach. The best part? You can get a matching one for you, too.

A bright, A-line ankara duster.
SHOP: Ankara duster from Suakoko Betty, $89

Even the most down-to-earth lady will feel like royalty in a flattering patterned duster that drapes effortlessly.

A salmon-colored button-down linen shirtdress on a model.
SHOP: Linen shirtdress from Love and Confuse, $100

For your minimalist-minded bestie, try a luxe linen shirtdress she'll be thrilled to add to her capsule wardrobe.

A purple and rust tie-dye robe on a model.
SHOP: Hand-dyed robe from Anna Joyce, from $98

Just like your quirky crew, a hand-dyed robe is truly one-of-a-kind.

A floral robe n a model.
SHOP: Floral robe from Piyama, $72

A timeless floral-print wrap in ochre and rose gold transcends the seasons.

An uncommon carryall

An eye-catching evening bag has the power to take any ensemble to the next level. And whether she’s hitting the dance floor at your reception or attending a soiree six months later, your fashion-forward friend will surely make the most of a well-designed clutch that can be dressed up or down. Be sure to scoop one up for a bridesmaids gift that really packs a punch.

A pastel-colored clutch held by a model.
SHOP: Hand-painted clutch from Shop My A LaMode, $64

Art lovers will appreciate a hand-painted pouch.

A beige macramé cutch with tassels on a white background with greenery.
SHOP: Macramé clutch from Momma Macrame, $40

A fringed macramé bag adds instant beach vibes, even if she’s miles from the coast.

A model holds a half-moon shaped clutch in pastel pink.
SHOP: Half-moon wristlet from Alex Bender, $100

Honor all those nights you stayed up late chatting with a half-moon shaped wristlet.

A colorful furry clutch made of yarn against a white background.
SHOP: Fuzzy clutch from H. F. James, $150

For the most comforting friend who gives you warm and fuzzy feelings: a clutch to match.

A work of art for her walls

Much in the way you might frame your wedding invitation as a marital keepsake, gifting your bridesmaid with a personal piece of art is a touching way to commemorate a specific moment in the life of your friendship—and to thank her for standing beside you on your journey to the big day.

An illustration of two women walking arm-in-arm with colorful outfits and hair.
SHOP: “Spring in our step” print from The Pairabirds, from $20

Honor your bond with an illustration as fun as the times you’ve spent together.

A model holds a miniature hand-cut map of Chicago, Illinois.
SHOP: Custom hand-cut map from Studio KMO, from $42

Or choose a work that speaks to your unique history—like a custom papercut map of your shared hometown.

A model touches a fiber art rainbow.
SHOP: Fiber art wall hanging from Mandi Smethells, $139

Say “thank you” for being there through rain and shine with a rainbow fiber-art wall hanging.

An illustration of five women walking together while wearing vibrant patterned pants.
SHOP: Print from Meenal Patel Studio, $32

Remind her you’ll always be by her side with a colorful print that strikes all the right notes.

Tasty treats

There’s nothing more comforting than breaking bread with your best girls, whether you’re sipping tea or spilling it—and for friends who’ve seen you through late-night pizza runs, dinner parties, and, ahem, planning your entire wedding menu, a gastronomic bridesmaid gift is only appropriate.

Four coffee packages with beans spilling out against a marble background.
SHOP: Coffee sampler from Driftaway Coffee, from $18

For the friend who’s always inspiring you to try new things, a coffee sampler set repays the favor.

Three matcha chocolate brownies next to a package of the mix to make them.
SHOP: Matcha brownie baking mix from Kitsby, $19

Does she swear by matcha lattes? If so, go for a matcha chocolate brownie mix.

Three jars of honey against a stone backdrop with tulips.
SHOP: Honey taster trio from Drizzle Honey, $22

Your foodie friend will adore a honey tasting trio she can drizzle on her granola or use to assemble an A+ cheese plate.

Coconut and chocolate cookies in crinkly packaging.
SHOP: Classic alfajores gift box from Dulce Arte, $26.50

Fair warning: A box of mouth-watering chocolate and coconut cookies might be gone before she even gets home.

A kit to make her own keepsake

Whether you’re getting your crafty crew together for a group bonding sesh before the big day or treating her to some supplies she can take home post-party, a kit to make a DIY keepsake is a creative way to show her how much she means to you.

A hand-painted wooden flower that reads, "You're the best."
SHOP: DIY flower painting kit from HooHoo & Mouse, $20

Birch wood flowers are always in bloom—and she’ll never even have to water them.

A kit of all the supplies needed to make yellow tie-dye pillows using turmeric.
SHOP: Turmeric pillow dyeing kit from Shop Adroit, $42

Hand-dyed pillows will add instant pep to her living room.

A monogram embroidery hoop with the letter "C" surrounded by stitched flowers.
SHOP: Monogram embroidery kit from Nelly Makes Embroidery, $32

The perfect weekend project: completing a custom embroidery hoop while catching up on all her shows.

A flower press with flowers inside.
SHOP: Flower press from RODY and RORY, from $65

Help her preserve the petals from her bouquet with an artful flower press.

A model paints statement earrings using a DIY kit.
SHOP: Earring painting kit from Jill Makes, $40

Stylish statement earrings will make an even bigger splash when she tells admirers that she made them herself.

Personalized pampering

Nothing says “thank you” better than the gift of TLC, and after months of carrying out her bridesmaid duties, she’ll welcome a little hard-earned me-time. But self care looks different for everyone, so make sure each of your ladies is prepped to decompress with her own custom kit.

A set of reusable cotton spa accessories.
SHOP: Spa gift set from Daniela Salazar Shop, $62

A reusable spa gift set means she can recreate her self-care rituals again and again, while going easy on Mother Nature.

A set of bath salts, each packaged in yellow envelopes with bright illustrations and bold lettering.
SHOP: Bath soak gift box from Wild Yonder Botanicals, $98

A beautifully-packaged box of bath soaks will help her recover from breaking out all her trademark dance moves at the reception.

A silver mimosa-scented candle surrounded by glassware and fruit.
SHOP: Mimosa candle from Mala the Brand, $30

Because drinking mimosas together is sort of your thing: a citrusy scented candle she can unwind with.

A lavender spa kit that includes soap, cuticle cream, and lip balm.
SHOP: Self-care gift box from Whispering Willow Soap, $27

Soothing lavender essentials will help her take her self-care game to new heights.

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