We’re swooning over the inspiring living room looks of these three design-savvy Etsy shoppers. Which one speaks to you?

Mallory Fletchall's bright and cheerful living room
Photo by: Mallory Fletchall

The ideal living room means very different things depending on who’s doing the living. For a book-lover, it might involve a vintage recliner propped with pillows and nestled in a well-lit nook. For an entertainer, it’s all about having good flow, conversation-sparking art, and a well-stocked bar cart. Whatever brand of downtime your heart desires, creating a room you love spending time in starts with finding meaningful, functional pieces that complement your lifestyle. To see how it’s done, we went behind the scenes with three design-savvy Etsy shoppers to hear the inspirations behind their own stylish spaces, from a sitting area infused with vintage appeal to a sunny corner that radiates positive energy. Read on to learn how each room comes together, then discover tips for recreating the looks with your own fabulous Etsy finds.

A cozy, eclectic living room

Allison Elefante's cozy, eclectic living room Photograph by Allison Elefante

Get the look:

Mix gold-toned, mid-century finishes with loads of rich texture—like a Moroccan leather ottoman and plush upholstered seating.


For Nashville-based photographer Allison Elefante, making her living room a family gathering place meant bringing together an artful assortment of conversation pieces—each one steeped in personal history. “I wanted to create a colorful yet comfortable sitting area that could house a revolving collection of art and thrifted pieces that we love,” she says. To shine a light on her museum-worthy medley of vintage curiosities, modern prints, and globally inspired textiles, Allison chose an eye-catching mid-century chandelier from Mod Creation Studio. The sentimental anchor for the space? The cream upholstered armchair cozied up next to the fireplace. “It’s the first piece of furniture my grandparents bought when they got married,” she says.

A bright and cheerful living room

Mallory Fletchall's bright and cheerful living room Photograph by Mallory Fletchall

Get the look:

Pair neutral everyday essentials with whimsical accent pieces, like shell-shaped throw pillows and art prints that pop.


It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Mallory Fletchall’s sunny and stylish living room feel so inviting. The way light filters through her gauzy curtains? The giant, leafy houseplants? Maybe it’s simply that each unique piece, from the vintage patterned pouf to the oversize hand-painted planter from Hudson + Oak, is intentionally chosen to create a warm and harmonious haven. “I want things to look just as pretty as they do comfy,” says the Brooklyn-based stylist and content creator. “I love using natural materials and neutrals as a base, and bringing in surprising elements full of color, like textiles and art.”

A serene and chic living room

Lisa Hackwith's serene and chic living room Photograph by Lisa Hackwith

Get the look:

Opt for a calming combo of understated accents, natural materials, and black and white photographic prints.


“One of my good friends once told me that a space should never be completely finished—leave room for yourself to fill it,” says fashion designer Lisa Hackwith, whose St. Paul home is a sanctuary for the chic minimalist in all of us. That philosophy is well-reflected in the sophisticated design of Croft House’s signature Sierra chair, which Lisa and her husband chose for the clean lines and open spaces created by its thin steel frame. To round out her streamlined decor scheme, Lisa focuses on natural woven accents and modern ceramics in warm, neutral tones, and embellishes her (never-overfilled) shelves with soft, intimate artwork and black and white photography. “We’ve slowly been adding treasures from all over the world that hold special meaning and memories for us,” she says.

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